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Dopplegangers Of My Family


My family live in the other part of my house. One of my granddaughters sleeps in my bedroom because she doesn't have a room of her own. One morning in September of 2013, I awoke when I heard my doorknob rattle. I looked up and there in the doorway was my son-in-law standing with a blank look on his face motioning with both hands to come here. Well, because I had just woke up and was kind of scared of what I saw, I didn't get up to follow and covered my head. I lay there for fifteen minutes and uncovered my head thinking I should look at the clock and see what time that happened. It was 7 a.m. I told everyone about it and they asked my son-in-law when he came home from work if it was him. He said he did not open our bedroom door and motion to me.

This is the second time I saw a family member. I saw my granddaughter at the foot of my bed but it wasn't her (she is living) and now I saw my son-in-law in the doorway (he is still living).

I want to submit my ghosts that I caught on my webcam motion sensor in 2006 but I must first get a copyright. I notice in the video, when I use a magnifier that there are two figures. One of a little boy and he is in front of a taller little girl. The magnifier brings out more and I think I see puffy sleeves on the little girl and beads on her clothes. My daughter notices bunnies in the video. The little girl turns her head toward the living room when my husband rocks in his chair. Then she turns her head back around and disappears. I could have been discouraged and deleted that video too when I didn't find anything on the other motion sensor videos but I'm glad I watched all the way through the last one. I will submit this video later.

I believe I saw the little girl before I caught this video of her. I was sitting in my chair (this was years ago), I was alone in the living room. I was leaning to the side with my elbow on the arm of the chair and my chin resting on my hand. All of a sudden, right next to me, I saw the most beautiful long golden curls beside of my face. It startled me but it didn't scare me. I feel that the ghost of a girl I caught in the computer room was the same little girl that came up beside me while I was sitting in the chair. But that time I saw the color of her hair.

I will even tell of the time when I heard and saw a little girl giggle when I woke up in my chair in the living room. That story will come later.

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