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Grandmother Mary


I was a young girl, maybe 9- 10 years old. I had been going to this elementary school in Las Vegas where we had a small fundraising carnival going on. My father had taken us to make up for not seeing us for almost a month.

My little sister and I were all over the place having fun and playing the games when I got this retching feeling in my gut. It felt like a vortex swallowing me up from the inside out and all I wanted to to was lay down. I stood frozen trying to gather my bearings. My father didn't notice he was looking for my sister who had gone to participate in the Cake Dance game, but I was standing in the middle of a large crowd frozen -yet aware of my surrounds- when my vision began to blur and darken. I tried to look around as if someone could help but then I saw a figure in front of me. She looked as if she had been crying at first but then she smiled at me and waved goodbye to me then disappeared. The feeling that had me frozen left me instantly and I could see my father running up to me with his phone pressed against his ear saying "we need to go now."

We got into the car and drove to my grandmother's house where my grandfather had been sitting on the porch crying, as my dad ran inside. Grandpa walked to the car and sat in the back seat, I asked him what happened as soon as he closed the door. He simply looks at me and I see the familiar face of tears as he spoke " are going to need to give your daddy some time, me too."

"What happened, grandpa?" I asked again. And it was then he had just told me my grandmother Mary had passed away. I didn't know what it had meant but I didn't cry even though she was my favorite person in the whole world... But I had felt as if I had been given closure from the spirit I had seen at the carnival.

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Berggraf38 (3 stories) (23 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-23)
Very touching experience, I think she was not only saying goodbye, but showing you that life goes on after this physical existence.
My dad gave me a few goodbye signs after he passed and little things still happen occasionally that I think are parts of his spirit still around.

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