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Lingering Great Grandparents


I live in a house built in 1940 by my great grandfather. It has been lived in by family since the passing of my great grandparents. One cousin actually had so many frightening experiences there, she left in a hurry, leaving behind many of her belongings. Another claimed that when he lived there, he frequently saw the ghost of my great grandfather.

As a backstory, my great grandmother, Roby, had a child who was burned to death. This I believe made her very wary of fire. In the years I have lived in the house (which has old gas heaters) we have, on several occasions, seen the heaters be turned off. Someone or something actually pushed down the knob and turned it from "pilot" to "off." I believe this is Roby's way of protecting me. But that's only the beginning.

An incredibly common experience in the house is the sound of something heavy, like furniture, being dragged down the long hallway. Many people have heard the sound and questioned me about why the hallway seems to be so active. I asked my grandfather (his parents built the house), "Is there any significance of someone dragging something down the hallway?" He just smiled, looked thoughtful and said, "Yes...yes there is..." and would not say anymore.

I've heard footsteps and knocking up and down the hallway so many times I've lost count. Many of my guests have heard heavy footsteps all throughout the house, but mainly in that long, creepy hallway.

The hallway clearly is a hotbed of activity. I assume by my grandfather's response that it was used a lot in the past 73 years.

But the hallway isn't where the most interesting activity has taken place.

On at least 3 occasions I came home from work to find my cat shut in a room, with no explanation. I lived alone at the time, so there was nobody to blame. The room has a set of French doors leading to one living room, which are very difficult to open and close, as well as 2 other doors, one leading into the hallway and one into the kitchen. There is no way my cat managed to shut and latch all of those doors.

More recently I came home to find TWO of my cats not only mysteriously inside the house, but shut in the spare room that is never used nor opened. I have no clue as to how they got inside the house, how that door got opened and then shut again. Perhaps my great grandparents hate cats?

Another area that has seen its share of activity is the carport. It all started when I had a dream that I saw a man standing at the edge of the carport. I had never seen him before but I knew it was my great grandfather, Papaw Fountain. I told my mom about the dream and described the man. She said it sounded exactly like Papaw Fountain and that he used to stand there a lot and spit tobacco in the grass.

One night I was laying on the couch and I heard a man cough on the carport. I thought it was my boyfriend, coming over to surprise me, so I waited for him to come inside. After several minutes I just assumed he must be smoking a cigarette and continued to wait. I once again heard a very distinct man's cough. At that point I got up and swung open the door, expecting to see my boyfriend, only to see nothing.

Months later my friend was coming over to hang out. She beat me to the house and I told her I would be there in just a few minutes. When I pulled into my driveway I saw a large man standing right beside her car, at the edge of the carport (like in my dream). My first thought was that it was just her fiance, probably peeing in the grass by the carport, since they could not get inside as it was locked. So as I continued up my driveway I just averted my eyes so as not to witness her fiance exposing himself.

I got out of my car and immediately unlocked my door and went inside and she followed. After several seconds without seeing her fiance come inside I asked where he was. She said, "Oh, he's at home." I decided I wouldn't tell her what I had seen.

The next day, however, we were talking about ghosts with some people and she said, "I need to tell you something... Last night... When I was waiting on you, I saw a man standing beside my car..." I almost had a heart attack as I screamed, "OMG I SAW HIM TOO!"

Until that point, she was a skeptic. But when we both saw a man in the same spot, at the same time... How could she deny it?

I knew that was my great grandfather, which I found fascinating. But I didn't tell many people so that people wouldn't be afraid to come over.

Then one night I had a small get together. As the house only has one bathroom, one guy went outside to pee in the yard. He came to tell me that even though it was dark, he saw a man in the yard and he was so shaken that he wouldn't go back out the rest of the night.

On another occasion a friend of mine was staying over on my couch. He was awake, looking at his computer when he heard footsteps and looked up. He saw a man walk from the hallway into the kitchen, stop briefly and then walk out. As my friend processed what he had just seen, the man walked back into the kitchen, stopped as if he had forgotten what he came in the kitchen for, and again turned around and disappeared into the hallway again.

On yet another occasion I had a few friends over who were in the room I mentioned before that has 3 sets of doors. My friend Chloe and I were sitting opposite the glass French doors when I saw a reflection in them of someone walk behind us in the den. I knew nobody was behind us so I didn't say anything, as Chloe had already been scared by some sounds in the house previously. I noticed she was acting strange all of a sudden though, so I said "What's wrong?...You saw that too, didn't you?" When she said yes, I could hear concern in her voice.

None of those experiences actually frightened me though. I always felt comforted by it, feeling like my great grandfather is just sticking around because that will always be his home that he built by hand, and because he never met me so maybe he is watching over me? And my great grandmother, who passed when I was 5, loved me dearly so I feel as though she is watching over me as well.

