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The Terrace House


In a normal country town in the mid-north of South Australia left of Kapunda, situated on a wide tree lined terrace is a return verandah bungalow circa late 1800's. The former residents of the home were generous country folk-hard working and welcoming. I was very close friends with their daughter Ann and her family were like a second family to my own. We had known each other for over 30 years. We shared many happy and sad times together. Prior to their occupation 2 old maids lived in the house. They had the house divided into 2 and lived in near darkness with heavy curtains at the windows. This is the era prior to WW11. They both died in the house of natural old age.

The house was originally built by a neurosurgeon (brain surgeon.) He had his operating theatre and a few hospital beds in the 3 roomed cellar. His consulting room was above ground and later turned into 2 bedrooms and a walk -in lined room at the end of the wide hall. Ann's father and brother closed off the cellar. It was accessible from the back verandah. As a child Ann remembers being allowed to play up and down the stone steps but not being permitted to go inside past the old door. She does remember seeing iron beds, pots pans and piles of paperwork. The cellar was filled in with rubble and stone. A new verandah floor was laid and the area was enclosed to incorporate the laundry and kitchen. The house was restored to it's original condition with the division from the old maids (spinsters) being removed. Ann's parents loved gardening and planted roses lawn and fruit trees. It was a town 1/2 acre block.

The room we (my husband and myself) always stayed was once the consulting room. It had 2 doors one off the main hall and the other opened onto the back lobby. There was a large cedar wardrobe in between. The small black fireplace in the corner was no longer used. The tall window opened onto a gravel court yard with an old trellis on the side fence. The room was light and airy.

Ann and I used to talk of the old house with her parents, they were easy going. We used to spend long summer days exploring vineyards and antique shops often staying up late at night laughing in the kitchen cracking crabs for supper.

Our "good life" changed and a dark cloud hung over our families. I no longer had my husband of 15 years. Ann and I still spent time together. One night I retired to my room early. It was about 2230hrs and I had not been "tasting the grape" as I was exhausted from a hectic week. I snuggled in my bed comfortably in a 1/2 kind of of sleep, 1/2 kind of awake state. Thinking and drifting. The night was warm so I laid on my back with the sheet half way up my body. My arms were on top. I did not open the window as this was the hot side of the house.

My eyes were closed I was resting and thought I could smell the heady fragrance of damask roses. There were no roses in my room. I heard footsteps in the hallway, leather healed shoes walking on wood and the swish of skirts. The door opened fully and 2 figures came into the room. They stood close to the side of my bed. The man was dressed in a dark 3 piece suit with a grey beard. He said to the woman who was dressed like a nurse, "she has done this before". Somehow I felt as if I was dreaming but I knew I was not. I could not wake up. I remember thinking I had died and prayed they would not do an autopsy. (having never died before that I could remember) I was looking over the scene from the top of the wardrobe. The woman appeared to have dark hair clear complexion about early thirty's. Black dress mid waisted long apron and up the the elbow cuff sleeves. She was holding a tall glass lamp. She said to the man (I thought to be a doctor) "what do I tell the master? He is home". The man said he would speak with him and left the room. The woman placed the lamp on the night table and leaned over me covering my face with the sheet. I could smell borax. I felt unnaturally calm. She opened the window and left the room. I could see the curtains drifting on the wooden floor with the warm breeze. The room was very tidy there was no luggage on the floor.

I woke in the early hours of the morning. The sheet was over my face and the window open. The door was open wide. (it was ajar when I went to bed) There is carpet on the hallway floor and a large floral carpet square in my room with only 2 meter edge of polished boards on the edge. No lamp was on the night table and I could smell a faint linger of damask rose-heartfelt.

I got up put on my silk robe and went to the kitchen for a drink of cool water. I felt kind of numb from the experience and had to clear my head. Get in touch with normality and fast.

Ann was in the kitchen. Restless again, this was not unusual for her as she often walked the garden at night when she could not sleep. We are both professional people with a lot of responsibility. We talked about the incident and she did not disbelieve me. She told me she often heard adult voices from the fire places and vents, they lead to the cellar. When she was home alone she felt another presence in the house. There were always rumors in the town.

I was in a vulnerable state of mind and we both fell asleep in the lounge. At lunch we discussed it with Ann's parents. They were not surprised. Being a devoted Christian family Ann's mum reminded me nothing would hurt me. They opened their hearts and their home to me. I was not afraid, I will always wonder if I was dreaming or not? Was this my imagination filling in gaps? Had this been some kind of past life experience? Had they come to warn me of the consequences of the past and/or future?

Ann has now moved far away. Her parents and brother all passed over in the same year. The home has been sold. I have driven past and seen the house painted all black with palms on the front verandah. The lawn and garden are dead. I will never forget Ann and her family, there will always be a place in my heart for them. I believe people come into your life for a reason. My life is bright and happy now. Chapters open and chapters close this is part of the rich tapestry of life.

