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The Ghost That Wouldn't Quit


Sorry if this is to long

I have like many of you, have had experiences from a young age but I will just concentrate on the most recent events which are of course the most intense so far in my life.

About 2 years ago I decided to move from a small acre 3 bedroom home to a larger 17 acre secluded country atmosphere with a much larger two story home and only 10 years old. This house became available not through listing but by word of mouth and someone we knew who knew someone found out and had asked if we were interested. We did have a walk-through of the home and the property and just absolutely fell in love with the place. Peaceful, full of nature and wildlife around. House is in fantastic shape and very well done with the layout. We agreed on the price and moved in shortly thereafter. All was good up until 6 months ago.

At the beginning in the evenings I was having episodes once again of losing my breath while sleeping, literally. It occurred once or twice a week but I was passing it off as maybe sleep apnea or acid reflux. I found that I was losing more sleep than usual and began actually taking naps to try to catch up after work which of course had me staying up later than usual.

One evening I woke up on the couch by hands on my back pushing me down and up to wake me up. I have 3 small children and as tired as I was, told myself it was one of them waking up and playing with me so I just told them to get back to bed and fell asleep. The following night it happened again and this time I was in bed with my wife. When it happened this time there was laughter in my ear, very loud too and sounded like a young boy. My wife felt the bed move but thought it was just me being restless, she hadn't heard any laughter either or she would have freaked. I immediately got up to see which child was doing this to me and going into each room, which is quite a distance from the my room, found that they were sound asleep. I passed it off as a nightmare or something and went back to bed.

Days later, my oldest son was just shy of being 7 at the time, was waking up almost every night screaming at the top of his lungs and crying. He would be all the way to the back of his room with his back to the closet, hands clenched and shaking. I would ask him each time what was wrong but he would never speak. I was able to calm him down, bring him back to his bed and almost immediately he would fall right to sleep. Sometimes this would happen twice a night too. From there I had problems with my two youngest who were 4 & 5. Both waking up once or twice a night with nightmares. I didn't know what was going on and refused I guess still to believe that this house was haunted.

But it progressively got worse. My oldest would walk out of his room late at night from sleeping, upset with me. He said he was mad at me for hitting him in the head with a pillow. Not hard but enough to wake him up. This happened a few times and another time he said I was hiding beside his bed, I would peek up to his face and yell "Boo" and then hide again. After this I began to see shadows in the corner of my eyes in the evenings.

Later within the week of my sons events, my wife told me she had been making the bed during the day while kids were in school and I at work. She said the radio in the room all of a sudden turned on full blast. She went to turn it off and it was already off. My wife really freaks out about stuff like this so for quite a while, I was doing my best to give her logical explanations. Probably a bad switch in the radio. Later she started having lights flicker while showering or doing her hair. I started feeling something sitting on the end of the bed at nights. Something was going on and it was getting worse and worse. One evening while talking to my wife in the kitchen, the trash can door swung open and then shut. She jumped and asked me if I saw it and I said yes- I told her it was an air pocket in the can and probably just settled.

The following day I choose to get online and see what I could do about this and came across a site for ghost investigators for my state. I emailed a few and one returned an email saying they would help but they were behind schedule with other investigations and that it would be a couple of weeks. I agreed with them coming because not only were they going to do the investigation, they also had a medium, clairvoyant that would not only be able to see these spirits and possibly talk with them, but also possibly cleanse the home. This was my goal. I don't care what it was, just get it out was my thought.

So an appointment was made for them to come out on a Saturday. They were coming early to set up their gear and have everyone leave the home for a couple of hours including themselves to see if anything could get recorded during that time. I had only one thing left to do and that was to tell my wife.

A week before the team was to come out, on a Thursday I told my wife. We picked up the kids from school and they walked in. I told her to stay outside and that I wanted to talk to her. She took it better than I thought and agreed it was a good thing for this team to come out. But of course from there she was on pins and needles and because of this I believe provoked or drew this spirit closer to her. That evening after the children were in bed, we were watching a program on television. The lights were on, television on and she was laid back in the recliner with her tablet. I told her I was going up stairs and asked her if she would be coming up soon. She said yes in just a few minutes. So I went upstairs to get myself ready for bed. Turned on the television and sat in the chair watching news for a few minutes. Well after about 15 minutes, I thought maybe she fell asleep so decide to go down stairs to wake her and have her come to bed.

I went down stairs and the lights and television were on, she was still in the recliner laying back, arms on the chair and looked at me with her eyes as wide as could be. I walked up to her and asked her if she was alright and she didn't move or say anything. I asked again if she was alright and no word. I thought maybe she was messing with me so I turned to turn off the television. Just then I heard her quietly say "don't go". I turned back to her and within seconds she let out this huge gasp of air, jumped out of the recliner and into my arms trembling like I have never seen. I asked her what is wrong. She said that after I left- she felt hands around her ankles, then release of the hands and then a huge amount of weight land on her stomach and chest. She tried to move it by lifting her hands and her hands were pressed down and held. She felt paralyzed and couldn't breathe. She then felt it jump off and release and that's when she gasped for air. Took her upstairs and she laid down. I sat in the chair with the lights on and tv and watched over her so she could sleep.

From then on she was glued to me when we were in that house, which I can't say I blame her. In the coming days, she did feel hands on her feet and hands but nothing ever jumping on her, children were still waking up quite often. The house was as lit up as it could be with everything on during the night. We were counting down the days until the investigation and I was still not sleeping at night.

