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7 Times Pull My Feet, Still Happening Today


I will make my story short so you are not reading all day.

My brother passed away in July 2020. After he passed away, say about a month later I was visited in my dream by what appeared to be him. He said, "Bruce come see where I am at, its a great place", and started to pull my feet.

I said, "Skip, I need to accomplish more on earth,, I will see you again. But for now I need to stay here." He smirked at me like he usually does, and went away as I woke up...

The next time was about 2 weeks latter, this time I saw it was my brother, and he kept pulling on my ankles, saying, "this way." And I woke up again.

I put salt in front of my door. That didn't help, and until this date of Feb 16 2023, some thing is still pulling at my feet.

On the 3rd time, it was a dark figure in the shadows pulling at my feet, until I kicked it off and woke up.

On the 4th time, I was sleeping, I heard my brothers wife, who also passed away 6 months after my brother. And she punched me in the chest while I was sleeping and my winter coat that I had on exploded like a jet blast had hit it.

A small back story to this; she told me on the phone after my brother had died she wanted to punch me in the chest for not visiting my brother while he was dying. Although I drove all night to see him from Vegas to Colorado Springs, I could not muster the courage to see another brother dying. This was my second brother to pass away, there are 4 brothers and one sister. I spent the night at the hotel and made a round trip back to Vegas. So my sister in-law got her revenge. I was a wreck... Till this day I am getting my ankles pulled, and some times even when I am awake the entity is still trying to drag me to hell, I'm guessing.

It just happened a few days ago, it was a struggle to get the entity off of me. I am 70 years old and afraid to go to sleep. I also live in a well to do old folks neighborhood, where, in order for a house to go up for sale, usually some one has died in it. These home are 22 years old. So that might have some thing to do with it, but the first 2 times it was my true brother pulling at my feet.

But when I told this story, other people have told me it might be evil entities posing as my brother and not to go with them. I am strong enough still to oppose these entities so at times they leave me alone. And this is my first time with evil spirits, I am still afraid to go to sleep because I will never know when they come back. They only pull my feet, and once my sister in-law punched me in the chest like she said she was going to do.

It's all very freakish living in this house for the last 3 years. Any ideas? It's 12:50am,, and I look at the clock every night,, getting anxiety waiting to go to sleep. I usually don't go to sleep until I can not stay awake.

Any help? I won't burn sage because it smells like pot. Salt doesn't make sense to me, telling them to stay away works for a while. My occurrences are around 3am to 4am.

Thanks for reading.


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x21bafraid (1 stories) (5 posts)
1 year ago (2023-03-22)
Pelatiah Thanks for the comments, since my last post I have no attacks on my feet. I have told this spirit to leave and you are not welcome here. Its really hard for me to write this because I am a skeptic of every thing. I belong to UFO groups, but until one lanes in front of me, I am afraid its just a evening out. My friend and I had a mutual observance of a spirit on his EVO devise where the energy level spiked into the 5 and 6 range,, which was very high, as we both sat, a cold wave of energy passed through both of us and discharged our phones and made them flash at the same time. I am afraid what ever that entity was, it attached itself to me that day. I have considered moving, but looking into a medium first. Thanks for replying.
Pelatiah (4 stories) (75 posts)
1 year ago (2023-03-08)
Hey,let's not speak too soon about the dying stuff. I'm 62 with two still in high school!

Aside from the ghost with a foot fetish, are your surroundings ok? Perhaps the ghost has just noticed that you're a little more fun than the other residents & wants some attention? Have you perhaps tried to change apartments? Perhaps it's not that style of place. If it is though, and you continue to have problems, I would try to move.
x21bafraid (1 stories) (5 posts)
1 year ago (2023-03-05)
Hello all, today is March 5 2023 and I have asked this evil spirit to leave my house. Since than its been quite, but in the past I have asked it to leave and it works for a month,, than back again. Like I said, who makes this stuff up. So I will see how long this last. This house is for the elderly to move in and die in, I am 69 elderly as well but fit as a 20 year old, perhaps since this was designated as a 55 plus community, and only old dying people occupy these homes, perhaps this evil spirit does not want to leave earth or this home. Thus he is always trying to pull me out of his bed. The attacks are some times more violent, even if I wake up, still some thing is pulling my ankle,, I still have to kick at it to get it off. I am creating my own movie I think,, thanks for all your advice. March 5 2023
CrimsonTopaz (1 stories) (239 posts)
1 year ago (2023-02-28)
x21bafraid, My sincere condolences go out to you on the loss of your brother and sister-in-law. I'd be interested to know how the cleansing is working for you. My sister swears by it. Also have you visited your brother's grave? You shouldn't feel guilty. Don't put yourself down. You can still talk to your brother and say a little prayer. (You mentioned you're a Methodist) I don't know how different that is to my religion, but it makes me feel better when I say a little prayer. I've read all the comments and you've got a ton of great advice from cleansing, seeing a doctor for your sleep issues, to contacting a clairvoyant. It must be very difficult for you. Hopefully it all stops and the entity moves on. Maybe tell the entity it's not invited to stay and to go to the light. Keep us posted. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Pelatiah (4 stories) (75 posts)
1 year ago (2023-02-21)
I could not agree more with LostVoyage!

