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This all started a few years back when we lived in a different home but same area. My, then, 5 year old son kept experiencing night terrors. They were so extreme that when he'd be experiencing one, there was nothing I could do except comfort him and wait for it to end.

Night terrors are very different from nightmares. They cause the "victim", for lack of a better word, to appear to be completely awake. In my son's case, he'd be sitting upright in his bed, trembling with fear, eyes wide open and pointing at his bedroom door crying and screaming something horrible. He would say "it's right there!" Then without notice he would fall into his pillow and back into deep sleep.

My husband and I would talk to him the next day and he wouldn't remember anything until months later. He would randomly recall the incidents of these night terrors and say that he felt as though he was awake. He'd hear something walking down the hallway and as he went to see who was there, a black "blob", as he called it, would be making its way slowly to his room. Completely frightened, my son said he'd run and jump into his bed and cover himself with blankets and expect the worse. He said, "Mommy, it is the blackest black I ever saw. It entered my room and stood at the foot of my bed and just stared at me. I thought it was going to eat me!"

Hearing my small child say something so gruesome sent chills down my spine. Again, the only thing I could do is console him and assure him that he was safe and that they were just bad dreams. We even have him a dream-catcher in the hopes that it would simply make him feel safer. It didn't. In fact, my son is 11 years old now, we live a couple miles away from that house and he continues to have these sorts of "dreams" to this day. Just not as frequent.

We moved into the house we live in now, almost 3 years ago come November. When we first moved in, I didn't feel any bad or weird vibes, but I do recall seeing flutters of shadows in my peripheral vision which I didn't think much of and discarded as fast as they happened. That was that. Nothing else...

Until my usually skeptical, logical husband mentioned something strange to me one day. He said, "Something kind of weird happened last night while we were sleeping". I asked him to elaborate. He went on to say that he had during the night, he awakened to readjust his sleeping position and, in doing so, he opened his eyes to see a huge male figure standing in the frame of our bedroom door. He also stated that it was very black, even darker than anything else in our room (even with the lights off).

Time went on and we soon laughed it off about what my husband had seen. Went back to our normal routine and such.

Months later, my husband tells me again that he saw another shadow person standing in our master bathroom (which is open to our bedroom). He said it was standing still for a moment and then glided over to my side of the bed and dissipated into thin air. After he told me this, it really began to bother me. But as with the first incident, we eventually forgot about and went back to normalcy.

I was still seeing these little flutters in the corners of my eyes and began to wonder if there was really something in our home that was trying to get our attention. Little things like that and odd noises became more and more frequent as time went on.

This past spring, one evening while my husband was at work, I decided to watch a movie in my bedroom. My son, now 11 years old, had asked me for a slice of cake and I said once my movie is over, I will cut us both a piece. In the meantime, he was in his bedroom playing video games. The movie ended and I proceeded to turn everything off and walk out to the kitchen and main living area. I yelled for my son to follow suit so that we could enjoy our cake together. By this time, no TVs were on. I had turned everything off in my bedroom and he had paused his video game in his room.

As I began cutting the cake, I began hearing a small gurgle of some sort. I paused for a moment and the gurgle became louder and louder which eventually evolved into a growl, and then into a full roar. It put me in the mind of a man's voice who was in a lot of anguish and sounded animal-like at the same time. It lasted for what seemed like forever but in reality maybe 20-30 seconds. I remember being in total shock as my brain was trying evaluate what I had just heard. My mother instincts didn't even go into effect yet and my son slowly turned to me with huge eyes and asked, "What... Was that?!". Still stunned, I told him I didn't know. I was trying to figure out what I had just heard and almost happy that my son heard it too so I knew I wasn't crazy or hearing things. Finally, he said, "You must've left your TV on in your bedroom" and I said "No, everything is off in my bedroom." I then looked at him and asked if he had left his video game running and he insisted he didn't.

That's when my mama-bear protective instincts finally kicked in. I immediately told him it was a car and no matter how he insisted it came within the walls inside our home, I did not want him to believe that. Even though he was right. The sound did in fact, come from the inside of our home.

