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The Haunting: Part 3


It's now July 4, 2010. Everyone everywhere is celebrating Independence Day! My husband and kids wanted to go to his friend's house to celebrate that evening. I have social anxiety. I get nervous when I'm in crowds or around people, I don't know. My husband is aware of my anxiety disorder so he wasn't surprised when I opted out of going with them.

I stayed home and worked on selling items on Ebay. I keep my Ebay items in my son's room so I was in there with my laptop working. Around 8 pm I heard what sounded like someone come in the front door. I thought it was my family coming home early so I didn't pay much attention. I heard a little bit of walking but no talking. I sat on the bed waiting for my husband to come in the room and speak to me and he never did. I got up to see what they were doing and no one was there! I looked out the front door and his truck was still gone. I started to panic. Who in the Hell was in my house? I walked cautiously throughout the rooms and found no one. I called my husband and asked him where he was. He said he and the kids were still fishing with his friends. I freaked out on the phone. I told him I heard someone walk in through the front door. He asked me if I was sure. "Of course I'm sure!" I replied. Hearing the door open when someone comes in is a sound I hear daily. It's not a sound you're supposed to hear when no one else isn't home.

I waited for them to come home before I went to bed because I was scared. I decided not to sleep in my son's room anymore. I was now going to sleep in my daughter's room. She had a full sized bed in there from when my mother in-law lived with us.

My family comes home and gets settled into bed. I left the kitchen light on because I was scared. My daughter's bedroom looked directly into the living room and kitchen so having that light shine into the room made me feel better. I'm lying in her bed just about to go to sleep when I hear a loud "knock" on the wooden head board above my head. My eyes popped open and I took off out of that room in a hurry! What had happened earlier still had me paranoid and I wasn't taking any chances. I slept in the bedroom with my husband that night.

One day the following week my husband was working and my sister had taken my son with her to her house. It was my day off and I decided to spend some time with my daughter. Around 4 or 5 pm I was in my bedroom folding up clothes as usual and my daughter was sitting on the living room floor watching Dora. I heard the font door open and Katie said, "Daddy's home." I said OK. A couple of seconds later Katie ran into my bedroom and said she couldn't find her Daddy. I didn't know what she was talking about. I went out into the living room and the front door was open just a crack. I looked out the front window and my hubby's truck wasn't there. Katie kept saying that she thought it was her Daddy but she couldn't see him. I asked her what she saw. She said she was sitting on the floor when she saw the front door open and saw a boot. She said she looked towards the door and saw boots walking in so she thought it was her Dad. When she got up to greet him he wasn't there. There was no one there. I called my husband. He said he stopped by my sisters to pick up my son and was up the road talking to our neighbor.

At that moment I made it my business to figure out what was going on in my home. I sought help from a spiritual healer in our town. I told her about all the weird things that were happening since March. She told me that when someone disturbs a cemetery that it could "wake up" the spirit (s).

I started researching the Dungan Cemetery on the internet. I saw pictures of the 4 headstones located on the property, their names and their relationship to each other. One name stood out to me. An 18 year old boy named Fernando. The voice I had heard in June outside sounded like a young man.

A few nights later, after investigating the cemetery, I was sitting in my bedroom on the bed. My husband and kids were in the living room watching TV. A heavy feeling was noticeable in the bedroom. I felt like I wasn't alone. I got up enough nerve to say out loud, "Fernando, is that you?" Immediately after I asked that question there was clear knocking on my bedroom window beside me. My bedroom window is a good 6 or 7 foot high from the ground. The sound was coming from outside and you would need either a ladder or have to be 6 foot tall and really strain to reach to knock on that window. I ran out. I told my husband I was going to try to sleep in my daughter's room again. I did and I slept well.

I woke up the next morning feeling good and a little silly that I'm letting my paranoia get to me. I put my left hand under my pillow to get comfortable and I felt "something" pull on my fingers! It was a cold, clammy feeling! I jerked my hand back and got up out of bed in a hurry. I realized then that I wasn't in bed alone! I felt like I couldn't go anywhere or do anything without being watched or touched. My husband thought I was losing my mind. My daughter was becoming more aware of the strange feelings and occurrences in our home and luckily my son was unaware of all of it. My home was no longer my safe haven.

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