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During work week, I stay at my mom's ancestral home (owned by her parents) in the city because our house is too far from my job. I only go home on weekends.

There are some occurrence in that house that makes us believe that we do have an unseen housemate. We don't really mind because it's not bothering the residents (us). We came into conclusion that it only make its presence felt to new faces or visitors.

Let me provide a brief description of the house. It is two storey with four rooms. Two of the rooms are on the second floor, I occupy one and my two cousins occupy the other. No one usually goes upstairs because it's kind of boring there and nothing much you can do. The only appliance is an electric fan. So we only go there when we need to get something or we want to sleep. I would also like to mention that I don't like loud closing of doors and heavy or dragging footsteps.

Here are different accounts of its manifestation:

- My uncle moved in with his wife to that house a few years back. During her first year, she kept on talking about seeing a white lady at night. We thought it was just her imagination because none of us experienced such.

- My aunt, whose family is also living there, hired a helper but later resigned just after couple of months. This helper claimed that she have been hearing the door on the room upstairs banging deliberately when there was no one there.

- My cousin's girlfriend once asked him if I am at home because she just saw someone went upstairs, where our bedrooms are. But I wasn't even around that time because it was my off from work.

- We usually leave the gates and the door of that house open during daytime and one of our neighbors teased me and my aunt one day because she said that she once saw us dancing inside the house and she was so amused that she even asked her sister-in-law, who was with her that time, to look at us. Well it is my aunt's daily routine to dance/workout every morning but she always does it alone. I am never in that house in the morning because my work ends in the afternoon and there is no other female around that time (my aunt's daughter and our granny was out of the country and my uncle's family just moved out).

- My cousin's girlfriend again encountered its presence while I wasn't around. She heard the door upstairs banging and someone walking around when no one was there

- Just a few weeks ago, there has been a fire in our neighbor and some of the houses around it got affected. The house that was burnt is just behind ours and fortunately our house remained safe. However, after that incident, the presence seems to demonstrate itself more frequently that even my cousin and my aunt's husband can hear that someone seems to be walking upstairs.

These sounds could not be coming from the neighbors because our walls are separated which makes it easy for us to determine what parts of the house they are originating from.

Seems that whatever entity it is that's living in that house, it prefers to stay upstairs where my room is. I'm just glad that it doesn't make its presence felt when I'm there and I don't mind at all as long as we both leave each others business.

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