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The Pretty Girl


My name is Christian and I am 24 years of age and currently work at the Comfort Inn & Suites in the city of Long Beach, CA. My job is pretty cool and I have been here for three years. It once stood as the International Inn.

This hotel has a hidden history and sometimes unregistered guests occupy these rooms. I can count 10 deaths in the time of my stay here as a boy. I knew half of them exclusively and strangely, I still do. The following entries are true reports from the employees of our establishment. The reports also consist of complaints of our guests that sadly are also true.

The Pretty girl (Courtyard)

Forth report: The girl by the pool

Not all International Inn nights as a boy were terrifying. There were plenty weekend sparklers where we kids in the Inn had our fun wars. Either with water balloons, toy action figures, pool fights, bike races, pizza parties or my favorite hide and seek in the dark. Life was new and open and the sky seemed higher. The world's problems only existed beyond our security gates. The hotel grounds, back then, had a lot of dark corners and plant life. Fitting for me to enjoy the vines and giant leaves as a perfect backdrop for my Lord of the Rings toy role play and jungle black operation missions. Speaking on the matter of soldiers, My uncle gave me his U.S. Army uniform but instead of stashing it away, It was my greatest weapon during Hide and Seek. No one could find me. I would choose the dumbest places and still would camouflage right into the dirt. It was an aspiring ninja's dream come true.

But one night as I disappeared under a bush, away from the other hiders that would give off my position, I saw someone across the pool leaning on the fence. Squinting my eyes through the branches I tried to make clear who it was. I have never seen her before and wondered where she had come from. She was thin and her black hair hung over her shoulders. She was in the shadow of one of the palms draping over the fence but I could see her pale face. She was very pretty but she looked disturbed. I climbed out of my hiding place only to be caught by the seeker. As I turned my head to where she was, she was no where to be found.

I seen her months later as I sat on a bench in the summer. I was drawing in my sketchbook and practicing my shading as I captured the pool area in ink. The girl appeared walking along the inside of the fence looking away from me into the pool. I stopped moving my pen and just watched her slide her fingers along the chain links. As soon as she passed the tree, she vanished.

The last that I had seen her myself was again on the same bench as before. A couple of years passed and it was right before we moved out of the Inn. My family lived in Building D that time and were the second to last of the tenants left staying at the Inn. Building A and B were completely stripped down. No walls remained and the doors were gone. It was sad to see the buildings that protected your life as a child stand as skeletons waiting to be completed. The gate surrounding the emptied pool was taken out. The pool itself was shallowed down from a deep 8'1/2ft to a childish 5'1/2 ft. I sat there on the bench in the night inspecting my old home when the girl arrived. This time she was watching me. She paced behind the wall that stood alone in the courtyard. I didn't see her pass the other side. I wasn't sure what to make of it.

I asked my mom if she could recall anyone drowning in our pool. She never did really like answering those questions. She'd usually brush me off and continue what she was doing. Yet she revealed to me that besides the boy and the diving board, there was a girl who drowned in the pool when she first started working there. She continued that the girl lived in the surrounding neighborhood and sneaked past the gate to swim with the guests. When we pulled her from the pool waiting for the paramedics, there wasn't anybody there to claim her. Since she didn't stay in the Inn, we didn't know where she had come from. Her brother came later that evening to pick her up from her swim and discovered what had happened.

None of the new staff here has ever seen her. Only I and my brother and the International Inn crew remember her. Perhaps she has passed on. I can only imagine that the filling of the once deep pool had remedied her disturbance. And that she is at peace knowing that what happened to her will not happen again.

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SkufuiS (7 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2013-02-10)
Awesome RollingStonesGhost! You've stayed here!
I am sorry to hear that you have gone through many trials. You have my respects. Yeah it looks very different doesn't it? All of my hiding places are now gone. But its cool! Do come over again! The races are coming up soon. I have many more reports to come... Well three more hotel stories. But a lot of family stories in my home.
RollingStonesGhost (19 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-27)
SkufuiS, Your stories are brilliant. And well written. I went and read all your other stories after reading this one and before leaving this comment.

Wow what an adventurous childhood you had growing up in that hotel and all those brilliant expriences you had. Pity some of them had to be the ghosts of those people you knew when they were alive. But again I guess it is good to know the ones you liked are still around keeping an eye on the place. Except the scary old dining room lady of course that'd freak me out too. Especially with what happened with your brother and yourself that night.

My adoptive parents, younger adopted sister Ruby-Leah and myself stayed at your hotel every year during the Indy Car Race weekend and a couple of times when the Formula One Grand Prix was run there as both my parents were big racing fans. That would have been the years 1984 to 1987 (my ages then 8-11yrs). I stopped going when my adopted parents were killed in a car accident in 1988, a month or so before the Indy weekend that year. My youngest adopted sister Michelle would have also been with us for the first time in 1987 I think. I liked staying there the place always had a lot of other kids to play with. And we liked the hotel and the way we were treated so well. I remember the pool and my adoptive dad Alex swimming with me while my adoptive mom Neva, who didn't like pools and swimmimg much sitting sunbaking on the side with my baby sisters. I remember a lot of good times at that place.

Years later I went back when it had been done up and renamed the Comfort Inn & Suites... Again to see some Car Races and a Muscle Car show. And I couldn't believe the place, it had too me changed so much. But I still very much liked it. Its a really nice place to stay. When I get a chance I'll visit when I can now I have my own family (Wife and Kids), I'm sure they'll love it too.

Thanks for your great stories,
raphdragon02 (5 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-26)
Great story. I enjoyed reading it. I hope she is someplace happy now.
pinkparrot6202 (41 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-25)
oh my god, this story is amazing, and wow she finally looked at you! So we know she's a ghost, but she will be in peace, until you get that undisturbed look in her face!

Thanks again!
~Jessica~ ❤

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