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The Haunting: Part 4


It's Saturday, August 28, 2010. My husband and son decided to go to MD and spend the night working on his parents' home with his brother. I worked from 9-5 that day and my husband's aunt was baby-sitting my daughter. I went to her house after work and picked up my daughter.

She fell asleep on the couch around 8:30 pm. I turned the TV off in the living room but left the kitchen light on for her. I had my bedroom light on and was sitting on my bed playing with my laptop with the TV off. From where I was sitting I could see directly into the living room. Everything was quiet and calm until around 10:30 pm when something in the living room caught my attention. It was an apparition of a man!

Standing in front of the wall facing towards me was a figure. A light greyish transparent figure. I could not see a face. All I saw was from the neck down. From where he was standing he looked to be about 5'8" or a little taller. He had no shirt on because the kitchen light was reflecting off of his collar bone. He had on a pair of blue-jeans and boots. For some reason the belt on his jeans stood out. I stared at this image for what felt like forever trying to figure out what I was seeing. I said to myself, "That's an arm." Then I yelled out loud, "That's an arm!" and right then the apparition dissipated. I was stunned! I was scared! My first reaction was to run out into the living room and check on my daughter. She was fine. I kept replaying in my head what I had just seen. I honestly felt like I was losing my mind.

Around 12 am I was dead tired. I knew I had to go to sleep but I was so afraid. I dug up some courage to go lay down in my daughter's room. I kept saying to myself, "Get a grip! Your imagination is getting to the best of you!". I laid down in my daughter's bed and turned towards the wall with my back towards the door. Within a minute of turning towards the wall I felt "something" touch the back of my neck! It felt like an index finger poked the back of my neck! I ran out of the room and back into the living room with my daughter. I turned on all of the lights in the house and stayed up until I finally fell asleep. I awoke the next morning and I was fine and my daughter was too.

I didn't tell my husband when he came home that day. I didn't want anyone in my family to know what I was experiencing. I honestly felt like I was going insane. That Monday I made another trip to see the spiritual healer I had seen before. I told her what happened. She said that I needed to get brave and have a talk with this spirit. I needed to let him know that he wasn't wanted. I couldn't do that! What if I made him mad and he retaliated on my family or myself! I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. The anxiety I felt outside of my home was now the feelings I got from within my home. I was living everyday in fear.

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