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Great Grandma Came Back One Last Time


This incident took place before I was born, in the mid 20th Century. I heard about it from my father back in the 1980s. When he was a little boy, my father lived in the small village of Llanfrechfa. This was in the county of Gwent, which is in the south east of Wales. That principality is part of the U.K.

Dad was an only child. When he was only one year old, his parents (my Grandma and Grandpa) fell out with each other. Grandma's parents (my Great Grandma and Great Grandpa) were also involved in the argument since they all lived together. I don't know many details because they were hushed up and most letters concerning these matters were destroyed. As far as I know, there was friction between Grandpa and the others. This was mainly because Grandpa was a sailor who travelled the world while the others stayed in Gwent. They had different levels of experience and different attitudes to life, which soon drove them apart. They couldn't get along, so Grandpa left and went back to sea. Sometimes he returned to stay and work in the nearby town of Llanelli, where his own family had a construction firm. He tried to reconcile with Grandma but she refused and eventually they divorced. Grandpa went to Canada and married another woman, fathering a girl who became my aunt.

Grandma, Dad and the Great Grandparents continued living in Llanfrechfa until Dad was eight years old. Then, Grandma decided to take Dad to Llanelli. She planned to work as a midwife and make more money for herself and Dad. She worked hard, literally night and day because babies can be born at any time. Dad studied in Llanelli and then Carmarthen. He was a diligent pupil at school. Eventually, Great Grandma got sick and died. Grandma and Dad went back to Llanfrechfa for the funeral. They stayed on the little family farm, which was a smallholding.

While in the farmhouse after the funeral, Grandma woke up one night. At the end of the bed, she saw the spirit of her mother (Great Grandma). She was a luminous, full-body apparition. She looked as she did in life: fairly short and thin with grey-white hair. She smiled broadly at Grandma and then faded away. Grandma was amazed at this reassuring event. There were no other witnesses, unfortunately. Great Grandma never appeared again, as far as I know. However, I believe that she gave Grandma hope for the future. Grandma and Great Grandma both believed that they had some degree of psychic ability.

Many years later Dad, my brother and I had our own little psychic experiences. When my mother died, Dad seemed to sense her spirit in his house in Llanfair P.G., Anglesey, Wales, UK. He didn't see her though. I was in Dad's house after Mum's funeral, watching TV with high volume, when the TV turned off for no reason. No one pressed any buttons and there was no power cut. I believe that Mum's spirit turned off the TV because she didn't like it loud. I got the message and reduced the volume. Over subsequent years, Dad and I had many psychic dreams of Mum. When Dad died, I had many psychic dreams of him too. My brother has also had several dreams about our parents.

One of Dad's dreams was a premonition of his own death. One of my dreams gave me a secret from Mum. She'd had a miscarriage in 1975 or 1976 and hadn't told me because I was too young to understand. I asked Dad about it and he confirmed it. Mum showed me the baby, which then grew to adulthood in Heaven. I know because I saw it happen in later dreams.

The ultimate message from these experiences is that our late relatives watch over us for the rest of our lives. Sometimes they protect us from danger, such as when I was threatened by two young soldiers at Crewe Railway Station, North England, U.K. I wanted to fight them but an invisible force dragged me toward a railway worker instead. I asked the worker for help and the soldiers left. This might have saved my life.

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djoped (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-27)
My first encounter with a ghost occurred in orientation. Sitting in the middle of my Mom and girlfriend. I distinctly remember two quick tugging pulls on my ear lobe. To the effect that I asked my Mom on that side if she tugged my ear. She said no; it was apparent she was listening to the guide. I turned to my girlfriend on the other side and asked her if she reached around and pull my ear as a joke. She said "Why would I do that?". I was so perplexed that I turned to the lady behind me and asked her if she pulled my ear. She answered that she was not in the habit of pulling strangers ears. I was not yet sure of what had happened. Https://
Manafon1 (7 stories) (718 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-10)
MikeStrong--So if one's dad is a ghost are the children half ghost on the father's side? And to think I thought being 12% Baltic was interesting 😜
MikeStrong1 (3 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-10)
CORRECTION: and they were married for 12 years WITHOUT her knowing her husband WAS a ghost
MikeStrong1 (3 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-10)
Lady Glow, let no add more concerns to already coronavirus concerns that has gripped the world. If you find that odd, I apologize. I just want everyone that these stories about dead people existing is real. In a crowd of 200 there are possibly 30 to 40 dead people among. Some are the ones you have known for years. In one village, a woman married a man and even had 3 children with the man and they were married for 12 years with her knowing her husband is a ghost until the woman started forcing the man to take her to his village and that is where everything happened and man disappeared. A lot of people don't believe stories on yourghoststories are true, some feels it is made up, nooo it is not. It is widely everywhere.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-10)
WHAT THE...?!?!?


What is the purpose of posting a story from another forum like a comment without any explanation?

It would be a good idea for you to read the comments guidelines section of the site.

As a sidenote, - is it just me or does anyone else find it odd that a comment of this nature has been upvoted 3 times?
MikeStrong1 (3 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-10)
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-30)
I know what you and your mom mean about the lost infant growing up in its visitations. I miscarried in 2007 - I hadn't even told the father I was pregnant, we were already going our separate ways at the time. After I lost the baby I started seeing her in my dreams. Even if from afar it's still something at least to be able to see her grow up. Ten years later, I was having a deep conversation with the father as our relationship had grown and transformed into a friendship - I told him about our baby. There was a long silence, then he just whispered "So that's who that is." She had been coming to him in his dreams too all along and he had never quite known who she was! I burst into tears.

I agree whole heartedly that our ancestors are out there looking out for us ❤
sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-24)
Hi snavej, welcome to YGS. I have told many a times that the loved ones come back to reassure us. I have shared this thought today also in one other narrative. But, the narrative about a fully grown "miscarriage baby" in the other world is quite strange and a new one to me and difficult to believe.

I want to ask what kind of psychic abilities you possess.

Please do respond.

Regards and respects to you.


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