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Military Men Of The Queen Mary


My name is George, and this so happens to be my first time writing/telling my story to the public in any fashion outside of family members and close friends. I have nothing to hide so feel free to ask any questions you may have after reading this. My experience takes place aboard The Queen Mary in Long Beach California. I was about 20 years old at the time if I recall correctly. Can't remember what year it was exactly but I know I had a myspace account at the time. The woman (A fellow coworker and friend) I went with posted a few pics from that day. I didn't take any of those pics except for maybe 1 or 2, and at that time I didn't really know how myspace worked so she posted the pictures for me onto my account. Visit it to see for yourself.

Some of the pictures may seem a bit questionable I know. I'll even admit to that myself, but I promise you if these pictures were victim of foul play I had no knowledge or hand in its doing. I have nothing to gain or earn from them. So say what you will of them but know I didn't notice anything until she called me to tell me what she found on the pictures as she was uploading them for me. The pictures were taken on a digital camera. I think it was a Nikon or one of those big brand named cameras. Now as you can see upon viewing the pictures we were not ghost hunting. It was just a simple visit. It was somewhat of a date. As you notice in most of the pictures I'm always in some weird smiling pose as is she. Most ghost hunters that I know of from TV don't normally do that. I myself am no ghost hunter. Just want to make that as clear as possible. I believe in them and don't want them to be following me or any of that type stuff.

Now that being said, aside from those pictures on my Myspace account I mentioned earlier, I want to tell you the one and only experience or time I felt like I may have witnessed something possibly paranormal. I say possibly because I'm still not sure what I actually encountered or saw. Well I know what I saw I'm just not 100 percent sure as to if what I saw was paranormal or not. Throughout that day I never really noticed anything strange or got any kind of weird creepy feelings except for 1 moment. For those of you who do not know, the Queen Mary offers self guided tours of parts of the ship. In 1 location on the tour is this viewing area. In this spot you can literally look over a rail into the ocean water below and see the ships propeller. Well it's in this area that I felt very uneasy upon what it was I had seen. The bizarre thing is what I saw shouldn't have made me feel so creeped out and uneasy. However here goes nothing. I happened to be walking past 1 of the entry ways to view the propeller below. There are 2 entry ways to go in and see the view. Kinda in the shape of a reverse letter C. There's no doors, or security. Its essentially just part of the tour where you can wander around. So as I'm walking down the hallway of the tour I pass by one of the entry ways. Now as you walk by and pass either entry way the most likely thing your going to see at a glance is either the rail or random people looking over the rail to see the propeller down below. Well for some reason, I still can't explain to myself why but I looked to see what I could see. Sorta just being nosey. That sorta thing. What I saw was 2 men dressed in military attire. The 1st being an older gentleman wearing an all white suit. Seemed like a man of authority or high ranking officer with a hat. The other man standing right beside him was younger and looked of a lower ranking due to his uniform being brownish green can't be to sure. He too was also wearing a hat. The men were standing and looking at something in the younger ranking officers hands. Didn't seem like a phone or tablet of any kind. Seemed like what could of been a piece of paper of some kind I think. Now I have military members in my family and I pay my respects to all men and women in the service of our country. So when I see them I like to shake their hands and say thank you.

Not at any moment upon just viewing men or women in uniform at a distance do I become uneasy or get weird vibes. In fact the opposite happens. I become grateful and feel very proud. But not this time. When I saw these 2 military men from a glance at a distance I got this very unsettling and creeped out feeling. What made it worse was upon me seeing them and actually acknowledging that they were military, both men at the exact same time looked up and made direct eye contact with me as I passed through the entryway's line of sight. It was one of those moments where I wasn't going to stop to go in. I just wanted to look in to see what I could see. I was still walking down the hallway of the tour at the time. My body was still in walking motion, all I did was just turn my head to the left to see if I could see anything. Sure enough I did. That was the only time I ever felt that eerie and creeped out and uneasy while on that ship. And if you viewed the pictures you'll notice that some of the pictures we took, I was in certain locations I shouldn't have been in. Not once did I feel anything like that during the tour except for this instance when I saw the 2 men standing there making eye contact with me. Till this day that is my dilemma. I have no clue if they were actually living breathing military men on break or if they were perhaps dare I say ghosts. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-11)

I visited the Queen Mary years ago, as a young teen with my family.

While walking around I kept imagining or thought I was at the time a man with an all white uniform (same thoughts on that) seemed to be of high ranking with a white hat on walking around with us. But not the entire self tour, more he would appear at different locations on the ship.
I to near the propeller had a weird feeling. But for me it was extremely intense. So I had to leave that area before my family did.

Now I know it wasn't me imagining it was of the third eye sort of thing.

So your experience was awesome I'm so glad someone else on here has posted about this man on the Queen Mary!

Thanks for sharing
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-28)
Hi George,

It sounds like you encountered a residual scene, a moment that happened many years ago. I'm sure the energy and past activity there would make it quite easy. Maybe your uneasy feelings had to do with picking up on the energy of the spirits. It's interesting that the men turned to look at you though. Consider yourself lucky to get a glimpse of the past. 😊

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