The only things that have freaked me out have happened in my bedroom, which was their bedroom. A few times I have felt the bed sink, like someone got into it with me. And that really bothered me.

There are a million other little things that myself or my friends have experienced but I have covered the bulk of it I believe.

Any feedback would be appreciated:)

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soul_shine (2 stories) (13 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-29)
Yes, this house can be creepy, indeed. But it doesn't bother me as much as it does my guests haha! As you can tell from both my stories, my family is very close and I have been close to all of my grandparents as well. I believe that my great grandparents are still residing in the home & that brings me some comfort. I've been in the house for 4 years now & I honestly wish the experiences were more frequent, as I find them fascinating and beautiful, in some strange way.
Thanks for reading!:)
kristina_marquez (1 stories) (26 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-29)
this is quite scarier compared to your other story entitled "Final Goodbyes" but I enjoyed it though. Ancestral houses are indeed scary.

Best regards,
Kristina ❤
soul_shine (2 stories) (13 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-20)
Thank you, WishfulNull! I think you are right:) I'm glad I found a place to tell this story too, a place where people don't think I'm crazy haha
WishfulNull (151 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-20)
Thank you for this well-written story - it certainly seems like a residual haunting to me - I'm glad you can find comfort in having your great-grandfather near... Because this is only residual, it seems that it is only a faint "memory" of your relative - I'm not sure how to phrase this so it makes sense, but I believe the actual "conscious" part of you grandfather's spirit... The part with his actual personality, has already gone on to find peace & rest. I think that's why, when his image is seen, he does not acknowledge anyone, but just goes about his business... I don't think you need to worry about him not being at rest, because what you are experiencing (in my opinion), is the house "remembering" him. What it's showing you, is what he did, before you were there. You had mentioned that in time past, the spirit did acknowledge someone... Perhaps that was more of a true visit from him... Or maybe that was before he found true rest & moved on... He may have "stuck around" for a while, if he really loved the house. I'm glad you have found an outlet to share what is happening. Take care, and best wishes! 😁
soul_shine (2 stories) (13 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-17)
Also, I think it's worth mentioning, that myself, and the several friends who have actually seen the man who I believe to be my great grandfather were never acknowledged by him.
It's as if he is still going about his business, possibly not even aware that he is dead, living in the house and can not even see us. The friend I mentioned who was on the couch and saw him walk into the kitchen twice said he never once looked at him.
I feel like he doesn't even see us? He just continues to spit his tobacco, sleep in the bed, drag things down the hall, shut doors, etc just like he used to.

But my cousin who lived in the house years ago before I was born said that every night Papaw Fountain would sit in the corner of the room & watch him & Mamaw Roby (before she passed) as they went to sleep, as if watching over them. So I wonder why he no longer acknowledges anyone's presence if he used to?
Anyways, I'll stop rambling, I'm just really excited to be talking to others about this. I would love for investigators to come out & give me some concrete evidence or something solid.
soul_shine (2 stories) (13 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-17)
I hadn't even thought about the doors closing as simply an old habit from the Depression times! That's insightful, thank you:) I wish they would interact with me as opposed to just making their presence known. I would love that, & I promise if anything more happens I will continue to update. I have never felt anything malicious or even frightening about the haunting. The only thing that upset me was the cats. But you're right, it probably was just that they liked to keep all the doors shut to preserve either heat or cool air, as we are in the hot south!
Now, I have felt the bed sink on mulitple occasions, but I just assume that is because I am in their old bedroom.

And allesgute154,
I am not particularly religious. I know, for someone to believe in spirits it doesn't make sense... It doesn't make sense to me either, haha...
I always believed in Heaven & Hell and everything the Bible taught up until very recently. So I'm not sure how to go about something of that nature. I feel as if I were to try something like that, that is of religious nature, it wouldn't work if I don't believe in it.
Am I correct? I hope I am not, because I would like my grandparents to be at peace. As much as I enjoy them watching over me:)

I appreciate the feedback very much! I am fascinated by my house & the many things people have seen and heard, so I love to get outside opinions.
allesgute154 (3 stories) (254 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-17)
You should bless the house and allow them to rest in peace. Much as you love having them around, maybe you should let them go to heaven, free from all the bonds of earth.
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-17)
I agree that your great grandparents still inhabit your house, but I think this is a residual haunting. Having the gas heater turned off seems like something your great grandparents had a habit of doing.
As for your cats being closed in rooms again it just seems like closing doors may be a habit of doing. Although the part about the 2 cats mysteriously being in the house and closed in the room I can't figure out unless you just thought they were outside.
You must remember that the Great Depression was still going on in the early 40's and people would not waste heat by leaving doors to unused rooms open or even heated. Even after the Depression was over many people were either to poor to leave unused rooms heated or leave the doors open, or were in such a habit of closing doors they did so without thinking.
An intelligent haunting would interact with you. If that has ever happened please let us know. However they may be watching over you and not felt the need to interact with you yet! 😆

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