As he finished his cake, I went to go check the house for anything that could explain this monstrous growl we both heard. I found nothing, except I noticed the closet light in my bedroom was left on (which, ironically, is where the door to my attic is). I never heard such an evil sound in "real life" in my life.

I tried to look it up online and all I could find were things about demons, which I refused to believe at the time and just simply didn't want to read out of fear.

Again, a little time went by. Things went back to normalcy again and, like clockwork, my husband informed me he had seen another shadow person. This time, he said, it was a lot shorter. It had no rimmed hat. It stood on my side of the bed. Another difference was, he could see its eyes. Like they were glowing. Not brightly, but that was the only facial feature he could see. My husband said he had a mental stand-out with this thing. Meaning, he told this thing (with his mind) that it had to go and was not welcome in our home. It dissolved into the darkness just like the others.

Now, the reason my husband's claims bother me so much, is that he is a huge skeptic. He works in law enforcement. He thinks people who speak about such things are silly. Yet, he is seeing these things and telling me about them. However, it's good to know that I'm not alone in this. He is experiencing much worse than me. He's actually seeing full-blown apparitions. I'm simply hearing weird sounds.

Almost to current day, I am now hearing very loud bumps and bangs. The sound of wood falling to the floor in my attic. This is a fairly new home and I had my husband check it because of how frequent and loud the noises were becoming. Finding nothing, we forget about it and it just continues. Not much I can do.

More recently...

A few weeks ago, I'm sleeping. I'm dreaming that I'm standing at the door to my bedroom. Just standing there in the dark. I look over to my bed and I see myself and my husband lying in bed sleeping. I then realized I knew I was dreaming and knew I could control my dream (aka lucid dreaming). Well, on a silly note, I don't get these opportunities too often so what do I decide to? I want to float! I know it sounds a bit childish, but I was dreaming. Why not?

I began floating around my bedroom. I had this overwhelmingly feeling of peace and relaxation in my body that I never experienced in conscious life. I'm now floating over my bed. Looking down at myself and my husband peacefully sleeping, when all of a sudden I lost control of the dream and what my dream-body was doing. I began to slowly spin upside down out of control. It frightened me because I felt a force beginning to press my head further into the bed. I could even feel how the fabric of my bedspread felt against my cheek. (Keep in mind, the "dream version of myself" is now laying in between the "real" me and my "real" husband.)

I tried to force myself awake and in doing this, it was like I could physically see flashes of what the dream me and the real me were seeing. Like a fast vibration of being switched from realm to realm. I then heard what sounded like thousands of bees buzzing in my ears. I didn't have control over anything except for my eyes and so I squeezed them tightly in the hopes it'd wake me up from this now-nightmare. Finally, after feeling as though I'd returned to my body, I did in fact wake up. However, I still couldn't move anything except my eyes. I panicked because I felt like there were tons of people staring at me that I couldn't see. Again, I closed my eyes tightly and slowly regained the use of my hands and the rest of my body. Once I gained control, I scurried close to my husband and wrapped myself up tightly in my blankets and eventually drifted back off to sleep. Since then, I've had this kind of thing happen on more than one occasion, even more recently, but I won't bother you with the details of the same kind of occurrence.

Referring to more weird dreams, my husband had said he had a kind of dream that he'd never had before. He went on to say that it took place probably in the late 1800s early 1900s period. He wasn't himself. He said it felt like he was reliving/seeing someone else's memory.

He was dressed in dirty overalls, a plaid wool shirt and a flat cap. He was with two other men out in a pasture in the same type of fashion. He'd followed these men to help them dig a hole for whatever reason. As he was digging, he felt the shock of one of the men taking their shovels and hitting him in the head with it. Brutally hard. They continued beating him until he fell into the large hole they dug. They yelled to him how he was a fool and stupid enough to help dig his own grave. He said he could taste the dirt in his mouth and could feel the suffocation from the weight of it all. He knew he was a goner and felt utterly betrayed by these men. He took one last glance before being totally encumbered by the earth and noticed he was being buried alive next to a large oak tree...

