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Home Sweet Home?


I moved into the house I currently live in when I was eleven years old. I've been having ghostly experiences ever since I was very young, but when I moved into this house that I live in now, I've had much more experiences. I'm here to talk to about some of my experiences.

The first experience that I had in the house was on New Years of 2007 and my cousins and I were in the garage having a jam party while everyone else was in the second floor of the house. The first floor was locked up and the only people in the house were either in the second floor or just in the garage (i.e. My cousins and I). Any who, we were in the garage having fun and it was close to midnight so we decided to go back into house with everyone else when one of my cousins opens the garage door and points out that there was someone standing at the window. We first believed it was my aunt or one of the women that had just given birth a month before but the shadow of the person had a veil and looked as if it was standing sideways, staring at us, pregnant, with a hand on her belly. We grew scared because we knew for a fact that everyone was upstairs and the apartment had been locked up. We couldn't stay there for long so I decided to be the brave one and make a run for it. We all ran holding hands and made our way to the second floor. Once we got to the second floor, we began questioning every woman that could have fit the description of the shadow. One of them had been on the phone when we were down there, the other one had been putting her baby to sleep, and the other one had been dancing with her husband. All I can say is that no one had left the apartment and no one could have possibly been there because it is closed property-- literally the property is surround by tall gates that a pregnant woman in NO way could climb.

Things began to get stranger from then on.

Another experience that happened would be when it was early morning and I was about to go on my way out the door for school from the apartment. My mother had shut the door behind and I remember going down the first set of stairs when I suddenly saw a shadow of a woman in front of me with a short ponytail slide down and go across the wall. It couldn't have been my shadow because I was facing forward and the shadow was side ways plus my hair is very long compared to that of the shadow's.

Another experience, probably the scariest one of all was when I saw my dead neighbor in my bedroom. Mind you I have NO idea what he was doing in there, but I saw him clear as day. It was late at night and I had woken up abruptly to an eerie and strange feeling. I look to the side from my bed and I see my dead neighbor walking straight through my vanity. He was holding my school ID in his hand, which I had left that night inside my school blouse nicely tucked into my breast pocket. At first I thought it might have been a dream because I had felt a bit shaken by his death and thought I could imagined it but the next morning I was proven wrong. When I was getting ready for school and looked at my vanity, my school ID was there. I did not know how to react to that. The whole day at school it was all I could think of but I kept my mouth shut about it.

I'm not the only one that has had experiences in the house. One day after school my best friend came over and she stayed until late. Because it was winter, it had gotten very dark earlier and it was practically pitch black outside. All of a sudden she goes, "Giselle? Did you see that?" I had never seen her so scared. I knew what she had seen for sure, because I myself had seen it on another occasion. On the reflection of the window in my living room she had seen the outline of a face-- it was completely white except where the eyes, nose, and mouth were-- those areas were black as if they were missing on the face. She had been jumpy after that for the rest of the night and it was too the point where she couldn't take it, called her dad to come pick her up immediately, and refused to wait for him inside the house, and opted to wait for him outside, in the cold and rain.

My uncle also had an experience. One was a Saturday night, we were all sitting about talking when somehow the topic of spirits and ghosts was brought up. One of my cousins that lives in the first floor with my uncles and aunt mentioned hearing footsteps in their apartment hallway. My uncle brought up his experience. It had been right after the death of said cousin's best friend that used to go to my house on the weekends to play volleyball with my uncles and cousins. My uncle had been awoken one night by the sound of a ball bouncing. He remembers having left a ball in a corner of the section in our yard where the volleyball net was set up and when he looked out the window, he saw the ball was no longer there and the noise had stopped. He took it as nothing at first but he believes it may have been the spirit of my cousin's friend that had died, his spirit roaming around the places he had been and enjoyed in life.

There have also been little things like when I leave something in one spot and it shows up in another. It is extremely rare that this occurs. My mother had also had experiences. She sometimes sees shadows in the corner of her eye in the kitchen when she's washing dishes by herself. One day after I left for school, she decided to take a nap and as soon as she was beginning to fall asleep she felt the bed sink in and like someone was draped and pressing on top of her really hard, causing her body not to move. She had trouble breathing because of it and said all she remembers clearly was asking God to help. This has happened to her twice now. Also it happened when I was much younger and we were all living in the basement of this house.

Home Sweet Home? 1

Home Sweet Home? 2

Lastly-- one night I had been feeling strange after talking on the phone with my best friend about ghosts. I knew there was something odd in my house and talking about it made my usual fear stronger. I couldn't fall asleep so I began playing with my camera and from my bed, I took random pictures around my room. When I took the picture of my door's mirror, I looked at the pictures and detected two faces on it. The first face you can see is the clear outlining of a woman in a blue dress. You can see it so clearly, it's almost as if she's solid but there's this translucency about her. Then slightly above her head you can see another face that is very sinister looking and it almost seems to be glaring at her and sneering.

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Infikiran (1 stories) (15 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-18)
Thank you so much for this detailed account. Very interesting indeed. I'm pretty sure I would've jumped out of my skin if I saw my dead neighbor in my room with me.

In the photos you shared, is there any way you could upload a higher resolution? I'm having a hard time seeing the ghosts in the mirror. It may be the light from the flash.

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