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Came across this site and decided to share some of my experiences.

A little something about me: I've been living in Singapore all my life and believe I was spiritually inclined when I was younger but has since tuned most of my sensing abilities out as I grew older (mostly due to my late grandmother bringing me to a temple medium).

Nowadays, I can only sense stuff if they are "strongly" advertising their presence.

This happened about 7 years ago when I was a Diploma student. My diploma tutorial class were having a class chalet at Aloha Pasir Ris which is locally renowned for been haunted. It was a 3 days 2 nights stay over, the size of the chalet is pretty big (for Singapore standards); single level, 4 individual bedrooms with attached bathrooms, common living room with the kitchen beside it. The living room had 4 sides; north side leads past sliding doors to the BBQ pit facing Pasir Ris beach, south side is the walkway that leads to the bedrooms and main door, west side is the kitchen and attached toilet and east side is just a wall with the television set.

Nothing of note happened that first night with the entire class having BBQ and general fun.

We were visited on the 2nd night when most of my classmates went home and only my clique of friends stayed: I was at the BBQ pit chatting with one of my mates, J, and the rest of my friends were in the bedrooms. Our attention was distracted by a police car patrolling the beach and our eyes were focused on the car as it moved from our left to the right. As our eyes followed the patrol car to the right, we happened to see the single window of the last bedroom adjacent to the living room facing the BBQ pit and beach. J and I both saw that the curtain of the window was shifted to the side and we can see a human face looking at us, thinking that it was just one of our nosy friends, we ignored that person.

An hour later we went to that room and were told by our friends that no one was at the window, they had been playing cards the entire time and the window curtain was closed the entire time as well.

Feeling uneasy, I decided not to sleep in that room that night and instead stayed up playing card games and such with my friends until early hours of the morning. I left them sleeping in the room and went out to the living room to catch a nap on the couch, it was already near 7AM at that time.

I was barely napping for less than half an hour when I heard distinct footsteps walking down the walkway to the foot of my couch, peeking through my eyelids, it was just another of my friends, S who asked why I was sleeping on the couch instead of the bedroom. I told her something vague and continue napping while she returned to her room.

Minutes later I heard distinct footsteps again walking to my couch, thinking that it was my friend checking on me again I ignored it and continue trying to sleep, the footsteps moved away from the end of my couch and continued into the kitchen. At this point I simply thought my "friend" was taking a drink.

But after the footsteps moved into the kitchen, there was no other sounds, thinking that my friend my need some help, I opened my eyes and walked over to the kitchen... Only to find no one there and I checked the attached toilet to be sure and there was no one there either. It was already daytime at around 7.30am and I wasn't hallucinating~

Hope you enjoyed this tale, I have others I may post at a later date:).

PS: there was no malice from these entities, I believe they were just making their presence known

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