Now, I won't say which one, but we contacted a popular paranormal TV show. With the application, I had to answer a question about the history of this town. Back in the late 1800s/early 1900s this area was used as a rest stop for people traveling out west in the gold-digging era. This entire town was nothing but farmland, which is a far cry to what it is now. I believe a possible theory as to whatever is bothering us may simply want us to know how he died. Maybe using my husband as its outlet and playing its memory in my husband's dreams. We just don't know.

Onto the most recent happenings... Just over 2 weeks ago, I was sitting in my living room. My husband had gone to bed and as did my son. I sat on the couch soaking in the peace and quiet that surrounded me. I picked up my phone and began reading a few articles online. Out of the blue, it sounded as though someone ran up to me. It wasn't a loud footstep sound, but I could hear the fibers of the carpet bend as though someone was running with light feet. I ignored it and went about my business because I had too many other things on my mind and ended up falling asleep on the couch.

The next day, my husband tells me how he thought he heard me enter the room late last night, walk around the room and then felt me sit down on my side of the bed. He said he didn't feel anything after that, and made him think something was wrong. He said he reached his hand out to me (still with his eyes closed) and felt nothing there. He then opened his eyes to find nothing there as well. I simply linked these two occurrences together as possibly the same spirit, or whatever. We of course, thought it was strange, but since there doesn't seem to be much we can do about all of this, we act as though nothing happened and continue with our normal daily routine.

Finally, there is what happened at 4:00am this morning and what finally caused me to post my story. My husband worked graveyard shift and my son was already in bed. I was up late talking to a friend on the phone and after we hung up I couldn't fall asleep. I decide to mute the TV, and have a little quiet for a few moments in the hopes I'd fall asleep or at least tired enough to go to my bedroom.

I relaxed on the couch and it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. In fact, as I type this, I just realized I'm alone again, quiet fills the air and I'm in the exact same spot on the couch. Anyway, I began reading an article online (on my phone) and I hear footsteps. Not heavy ones, just enough to slightly crunch the carpet. I shrug it off as I usually do. Except this time, the footsteps became louder and louder and the sound of a foot pivoting, twisting the carpet fibers beneath feet. It was right around the corner from me. My heart felt like it stopped. My eyes widened, and I began to sweat. I was 100% positive that someone was standing on the other side of this corner from me. Not even thinking paranormal, at this point I thought someone had broken into my home and I was doomed! That is when my primal instinct of fight or flight kicked in and knowing my son was in between me an this person. As fast as I could, I jumped up in a millisecond, leaped to where is confront this burglar and do my best to protect myself and my son. To my surprise and relief, there was no one there. Again, I cannot insist enough that I was 100% sure that someone was on the other side of this wall.

Now, there is much I've left out of this all. Lots of mundane things happening which are left unexplained and unanswered. Rest assure, that the reason I even posted this story is because I'd like to discuss this with people experiencing similar happenings. Thank you for reading and I am totally open for discussion.

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Andromeda33 (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-10)
Thank you all so much. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one going through this; however, I wish none of us did.

I have contacted a local paranormal investigation team and they'll be coming out this Saturday night. Wish me luck.:)

I'll have to read through all of your comments again, to answer any questions you all may have had. Again, I sincerely thank all of you for taking the time to read my post.
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
9 years ago (2013-10-05)
Andromeda: Wow...Well, to begin with, it sounds to me like you have some room mates. With your husband being a police officer, he may have more access to records of murders/disappearances in your area than "your average Joe". I think this would be a great starting point to figure out who the man might be. Also, the footsteps you're hearing may be a residual kind of thing, although the feeling of "knowing" someone's there sheds a different light on it.

Miracles and I have a mutual particular interest in shadow beings. There are so many theories out there, it's hard to know exactly what they are, where they're from or what they want.

I don't have a lot to comment about the OBE's except, OMG I know that funny sensation of realization. I always get so excited 😆.