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AllThatJazz (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-09)
Out of interest I continue to read your stories. Still worthy of comment at their age.
I have family in the Mid North of South Australia. Having travelled the world I still call Australia home. I am sure I know the home you mentioned and yes the family. One doesn't forget that snippet of small town goss. I had just commenced my Consultancy in the 90's.
Understandably you were in great distress having just lost your husband. Yes you are right, It was a warning of death. Suicide was your" optional extra' and when someone is in such a dark place protective spirits watch over them. In this case natural intuition for a doctor and nurse to care and to show you the past out of concern for your future. It is possible to be part of the 'event' and dissociate. Just because it is the same 'event' it doesn't mean perspective cannot change.
There are several tales of the home you mentioned. I remember years back I did a little interest research on the home because it was a doctor's residence. Yes the work achieved for the time was miraculous.
To make the suggestion of 'hogs wash' is beyond. Each experience is unique to the individual. Including the interpretation. It is not for others to discount unless they have witnessed the experience. As a Forensic Consultant I deal with evidence on a daily basis. Everything happens for a reason. See you lived to give us sass.
Thanks ATJ
Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-03)
Hi Vonboekmann,

Suicide? Oh my! I didn't even let my thoughts stray in that direction; but after having read your submission for the fourth time, I see where you are coming from.
Yes, this seems to be a warning... Obviously you heeded it. Were you ever that way inclined? To suicide I mean? Many people are - especially after a life changing event.

I understand better now, the accommodation situation. Thank you for having cleared that up for me.

I believe that the feeling of being 'out-side' of your-self, is not uncommon, when under great stress. It is a method of self defense.
The feelings of deja vu ~ I know those too! It can be very confusing... Even in the most 'homely' surroundings.

The mind can play tricks on us, in times of duress - it doesn't mean that we are 'losing it', just that we need time to recuperate.

Best wishes to you. I hope that you are happier with your life now; it doesn't help to dwell too much on the past. ❤
Vonboeckmann (guest)
11 years ago (2013-03-02)
Hi Fergie,
Yes the experience is something that has always remained with me. I still think it was some kind of lesson~ not to repeat the past.~death sucide.

Ann and her family were always close even before I met my husband and through out my marriage. They were supportive of me when I lost my husband of 15 years but I did not live with them. I have my own home. We just spent holidays and long weekends together. I had my own room at their house and Ann had her own room at our house. So we could come and go as we pleased. We had keys to each other's house.

In the late 90's I was dissociative when my life was threatened (on duty). I felt as if I was "not there" and looking on the event. I have seen a few unexplainable things but not like "The Terrace". Usually when I am stressed and very tired. I remember I stopped the car one night because I thought someone was sitting next to me in the passanger seat. I just get strong feelings I have been in some places before.
Thanks for your comms.

kind regards vonboeckmann
Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-02)
Vonboeckmann, you paint a very intriguing tale. IMO, you had a time-slip, crossed with an astral projection. It is the first time that I, personally, have ever read of such an experience.

I take it, that you were visiting/sleeping over, when you refer to the room that 'we always stayed'? But then, Ann's family took you in, when your husband was no longer with you?

Have you had any more strange occurrences since the 90's? Anything remotely pertaining to this experience?

I am sorry, I know that I haven't been of much help, but this is a real puzzle to me.

I hope you find the answers you seek! 😊 ❤

Thank you for sharing.
Vonboeckmann (guest)
11 years ago (2013-03-02)
Hi,Here's hoping my response can give clarification + understanding of the event.

I am used to writing detailed evidence based reports.
Let me reassure you ROOK it is certainly not in my interest to submit "hogswallop". I have more respect + to do so would undermine the creditability of this site.

I felt I was in the bed when the figures entered the room. When the "male" said "she has done this before"I felt I was on top of the robe looking down at the scene. I also knew intuitively what he was talking about~death.The master" was my husband. When the "female"covered my face with the sheet I felt I was in the bed again. My senses were elevated and I could not move. I felt calm.

As I wrote in my account ~ Was this my imagination filling in gaps of a dream? Was this some kind of past life experience with a warning for the future? But how do the changes of the room fit in? I have often wondered if I become dissociative. This is the minds natural response to great fear and traumatic events.

The home is real. The sequence of events was real. It happened in the mid 90's. The only thing I changed was my friend's name for her privacy.

Your interest is appreciated.
Kind regards Vonboeckmann
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-25)

Wonderfully detailed 'experience' you have shared with us. I HAVE to ask a question, this question will clarify things for me and others (I hope) and make it easier to figure out just what you experienced (if anything). So away we go...

As you began to get into the 'main part' of your 'experience' you seemed to be telling it from a 'first person' point of view (as if you were seeing what was happening from the bed). But right in the middle of it you say this...

"I was looking over the scene from the top of the wardrobe."

So which is it, did you 'see' the people as if you were in bed or did you 'watch' all of this 'unfold' from the top of the wardrobe?

Your answer can effect just what you experienced... As it stands this may have been you 'astral projecting' and seeing a piece of the past. Or you may have experienced a very strong residual haunting, or any number of other things... Either that or its complete 'Hogswallop'...

Here's hoping this is a real experience...



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