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Death Or Shadow


I was 13 years of age when I experienced my first ghost. I was at my grandma's house about to celebrate by uncle's birthday. Let it be known that it was during the day around 1:30 pm. My aunt had gone to go buy food to celebrate my uncle's birthday.

When she arrived at my grandma's house I went outside to help her. She told me to go through the living room, but I had told her that I would go around through the right side of the house, to the back through the kitchen door. I saw my aunt go through the front of the door and as I was about to walk to the right hand side of the house to the back door to the kitchen, I heard a mumble as if someone or something was trying to get my attention. As I turned my head to see to the left side of the house, that is when my whole body froze.

I saw what looked to me as death. It was a tall person floating, dressed all in black with a hood, but thank God it never turned. As all of this is happening my legs started shaking and I was speechless. As I turned to the back of the home towards the kitchen door, the ghost started to mumble again, but this time I heard the voice louder in the ear as if whatever it was, wanted my attention again. At this point I did not want to turn to the side of the house to see the dark shadow. As I made myself strong I saw that it was disappearing until I did not see it anymore.

Recall it was daylight. Then my uncle came outside and he asked me if I was ok. I asked him to see if there was a person walking on the left hand side of the house to the back. He went to go check and he told me that there was no one. So then I asked if he was sure, as I was in shock he told me, "I am sure, no one is there". As I went to the back of the house I started knocking like crazy for someone to open the door. My Mom finally opened the door and the first thing she said was, "Are you ok? You look very pale." I told her that I would tell her what I had seen.

Many years later one of my cousins' wife witnessed the same thing on the same side of the home, but this time during the night. Every time I go to my grandma's home I wonder if I will ever encounter it again.

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TRUCK (25 posts)
9 years ago (2013-10-16)
Guessing this wasn't Death being as no one died and has been witnessed by somone else.

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