Great response... Hope things will get better for you, sir! I'm so sorry for your loss.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (248 posts)
1 year ago (2023-02-18)
Hello X21bafraid, thank you for sharing your story.

I don't believe the entity plaguing you is your brother or his wife. You may have in your posts identified the entity attached to you and using your own thoughts and feelings against you.

Unless a person's spirit remains earthbound, they return to their true form/essence. This means your brother understands full well why you couldn't be there for him as did his wife. I believe perhaps the first night, when your brother wanted you to see where he was, it was truly him and he wasn't there to take your life but to reassure you he's OK.

Now I'm going to deduce (and I'm not trying to second guess you) that you have a good deal of guilt and unresolved emotions regarding your brothers death and those others you've lost. Rest assured my friend, you have no reason to feel guilty. You did the best you could in that situation, it's hard, many people lose others in life that it becomes hard to truly integrate and deal with yet another death, when they haven't moved passed the others. I do know, as I lost 3 relatives in one week during a blizzard no less when I was younger.

If you read many stories on here, people rarely pass with someone else in the room with them. It does happen yes, but so many report leaving the room for only a few minutes to get some fresh air or a drink and when they return, the person's gone. It's not likely even had you gone that you would have seen him pass. Perhaps it hasn't occurred to you, but maybe that feeling of needing to turn around and go home rather than proceeding with seeing him in his final moments was actually him not you? If you think about it, you were brothers, very close, he had one of your kidney's! You both are so interconnected that maybe, just maybe he knew that you couldn't handle it, and that he didn't want you to see him that way and so it was his idea transmitted to you to return home without seeing him!

Grief takes time, people have to process it in their own way. There is no one way of doing it or a certain time frame it must be accomplished in. You're only human my friend. It would be in your best interest to come to terms with everything you've been through and release that guilt. That will help this entity release it's hold on you.

It seems that this entity knows your guilt and is masquerading as your brother and his wife. It knows she was angry with you and the threat of punching you as well as knowing that your brother came to see you, and is using that mixed with your guilt to mess with you for it's own purposes.

Certainly seeing a medium could help identify the entity and cleanse you of it. Cleansing the home (there's a process for doing it on this web site that I can direct you to) or saging it (there are pleasant sage sprays you can purchase that have the same effect as burning it) will help as well, but if you don't process and release the emotions and guilt that help feed it, there's always the chance it can return.

I'm hoping this helps and gives you some piece of mind. Seeing it from a different perspective, if you stop feeding it, it will leave to find another source and not return. This is also about your life and moving on, you have nothing to feel guilty about. It is something only you can accept and I believe when you're ready, visiting your brother's grave will provide closure for you.

Good luck and stay well!
x21bafraid (1 stories) (5 posts)
1 year ago (2023-02-17)
When I make it through the night sleeping, I feel good. But when I get jilted out of my wits,, kicking my feet and trying to get that evil entity off of me,,, I some times can never go back to sleep, I indeed will check on a clairvoyant and cleansing of the house., I mean who could ever make this stuff up.

Thank you,,

Bruce B
Rajine (14 stories) (811 posts)
1 year ago (2023-02-17)
Hi again x21bafraid

That is also a possibility, some other entity latching on to you.

