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The Queen Mary Experience


I am sharing a story for the first time after reading much of the submissions on this site. My name is Gabriel and I am 24 years old and my wife is 22.

This story begins with being sent to out of town to Long Beach, CA for work in 2011. This time when I went I took my wife with me since we are able to do this for work when going on travel. On one of the nights we decided to go to the Queen Mary ship there in Long Beach to walk around and go on a tour. During the time when we were free roaming the ship, I decided to try and walk around to places that were tucked away and possibly off limits. In one of the rooms there was a low hanging chandelier which had various pieces of crystal on it. After I had walked by it, which I am pretty sure my head never touched, a round shaped piece fell at my wife's feet. She said my head hit it but again, I never touched it. I decided to pocket it (I know, I know) as a souvenir and just to say I have something from the ship. Nothing strange happened after that even though we were walking through some really spooky looking places. We decided to leave a couple hours later and head back to our hotel.

The hotel we were staying at was a little more upscale than normal and had really nice rooms. That night at the hotel everything was fine when we went to sleep. Sometime around 3:15 in the morning my wife and I were woken up abruptly by our rooms fire alarm beeping very loudly making it very frighting and disorientating. We both shot up out of the bed and got on clothes as fast as possible and booked it out of the room preparing to evacuate. Once we left the room and went out into the hallway we were greeted by dead silence. No one was in the halls evacuating, there were no noises, just the sound of us breathing heavily. Once our rooms door closed the alarm stopped. Being a little frightened by this, we hesitantly head back into the room. This is when things start getting strange.

My wife started to tell me about a dream she had right up to the moment the alarm went off. In fact, she was "awake" when it went off. The dream had her mom (who is a very sweet person) choking her with an evil expression and red eyes in the dream. She awoke about 10 seconds before the alarm went off having difficulty breathing. Towards the end of her telling me this story, the alarm goes off again. So once again we leave the room and exit to the hallway. Once again we were greeted by the same eerie silence. I decided to head down to the lobby while my wife went to the hall restroom. Once down in the lobby, I start explaining everything going on with the alarm to the night auditor working there. He looked at me like I was crazy and told me that when one alarm goes off on a floor, all of them go off on a floor due to fire code. He also called the fire department and they verified that there was no alarm that went off in the hotel recently.

My wife thinks that the piece from the ship that I took may have had something to do with it but since that second alarm there was never another incident like this after staying there 2 more nights. It was a strange set of coincidences to have me think that there may have been something more happening to us that night than what we could see.

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Narella (guest)
9 years ago (2013-05-22)
Okay, that was a creepy experience you and your wife had. Maybe, just to be safe, you should take the crystal piece back where you found it.
Swimsinfire (11 stories) (556 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-21)
Wow, that's one of those experiences where you think," if this wasn't happening to me, this would be real entertaining." I think your wife is right also.
Shady4u (2 stories) (188 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-21)
Hey there! I want to know if you have the piece with you right now? Have you inquired the hotel management about any past experiences by anyone else? And if there has been no past experiences, I agree to what your wife has concluded so if you still have the piece with you, you should probably dispose it for good. Thank you.
Amie_16 (2 stories) (104 posts)
9 years ago (2013-05-21)
Wow that's a spooky story! Did you bring that piece with yourself back home? Did anything else happened after that? Maybe the room in which you guys were staying was haunted itself 😕

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