Three days before the team was to come out was the worst so far. It was a noise fest and what I mean by that was you could hear kicking on the duct work in the furnace room, doors slamming, feet running, children waking up from the noise. Lights flickering. Then came taping on the floor- couldn't see anything but sounded like pencils drumming on the floor. I got very upset and stood up and yelled leave us alone. Leave now. It was quiet for maybe a few minutes but picked right back up again with the same noises. I heard a noise in the kitchen so I got up to look. I didn't see anything but then a cereal box, bowl, spoon and papers were flying off the counter to the floor, as if an arm came and just wiped it off. I went out to the living room to check on her and she was ok but frozen with fear. I asked her what she wanted to do. If she wants to leave right now I can pack the bags and we can stay at my parents' house. She said is there anything else we can do like a prayer or something?

I remembered through researching earlier on the internet that there was this woman who says she speaks to an angel, Archangel Michael and that he would be the one to help you rid your house of spirits. I looked further and had found she had written an invocation either by his words or a combination of already said prayers. As I was standing in the middle of the room, I looked over to her and said I can try this invocation for Archangel Michael. I don't know if it will help though. She said try it, try anything! I pulled it up on my phone and began to say it out loud, loud enough for the whole house to hear. And when I finished I looked over at her, she shrugged her soldiers like asking me if it worked. It was quiet. Not a single sound. We both felt this weight lifted off our shoulders. I asked her if she felt it and she said she was going to ask me the same thing. It was peace. Not only in sound but within ourselves. It was an awesome feeling. Maybe it worked!

She got up from her chair, we checked on the children and both went upstairs to bed. Lights still on, tv on and she laid down. I stayed awake watching over her just to make sure. Nothing happened else happened that evening. The following evening was the test.

All lights on, television on and no noises. Still a peaceful stress less feeling within ourselves. Nice.

That evening I slept, although she had me have all the lights on and television on, I finally had a full nights rest. The children were sleeping through the night too as well as my wife.

I got back with the team to tell them what I had done. It was only fair and I did not want them coming out wasting their time if I actually cured our problem. The team forwarded my email to their medium and her reply was that this was great news, the team doesn't see a need to come out now unless things pick up again. She gave me ideas for tools to prevent this from happening again which were to continue this prayer morning and night, light some white candles in the evening and incense of any kind. Also to maybe have some religious items throughout the home.

We have done this as she has suggested and are on are 3rd week now with no issues. Inside the home that is. I now have a small problem within my woods but I will save that for the next entry.

I am told that this was poltergeist, another told me it was succubus and or incubus. Whatever it was, I am a believer now in this angel and this invocation.

I am interested in your thoughts or questions so feel free.

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PrestonJ (2 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-18)
Hello everyone and thank you for your responses.

To answer your questions Rook, I have three children all under the age of seven. No pregnancies for us, and the stress has been normal I guess- no major events between us or anyone else.

I have completed the story of the woods and have submitted it. Should take a few days I guess. I have also included a photo of the path within the woods. There are no ghosts in the photo but will give you the view in daytime of what the path looks like.

Again I want to apologize for the length of this upcoming story, and thanks again for your thoughts and prayers everyone.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-18)
PrestonJ: This was gripping, a well told account, like the others before me I too am glad that this prayer has worked for you and your family and you have claimed back your home. Look forward to your next submission! 😊 Thank you for sharing with us.

rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-18)

I am glad things are better with-in your home and that this Prayer worked for you.

I would like to ask a couple of questions because a Poltergeist is normally associated with 'teens/puberty', 'women/pregnancy' or very 'high stress' environments and my own curiosity drives me to try and understand what may have been happening.

How long after you moved in did the 'experiences' start? Had you started any type of re-modeling?

Were you or your wife (perhaps both) going through a 'stressful time' just before/during these events? If so did it (them) resolve itself abut the time things 'cleared up'?

I too am curious about the woods, please share that tale with us soon.


crf1997 (2 stories) (44 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-16)
This was a great story! I am so glad for you that the prayer worked! Living like that had to be freaking terrifying! Poor children waking up like that: (
But, Now I'm looking forward to hear about the woods.
And yes this does (or did) seem like a poltergeist. They are also known as "the noisy spirit" and as you described it, it seemed very noisy!
Thanks for sharing!
PrestonJ (2 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-16)
This is the website I went to that first night. I now have it printed and hanging in a few rooms.

PrestonJ (2 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-16)
Thank you all for reading and your comments. Yes this prayer seems to be the ticket. 3 days ago around 11:30 in the evening, I and my wife were watching a movie. We started hearing knocks and buzzes and within minutes all 3 children woke up from their bedrooms and came down to the living room. No reason at all. It was weird. I had asked my wife if she did the prayer at all today and she said she thought I did. So after putting them to bed, did the prayer and was a peaceful night. It's strange, it's almost like having to take medication everyday or things happen. Small price to pay obviously and now her and I communicate more on who said the prayer and when. I will get the in prayer up for you to read soon as well as the story of the woods.
Lizaliza3301 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-16)
Great story. Could you please share the prayer. And share the woods story
troyarn (5 stories) (479 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-16)
Excellent story, PrestonJ! I'm glad the prayer worked for you and hope you and your family can continue to live in peace. Now you need to tell us about the woods... Thanks so much for sharing this with us!
devraj (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-15)
Glad to hear that the prayers worked for you... I have heard of similar prayers getting rid of evil for good if done everyday... Good luck to you and your family
With Respect,

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