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The Haunting: Part 1


My home is located in the woods on a private road in Callao, Va. Located on this road close to my home is an old cemetery. This cemetery is knows as The Dungan Cemetery (pictures available on I've lived in my home since October of 2005. I knew about the cemetery before moving to my home but I was never bothered by it. Cemeteries do not scare me.

About early February 2010 I noticed an older gentleman working on the cemetery. The cemetery had been unkempt for many years and was in much need of restoration. My neighbor told me that the gentleman was a member of the Dungan family. I thought it was nice that he was caring for his ancestors' resting place.

It was about 2 weeks after this gentleman started working on the cemetery that strange things started happening in and around my home. Around the first of March we had a heavy snow. One night my husband fell asleep in our bedroom. My son and daughter were sleeping on the couches (they choose to) and I was laying in my son's room (the bed in my bedroom hurt my back). It was about 10 pm and I was getting tired so I turned the TV off so I could sleep. I'm lying in bed trying to relax when I hear footsteps outside my window. The sound of crunching snow. I got nervous. I peeked out of the blind and saw nothing. It freaked me out so I got up in a hurry and slept in my own bedroom with my husband. Feeling safe, I was able to sleep.

The next day my sister decided to come over and take my kids out for a while. My husband and I had a day to ourselves and we lounged around the house. Around 3 pm we were in our bedroom. I was folding the clothes and he was helping me put them away. We were standing by the bed when we both heard what sounded like loud footsteps coming up our front porch. My husband said to me, "The kids are back." He went to open the front door for them and no one was there. He was baffled but shrugged it off. I didn't think much of it either. That night everyone was sleeping in the same places they were the night before. I'm lying in my son's room watching the TV and I see a clear black shadow walk from left to right in front of the TV. The bedroom door was open. It was like the shadow walked in, walked past me and out of the wall that led outside. I knew then that there was something much more than just odd occurrences going on.

The next 10 months would be much more intense and very terrifying for me.

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spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-15)
Hearing footsteps is scary enough. Not knowing if its someone lurking around your home. Now the shadow, would have made me run out screaming! Did you? I'm going to read the rest of the haunting parts! Great one by the way!

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