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My Haunted Flat-first Encounter


I am Niya22 and Today I wish to share my first encounter with all of you.

I still live in the house where this story has taken place, this story takes place the first 18 years of my life.

From the moment my mother and I moved into this flat, the hallway always gave off an eerie feeling. When I was little I never felt safe in any room inside of the house aside from my own room. This feeling I carried with me through the years. Each time I walked through the hallway be it daytime or nighttime, when I would walk from the living room, kitchen or toilet to my room I would get this flash of a dark tall figure that would chase me down in the hallway. Now mind you the flat was quite small, as is the hallway so the moment I stepped foot into the hallway I would literally run to my room.

I tried feeling comfortable in other places aside from my room but whenever I was somewhere else, making a sandwich in the kitchen, showering or playing games on the computer in the living room I always felt that menacing feeling. But aside from the menacing feeling and the flash of seeing the man nothing would actually happen, until one night when I just got in bed (My bed was a type of bunk bed but instead of a second bed there was a desk).

I had just gotten in the bed and pulled the covers over my shoulders when I felt as if someone or something kicked me in the stomach. My eyes were open the entire time, there was no one there yet it felt as if an adult (judging from the size of the area of effect) kicked me.

It was also hard to go to the bathroom at night when everyone was asleep, each time I'd open my bedroom door I felt as if I could just see that man standing there laughing at me, trying to frighten me.

Eventually around my teens when summer vacation would come around and I had no plans for the day I got so afraid I didn't dare leave my room not even to shower until my mother or father was home.

As my teen years went on I convinced myself it was all just in my head until I had a few friends from a few towns over sleep over.

As we got ready to go to bed around 2 am my friend told me she had to go to the bathroom so I told her where it was. When she opened the door however she said: (My name)...Why is there a man standing in your hallway? Grinning at me?

It wasn't just her. A lot of people that stayed over mentioned not really feeling safe around the house aside from my room. From that day on I kind of got the idea that something really was in my house, to the point that even my grandfather agreed that I am somewhat sensitive to things from the other side.

When I reached my 18th year I told some friends who also had their share of spirits and they told me to tell my mom. So I finally told my mother who immediately went into Lioness protecting cubs mode and yelled into the hallway: GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU'RE SCARING MY CHILD! And then I felt as if a storm had just passed, it was calm... The hallway...didn't have that eerie feeling of being watched anymore, my mother had actually managed to kick out whatever was haunting the place.

Now a days I move around the house a lot more comfortable, I still feel uncomfortable moving around the hallway at night but its gotten a lot better over the years. I can sit in the living room and watch television I can take a shower when my parents aren't home without feeling watched all those feelings are no longer here.

I still have some spirits haunting this flat but they are friendly, they don't bother me, so its kind of like they're those type of roommates that you hardly ever see.

I've got more encounters to share with you but that is for another day and some for another type of site.

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valkricry (47 stories) (3186 posts) mod
9 years ago (2013-05-12)
Interesting story. I'm glad your Mom was able to get the spirit or whatever it was out, and believed you.

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