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A Message From My Granddad


Sorry for the long-time-no-see period. I have had a hectic few months recently, and haven't really had time to share more of my stories.

This is because about a month ago my granddad passed away, and I'm writing this about him today. Not in a disrespectful way, but lately something strange and coincidental has recently occurred to me and my family. And my mum is certain she can feel him, and she is convinced we have had a sign from him.

My granddad, for about 10-15 years, has been very poorly. Over the years he would come to a point where he would not walk or go out anywhere. Recently, he would normally just sit in his chair and watch TV, have the family around, and go to bed as early as 6:00pm. I thought this really isn't the best way to live and, although I miss him, I am happy that he is in a place now, where he is not ill anymore, happy and free. And as some stories I have read, maybe he is a younger man too.

As some of you know, I have an auntie, Linda. Well, a couple of weeks ago she described her dream, and this was her dream in as much detail as I can. She was alone, in my grandma's house. Although she didn't feel alone, the presence she felt wasn't good or bad. She entered their bedroom, and looked outside of their window, which was parallel from the door. As she studied outside, Linda recognized the same street, neighbours, gardens. Needless to say, everything was the same from when she was younger. Then she looked towards to sky, it was night. But she remembered that it was daytime when she looked towards to houses, so she turned to the houses again and everything was lit up. I don't mean by the sun, I mean like an extremely white light was reflecting off mirrors. Linda said it was really hard to explain, but she said in her dream was four extremely bright reflected lights. Then it ended.

A week later we totally forgot about this, and mum and I went to a local garden centre. Halfway through shopping, my mum saw a very nice outside wall ornament. It was a beautiful branch with mirrors on the ends, which resembled flowers. In between the mirrors lay four candle holders. The next day she was sitting outside, not realising she was standing next to the ornament, my mum turned around and saw this, in which the mirrors where very brightly, reflecting the sun.

She didn't give this much thought until later, but then it hit her. As you would know from my other stories, my mum has three other siblings, Linda, Chris and Steve. My granddad used to always be annoyed and fed up from his son and daughters fighting and hating each over. My mum thinks this is a message from my granddad, the four candle holders resemble mum, Linda, Chris and Steve. But the really bright lights in the dream and my mum's ornament are still being wondered.

Then there's another coincidence. This is a very recent story. We were at grandma's house the other day and it also was my granddad's birthday (later we went to his grave). Out of the blue my mum and dad had the urge to tidy up in granddad's office. In the office she found her old t-shirt she always used to wear. Along with her t-shirt was a birthday card from Linda's friend, must of been about 30 years ago, and in the card the woman wrote about how much she loved his tomato plants he grew, and if he had time, he could grow her some more. The day they found him in his bed dead, the same woman wrote grandma a letter, and she said the one thing she could remember about him was his beautiful tomatoes. Also there was a picture, and in that picture was a beautifully laid out garden of his favourite flowers- Chrysanths. He used to grow the biggest ones throughout the country, and people two hours away would travel to him just to buy his beautiful flowers. We also remembered we had just bought Chrysanths for his grave.

Thank you for reading my story. I know this isn't a proper ghost story, I'm still waiting for the day when I see him, but felt this was very coincidental. I will be writing the other stories soon! Leave your comments below, thanks.

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BadJuuJuu (guest)
10 years ago (2013-11-06)
The thing about communication from relatives, it isn't always obvious. Coincidences and subtle messages are just as profound and meaningful as seeing our passed loved ones. ❤

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