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The Scratching Room 116


My name is Christian and I am 24 years of age and currently work at the Comfort Inn & Suites in the city of Long Beach. This hotel has a hidden history and sometimes unregistered guests occupy these rooms. The following entries are true reports from the employees of our establishment. The reports also consist of complaints of our guests that sadly are also true

Guest Complaints

Breakthrough: Proof

It is Wednesday February 13th today and I planned a paranormal experience. As curious as it sounds, It happened last night.

"Barry", "Sam" and I have become good friends since they have started staying here mid-January from Illinois. They work on elevators through their company contracts and travel far from home. We have shared true ghost stories with each other and Barry's wife has even been reading my posts on! They are a cool couple of guys and very down to earth. The Inn created a reservation for a "Jonathan" who happens to be Barry and Sam's employer. I let the guys know that Jonathan was coming in on a surprise visit so that they may be on their best behavior. Barry and Sam requested that I'd place their boss in a "haunted" room considering they have never met their boss and would find it funny if something should happen. So for sport, I agreed. Although I only had one more room in the entire property vacant, (Jacuzzi room 116) it just so happens that we have a record of paranormal activity within that room. So the reservation roulette had only one room to choose and it was either 116 or no room at all. It has been 7 months since the last report of the scratching so I did not expect anything to happen. In truth, I hoped nothing would happen. I didn't want to scare the gentleman, although some proof of my stories would have gained more light of fact should Mr. Jonathan hear it. So Last night, he checked into the last room in the south D Building... Room 116.

Upon meeting this morning at the work site, Jonathan grieved to his employees, Barry and Sam, about his lack of sleep in his room. Sam smirked at Barry as they urged Jonathan to continue on about his night. Jonathan told about a scratching noise at the door and walls robbing him of his sleep. As if an animal clawed with effort to wake him. He would only stop the noise by turning the light on and peering around the room. Yet as soon as he darkened 116 and sought comfort in his blankets, the noise would emit. Barry and Sam both agreed how peculiar the story was, amused behind concern, and continued their work day. It wasn't a couple of hours later until Barry and Sam unveiled their fruitful scheme to Jonathan about spooking him with the Comfort Inn Ghosts. And that it was a common incident with previous guests in 116.

My wife, Ren, who has stayed in room 116 during one of my graveyard shifts has had the scratching scare her from sleeping. Also starting from the front door and lingering by the bed, she had to leave the lights and tv on for the length of the night. Carrie, a fellow Comfort Inn agent, has also spent a night in room 116. She worked the evening shift and slept for eight hours to return back for the morning shift. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to gather as much rest as she planned. The scraping noise at the door would cause her to sit up in the dark and wouldn't stop until a light was turned on.

I started my shift this afternoon at 3pm and intercepted the guys within the hour. Sam beat the other two from his company into the lobby to let me know that the plan had worked! Moreover, that Jonathan was skeptic about the whole idea of the noises. Barry and Jonathan followed shortly after enjoying a cigarette outside in the parking lot. Barry, red with a smile, stood beside a disturbed Jonathan when they approached the desk to question the status of the jacuzzi room. As Jonathan explained everything that had happened last night, I could only shrug my shoulders and apologize to the gentleman for a disrupted sleep. Perhaps puzzled by my responsibility to my job here, I couldn't find how to react to an exciting scheduled paranormal event and at the same time a horrible complaint from a vital guest. He stood there speechless as I explained the room's history and again offered my sincere apology. To my amazement he smiled and found the event extremely amusing. We four laughed it off in the front lobby exclaiming the ridiculousness of planning a paranormal event. "Impressive" he says, at the timing and persistence of the entity. Everything turned out fine between the gentleman and I only on the condition that Mr. Jonathan would be moved to another room. So I honored his request and placed him in room 119.

This event is even more strange for me personally. I was actually finishing up the story about 116 and its history with our guests, workers and family. I would have posted it this week but due to the current events, I have been given another source to focus 116's story from. I am so happy that I could provide evidence to someone here and in effect, towards the YGS readers around the world. I am not sure what degree of evidence this has proven to be. I have never called a ghost shot before.

Original 116 entry:

Fourth report: The Scratching (Room116)

When we first moved to The International Inn in 1999, I was 10 years old and my family stayed in room 118. I was going to turn 11 in the next couple months and was excited to see how it would be having my birthday at Mom's workplace. It was going to be a pool party with pizza crowded with friends and family. When the day came, the party didn't happen. All my friends lived far away in the old neighborhood and mom and dad both had to work that day. Instead, me and my siblings stormed the swimming pool and since Star Wars episode 1 just released, we had our Jedi vs. Matrix fights to fill the time. I hardly knew the tenants living there at the Inn but it didn't stop me from being a loud and annoying little kid. I only knew Jamal and his little sister then. His family members where most welcoming and helped me get accustomed to the Inn life. Even though I didn't find it ideal to start middle school out of an Inn, it was a fresh new idea that I could only learn to love in time.