Besides contacting the paranormal TV show, have you had an investigation by a professional team? There are so many out there so be careful if you decide to have a paranormal investigation team come to your home. Definitely check their credentials and references. Most of the well established groups have contacts of varying religions and/or are able to perform home cleansings to help you if that's what you want.

Please keep us posted, and thank you for a great read!
Robinea (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-05)
Some of the same sort of stuff has happened in my house. But when my 9 year old has "night terrors" he never remembers them, and THANK GOD, because they scare ME enough, I'd hate for him to remember them. AND, while my son is going through these, he crouches down in a corner, turned around pointing at something ABOVE my head, and hollers, "get away from me!" It scares the crap outa me. I usually can't console him either, it is LITERALLY like I'm not even there, when I try to hold him, he fights me, all the while looking ABOVE my head with his eyes fixated on something. Very scary.
I've also had some sort of OBE, and then when I DO come back to ME, I can't move a single part of my body. I remember the first time it happened, I started crying, and I couldn't even wipe the tears, it was exactly how described it, like LOTS, "tons" of people starring at me, but with mine, it felt like they were also RIGHT ON TOP OF ME, I felt weight, and lots of it, like it was sitting on me holding me down. I HATE MY HOUSE. I know whatever IS here IS evil, and I'm not sure, but just by reading what you wrote, it seems yours might not have good intentions, I don't know though. I just know MINE IS EVIL, it wants us gone, and I'm stuck here. I'll write more later, as I was just so shocked to read how close your child's "night terrors" were to mine. Its scary to watch our babies go through this and not be able to do ANYTHING about it, except watch and wait for it to end. You're lucky your husband has experienced as much as he has, HENCE, you don't have to convince him. I think my husband may be in league with this EVIL THING living here, as he refuses to accept it, OR LEAVE, and I've been trying to move now for over 4 years. My kids won't even go to the bathroom by themselves, and they're NINE AND THIRTEEN. My 13 year old makes me stand outside the BR door as he does his business, and if I walk away for a SECOND, he freaks out, yelling at me that I don't care about him. So just by their reactions, I KNOW I'm not alone with the things I've seen and experienced in my house. I have some photos as well that my husband gets mad about everytime I show someone who comes over. I just can't get over the clearness of them, but it makes my husband mad so I've stopped showing people who come over.
Anyway, wish you well with your haunting, and I hope for your sake, and your family's, that you get some resolution with it. It truly IS some scary stuff to go through, ESPECIALLY when you're too afraid to talk about it because of the thoughts that someone may think you're crazy.
Good luck with your visitor, hope you rid your lives of this soon. I've lived with mine for 14 years, and I have to say, its taking its toll on me.
notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-04)
Andromedea- I agree with Micacles about considering a cleasing for the home and especially for all of you. I don't think it necessarily has to do with the home itself since it happened in the old home and now.

As for your husband's dream, I have my own theories about those types of dreams. I believe that sometime we see our past lives in our dreams that's why in some dreams we know that's us but we don't look like ourselves.

This was a very good read indeed. I hope you and your family will be safe. God bless you -notjustme
Narella (guest)
9 years ago (2013-10-04)
I'm so sorry you and your family are experiencing this. You mentioned the attic a couple of times. I'm wondering if a negative entity has found its way into your home through the attic. A cleansing and/or blessing of the house would probably be a good idea. I hope things become more peaceful soon.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
9 years ago (2013-10-04)
Andromeda - wow, I was caught by the very beginning of your story. I know how helpless it is to have a child experience night terrors and all you can do is hold them and cry. My daughter was 5. It was horrifying for all of us😭

Got some questions here, okay? You mentioned reaching out to a paranormal team. Did you ask them to come to your home? Have you considered a cleansing?

I agree with you and your husband about the man trying to show his death and using your husband to do it. That could/would explain a lot of the experiences. I'm kind of on the fence about it being all of them though.

I always hesitate to say I enjoyed reading an experience like this because it's not a "good" experience, but this truly had me wrapped from the beginning to the end. I hope you and your family are able to help the man who was murdered find peace. I also hope you are able to rid your home of whatever else may be there that isn't so nice.

Thank you for sharing your family's experiences with us.

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