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Full Apparition In My Bedroom


Lately I have noticed that my bedroom has gotten colder. It stays chillier than the other rooms. My husband says it's no big deal and I thought so too until January 30, 2014.

I was sitting on my bed with the lights off late in the evening. The only light in the room was from my laptop and the television. I was playing on my laptop when I noticed an odd black shadow go over my lap and to the side of the bed. I sat up right in a hurry looking by the side of the bed but I didn't see anything. I brushed it off and thought maybe it was the reflection of the television. I got comfortable and continued to play on my computer when about 10 minutes later there was a man standing by my bed and he flung his left arm towards me as if he was trying to get my attention! His body was shadowy but I could tell he was a thin white man. I gasped and jumped and so did he. As he jumped back he disappeared! My first thought was "What did I just see!"

I took a minute to take in what had happened and while I was thinking about it I realized that the man resembled the same man that I had seen in my living room in 2010. It became obvious to me that this man was trying to get my attention to see if I could see him. I had told the apparition that I had seen in 2010, not to bother me anymore and he hadn't since.

It may have not been the same person but it was a ghostly person nonetheless. No one else in my household has paranormal experiences. Just me. Not just in my home but in random places at random times. This makes the 4th apparition that I have seen since 2010. I'm not afraid and I am getting used to it. I just wanted to share my story.

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triden07 (70 stories) (279 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-13)
Hi shhh_im_sleeping

I think the overall feeling is that this entity is not negative or harmful in any way. I have learnt from experience that a person can co-exist with spirits without feeling the need to drive them away, although I do not see as you do, yet.

He really did seem very surprised that he actually caught your attention, I don't think he was expecting you to see him. A little part of me actually hopes he breaks through and let's you know why he is hanging around you. Hopefully its nothing bad.
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-12)
Shh_im_sleeping, wow! It doesn't seem to want to harm you or scare you in any way. This is incredible really. Because if it were me seeing a full bodied apparition I would have jumped and flew out of my room. Your much braver than I.
catluv (1 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-12)
Hi there.
I know how it feels to be the only one seeing things.

As long as this figure isn't harming you in any way it should be fine. But don't be afraid to have the house blessed by a priest!
God bless!
Griff84 (5 stories) (289 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-12)
Hi shhh_im_sleeping, seems like this man got as much of a fright as you did when you saw him 😁

Do you think this is the same entity that you have seen in your bedroom / bathroom, and that you experienced whilst in the shower? Its clear he is trying to make contact, and he does not seem negative at all... How curious.

Do you recognise him at all?


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