In our building, we were the second to last in the line of even numbered rooms downstairs. The tailing room was 116. My first sight of what was in there was unforgettable. Sanchez, the maintenance worker at the time, left it open one Saturday during a commercial break from my weekend morning cartoons. I passed the open sliding door on my way to retrieve a box for my dad from the family van. The room was very dark and seemed deeper than ours and a lot taller. Impossible as all the rooms measured the same dimensions. Inside 116, 60's furniture stacked high claiming half of the room. I remember the broken old lamps growing up another corner to the left. The carpet was deteriorating below and the only light that lit in the entire room was inside the bathroom. The toilet still worked which was the maintenance's personal restroom but the sink was no longer in service. The tub also was full of dressers and lamps and crowded the no door bathroom. The only other objects inside were lost belongings of former guests and one of Sanchez' work benches. The room had a faint mildew and dust odor. I wasn't aware that I walked into the room until Sanchez grabbed my shirt from behind me as I stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom. I figured he wanted me out of there, speaking in Spanish, so I just ran out and back to the room only to be yelled at for not doing what dad asked me to. I always felt drawn to that room 116 since that day. There was something strange about it.

As the years passed, many things changed. The International made lots of renovations and repaired some of our storage rooms. Some rooms, like 116, remained untouched and continued to pile items behind the sliding door curtains. Every Wednesday night I watered the plants in the courtyard and parking lot as it was our home chores as Inn kids. I would've loved to settle with dishes or something but we had to clean the property. I always felt that there was something waiting at the end of the even room line. So as any other boy would, I would stay at 120 and shoot water over to 116 and not stepping any closer. In those years, we had cats that roamed the property. We kids always fed the cats our leftovers. Those cats always crowded in front of 116 like they lived there. I enjoyed spraying them away on Wednesdays.

Today as the Comfort Inn & Suites of Long Beach, room 116 services as a jacuzzi room. The 5 jacuzzi rooms are one of the newer amenities installed since the Comfort Inn name was acquired. They are very spacious and the whirlpool tubs are positioned so that you can watch television comfortably from the tub. The jacuzzi rooms are our most desired room types here on our property. We receive the most requests for jacuzzis in the earlier months of the year.

In the recent years, room 116 has been harboring problems from many of our guests. Reports of a scary scratching upon the door and walls have been jotted down in our logbook of complaints. The event would annoy the guests from receiving any sleep in the night. A few of our employees have also perceived the scratching noises during their night in 116. My wife has also made out the scratching noise taunting her in the late hour. As I spoke to her on the phone, the scratching continued at the door although I saw no one in view of the camera monitor, the noise didn't stop until I reached the room. When I opened the door, I found my wife wide eyed and frustrated that I wasn't going to hear for myself. My mom, the manager, never addresses the scratching situation. She finds everyone to be paranoid and that maybe it is just water flowing through the pipes in the walls. I can tell you that my mom is not a skeptic on the matter of ghosts. Growing up in Samoa, she and her family have had many encounters with evil spirits. I may post a number of them on in the future.

I don't have any stories that can explain the occurrences with the guests in that jacuzzi room. I do not know if there were any deaths within room 116. I only know that it was a creepy old storage room that nobody liked to go into and that cats liked hanging out in front of and that now we have some spirit clawing at the door and walls when you are alone in the dark. The noise is never heard in that room when you are with someone it seems. I never hear about problems from couples. Only single travelers ever call the front desk agents to vent about the alarming noises.

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OminousBlackSoul (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-09-13)
wow that is pretty creepy, I have had many poltergeist encounters in which objects would move and make scratching noises as well this morning I was using the computer and I heard scraping noises and when I get up they go away... So I understand how it feels
xXThunderDragonXx (2 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-08)
This story is brilliant. So are your other stories.
I have to visit your hotel. I think it would be fantastic. I love haunted hotels and homes. Having lived in 6 haunted homes and stayed in at least 2-3 haunted hotels over the years. And really enjoyed them all. You putting those great stories up on this site as you are your going to get ghost fans who read them here coming to check the place out if they can. Well I would if I could anyway as your experiences sound amazing, varied and very intersting.
What an exctitng place to work. And grow up when you were younger.


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