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A Family Curse?


I live in Northern Ireland, just outside Carrickfergus in a renovated mill that's been in our family since my great grandfather's time. It's safe to say that I've had an easy life. He was very wealthy and this was passed on and added to, as well as the house which was changed from the mill thanks to my grandfather.

Lots of unexplained things have happened in that place, and from my great grandfather's journals that he kept I think it's due to him. After he went away to England he came back to the mill and things started occurring and I quote from his journal, things like 'faces in the darkness and noises in the night'. He unfortunately towards the end of his life developed dementia and his last entry read simply, "I'm so sorry."

My grandfather inherited the place and things continued for him. He would often tell me of things he saw and heard when I was a kid, and they used to scare the hell out of me but as I got older I figured out that they were just stories to scare me, cause he had a kind of wicked humour. He's now in a care home and as my mother never wanted the house, I decided I would take it as it's worth a lot. I have a wife and a daughter and it's a part of my family's heritage. I'm rather sentimental like that.

As soon as we spent the night weird things started occurring. They started off small, a few bangs, things went missing, etc. I put it down to it being an old house and my own carelessness.

But then the real hauntings began. Plates were smashed, doors and cupboards open by themselves. One night as I was walking to the study I saw a shadow against the wall. Thinking it was mine I thought nothing of it until I realised there was no light behind me and at that moment it moved across the wall and out of sight. That truly started to frighten me. Then as I came home one day I heard the sound of quick footsteps, a giggle and the study door slam shut. We hear voices whisper in our ears when on the computer or watching television saying things like, "I'm here" and "...not yet."

Worst is this is affecting my family. My daughter made 2 new imaginary friends who tell her to go into the knife drawer and tell her to draw strange things. Usually it's simple things like the moon etc but one she drew a pair or red eyes in darkness so after that I took away her books and colouring pencils. My wife hears noises, voices, sees things outside our windows and she is becoming very distraught.

These things happen regularly, maybe once every two nights and at its worse ever night. Many of you may read this and just dismiss it but for me this is a real thing, I live through this and I'm at my wits end. I don't want to sell the house but it's getting close to that point. Can anyone please tell me if there is anything I can do to stop this curse? And these events

Thanks for listening to this rant.

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Ibid (14 posts)
8 years ago (2014-01-30)
Play this chapter from the quran throughout the house. All demons will leave for 3 days.

AshCat (24 posts)
8 years ago (2014-01-03)
I would definitely do a cleansing and take ownership of the house! It is all about your intent, you have the power to make them leave, don't forget that! Do everything out of love and light, but very firm. Call on friends, family, spirit guides, God (or whatever you believe in) to help you muster up the strength you need. You can do it!
Dawnseeker94 (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2013-05-17)
Thank you all for your advice. I am sorry I could not reply to you all sooner but I have been busy away at work.

I have not been keeping a journal of these events but I will do so from now on and keep you updated with what occurs.

Addressing your questions I got the journal again and checked, another reason it took so long to reply as my cousin in Scotland has it at the moment. He was heading over to expand his business, as he owned several farms there. Reading ahead nothing of note came up.

Prior to me moving into the house it was vacated for 2-3 months.

Its fine you asking, she is nearly 5 years old.

When I had asked her she said they were playing truth or dare, but when I asked her what dare she got she told me it was a secret and she couldn't say. She does not remember why she drew it or when.

Thank you very much for your help Rook and everyone elses. I will be keeping the study room light and kitchen light both on. For your information very little has happened recently, though my daughter still sees her 'friend' around the house. I will try your method, thank you Rook.

All of you take care.
Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
8 years ago (2013-05-15)
"A Family Curse?"
Having been born into a wealthy family, I hardly think you're cursed. Although I'm not one to believe in the idea of a "Cursed family" -I can see how even those with money/easy life may believe themselves cursed, as their lifestlye is "all they know"
My great grandfather fled Ireland to America for a better life- he thought himself "cursed" -not by anything paranormal- just British oppression. 😊
Sonty (1 stories) (29 posts)
8 years ago (2013-05-15)
Keeping in mind that you have a young daughter, I think it would be a good thing to move out as long as you can't get the purification done or get somebody to help you with it. In the mean time, do not forget to keep at least one light on, in each floor, even then when there is nobody in the house. Don't wait for the unrecoverable damages to happen. God bless you and your family. Do take care.
babygoatpuller (4 stories) (432 posts)
8 years ago (2013-05-14)
I'd go with Rook's cleansing method on this one. I've used it and use a shorter version of it in my daily life. It works and thanks Rook!
Morticia1 (6 stories) (162 posts)
8 years ago (2013-05-14)
[at] Dawnseeker94 I'm with rook here. A journal is a great way of keeping a record of what's occouring.

As he said, you can compare your experiences to his, and try to find out why he went to england too. This may be related to what he experienced.

Rooks questions are good too. This may help in figuring out what's going on 😊
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
8 years ago (2013-05-14)
Thank you for sharing.

Do you keep a Journal of these events? If not starting one may prove to be a big help as you write things down you can see what they have in common... Things like, time of day, type of activity, weather... Who it happened to...ect. This could help separate true paranormal experiences from natural ones.

You started by saying this...

"from my great grandfather's journals that he kept I think it's due to him. After he went away to England he came back to the mill and things started occurring and I quote from his journal, things like 'faces in the darkness and noises in the night'."

You can even compare your Journal to your Great Grandfather's... See if any of the experiences match.

I have a question or two...

Does your Great Grandfather's Journal mention anything happening before his trip to England? If not... Do you know why he went?

Was the home empty before you moved in, if so for how long?

How old is your daughter (you do not have to answer if it makes you uncomfortable)?

Did your daughter tell you why her imaginary friend (s) told her to go to the knife drawer?

Did she tell you why she drew the 'red eyes' in the dark?

If you are truly uncomfortable I have a Cleansing and Shielding Method posted on my profile page that you may use if you wish. I use it for my Home and Family and other members have used it as well.



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