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Something Has Been Happening Lately


I have first encountered this website about a month ago (I think) and since then, I have decided to go public with all my encounters here. Yesterday Nov, 6th I was reading some stories from other posters here on the site. Around 9:00 in the evening, I felt something strange behind my chair. As usual, I did not wish to give it my attention. So naturally my neck stayed locked towards the computer screen. It felt like it was feeding off of me and it wasn't a good energy. I started to tire and I shook it off and cleared my throat a bit as I shrugged my shoulders to continue reading.

I didn't notice it then, but later on at home, my left arm got real itchy. So I rubbed my shirt sleeve against the irritation to discover it stinging. I walked into my downstairs bathroom and unbuttoned my long sleeve uniform and what I discovered was something off of a Ghosts Adventures' episode. The one where Zak Bagans discovers the "mocking of the trinity" (The ghost investigators discovered three scratches down the center of Zak's back. The cause of those scratches are unknown yet some claim it to be the works of demons mocking the Holy Trinity with three incisions of their own.)

Tonight you can really see them clear now that they are scabbing over. There are two very long scratches from the top of my shoulder down to my elbow and one from my back crossing over the center line ending at mid-arm. The scratches are too far apart to be cat's scratches although it feels as something a cat would leave. I presented them to my fiancee and she was taken back to the investigation at "Bobby Mackey's." She asked what I have been up to and I explained that I have been uploading stories on the website and it has been helping me overcome my nerves at work as I talk about it. Besides revealing her concern about the reputation of the property, she pondered if maybe I was provoking the spirit by publishing their trauma.

When I left work last night, it felt like someone was in my back seat staring at me and for some reason I kept checking my rear view mirror. I kept singing along with my reggae music but my spine felt off with my focus.

I don't know guys, I'm not afraid really. I am really enjoying the company of interest in my memories. I think maybe a force out there wants me to remain distressed and intimidated. What do you think?

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SkufuiS (7 stories) (7 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-11)
yeah it was from my right shoulder blade down my tricept towards my elbow. I'm a big guy and flexibilty? Not so
Perhaps maybe I am stiring the place up by thinking too much about the presence there. It is possible that may cling to me because I acknowledge them?
freddysgirl1984 (6 stories) (25 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-09)
I would like to clarify to anyone who would object to this being that you merely scratched yourself in your sleep, clearly you couldn't have reached so well in those places, no? And also, where are these negative feelings of something or someone watching over you come from necessarily? You may be stressed out about something, and could be attracting negative auras from different realms. I am glad to share any other advice I can with you! Blessed be.
~Darby 😊

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