A friend once told me, that it's not always wise to go looking for the paranormal or supernatural because we will never know what we will find.
x21bafraid (1 stories) (5 posts)
1 year ago (2023-02-17)
Thanks Rajine... I will look into those type of people for a better understanding of these experience. I might want to add, I was involved with a UFO/Orb group, in Vegas about this same time period, and one night, my friend and I were at this site called the Valley of the Orbs in Vegas. Its just a name where we get a lot of emf high readings. Well at one point it was just me and him for the rest of the night, as the rest of the crew left because it was cold at 1am. We get a alert on my emf machine and its a high reading right where we were sitting, next thing a blast of arctic ran through the both of us, causing our phones to flash bright, and discharge. And the weird sensation of some one walking through the both of us, we both felt the same experience. I have a theory that what ever that was, it attached it self to me,,, and so far as even a few days ago, it still with me. Since that night my friend and I have not been looking for spirits again. So that might be another explanation. Thanks Bruce B
x21bafraid (1 stories) (5 posts)
1 year ago (2023-02-17)
Hello Lady Glow,, thanks for taking time to read my story.

As for visiting my brothers grave, no I have not yet, but I am planning to as soon as the weather breaks in Buffalo, I owe him that much. We were best of friends, that's why it was so hard to see him pass. And also he had been sick his entire life until Covin did him in, I am sure that he wanted me not to see him dying that's why he came to me. 10 years ago I donated a kidney to him, so that might have some thing to do with all of this. I will explain to him at the grave why I did not go, I am a emotional man, and although I dove day and night to see him, I couldn't and the fact that his wife said, he had gone blind as well, I could not bear the emotional trauma. She also stated, Skip said, he did not want to die and was afraid to die. That's why she was mad at me and stated she wanted to punch me,, I also have videos of entity orbs in my bedroom. Even one orb that is 2 orbs attached to each other as I believe that is them. Yes there was a religious service as we are Methodist. I came across you site quite by accident, I am glad you guys are good enough to respond. I will seek help with sleeping through my regular doctors, I still get my 8 hours of sleep even if I have to stay in bed until noon... I know the value of sleep. You are right my story is disturbing, so much I don't want to put the trail cam up any more to catch any more entities floating above my bed. And perhaps this house is just haunted. Its in a retirement village so you have to be at least 55 to be here,, and every one around me is 70 years old. I am in fair health, I play tennis exercise and been in the gym since I was 18. But this is a real story, who else would take this much time to write this? Thanks for listening, it might be subconscious why I am guilty of not visiting my brother on his death bed that is making all these entities feast on my fears.

Thanks again it feels good to talk to experts...

Bruce B
lady-glow (16 stories) (3159 posts)
1 year ago (2023-02-16)
I'm sorry for your loss.

Hi BB and welcome to YGS.

I find your story disturbing, yet fascinating. Although I think it is paranormal in nature, in my opinion, it would be important to seek the help of a therapist and/or a doctor specialized in sleep disorders.

It is known that negative entities feed on negative emotions, and the anxiety and fear you're feeling before going to sleep must be like dessert to whatever it has been bothering you.

"It just happened a few days ago, it was a struggle to get the entity off of me"

It is possible that this particular experience was an episode of sleep paralysis, exacerbated by anxiety and lack of sleep, that's why I think it's important to look for professional help.

The way your brother said "Bruce come see where I am at, its a great place" is reassuring, in my opinion, he wasn't trying to take you from this realm, but wanted to show you that he is in a better place and circumstances than the ones he was at before his passing.
As for your sister in law, I'm under the impression that punching you on the chest was a sort of unfinished business at the moment of her passing.

You don't have to answer the following questions but, have you visited your brother's grave? Have you explained to him the reasons that prevented you for going to the hospital? Was there a religious service during his funeral.

If not, perhaps going to the cemetery and talking to him as you would have done it in life would help, though I'm not sure he's the one causing the disturbances, I think doing this could help you to feel better.

"Till this day I am getting my ankles pulled, and some times even when I am awake the entity is still trying to drag me to hell, I'm guessing."

In my opinion and as I said before, this is the way the entity is making you feel afraid and feed from your fear.

It would be a good idea to ask for religious help, or try a cleansing/blessing of your house that doesn't involve burning sage. Candles, crystals and holy water are other good options.
If your brother practiced a religion in life, have a service offered on his name.
Also, before going to bed, talk to whatever it's in there in a respectful but firm way, telling them that they do not belong in this plane and this is your space and have to respect it and not to touch you again.

Good luck and keep us posted.
Rajine (14 stories) (811 posts)
1 year ago (2023-02-16)
Hi x21bafraid

I have to agree with the people who told you that it could be evil spirits pretending, they are possibly feeding of your guilt, I'm guessing.

Perhaps a clairvoyant or psychic reading will be able to help you.

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