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This story is about the experiences we had in my apartment somewhere in Pasig City. I am living with my cousins (1 male and 1 female) and sometimes my parents will just visit me anytime they want. By the way, we live in a compound, which means we have neighbors. There are 6 other units, 5 are being occupied and one unit is vacant in front of my unit.

Early this year my cousin (male) decided to have a vacation here in Pasig (he lives in the province), but he is used to staying here in Manila as he has been going here back and forth. I work in a BPO industry so that means I leave the house at night since we cater customers in the US. He was alone that time I left and was just waiting for my other cousin (female) which will arrive from school. I only have one room which we have double deck and we have a mattress which is being used outside in the living room for my cousins as they say it is much comfortable sleeping in the living room and there is enough space there.

So when I arrived home he told me that he thought I didn't go to work since he saw a man sleeping on my bed that night but he then realized it was not me as the hair was long and was just showing his back, facing the wall then all of a sudden it was gone. And at the same time that night he saw a lady outside the screen door looking inside the house for like 2 occasions but he just ignore it. That's the time he realized we have unseen entities in our house.

He then asked the neighbors about what he saw. He was told that there was an old man found dead (due to heart attack) under the elevated part of the house (the house is elevated so there is a space under the bedroom that anyone could go there anytime they want). My neighbors told my cousin that the old man died because he was not allowed to go inside the house because he went home late that time, so he decided to just stay under the bedroom (on the very spot he was found dead).

My neighbors also said that the place where we live used to have lots of trees, tall grasses, but of course the owner of the lot wanted to earn money so they decided to build apartments (apartment here in the Philippines can be like a bungalow time or only 1 floor).

We were talking about that and my other cousin (female) then told us her experiences too.

There was this time when she went home late from school and she saw an old man just right outside the house sitting on a couch (I have couch just outside the house) coughing and it was not just her who saw the old man but also our neighbor. My neighbor told my cousin, "Did you see that?" My cousin replied, "Yes, I can see him too" and the neighbor said you know him, and my cousin replied NO and all of a sudden the old man was gone.

There was this time also that she was watching TV and all of a sudden someone turned it off, she was alone that time. The remote control was on the table, no timer for the TV to be turned off.

The owner of the lot or compound is already dead and the one running the business is just the daughter which does not live in the compound, she is living in the nearby area of Pasig.

Two weeks ago my best friend and I decided to drink some beer. So, I invited him to go to my place. He was preparing something to eat for our drinking session (we haven't started drinking yet); as for Filipinos we call it "pulutan". He saw a man in the living room on a ducking position and was like laughing as he saw the shoulders moving. He didn't see the face as the man was just showing his back on him. My best friend can see ghosts; I just told him maybe he wants to join us. It was just me, my cousin (female) inside the room and my best friend during that time present in the house.

Last week (Sunday) me and cousin (male) decided to sleep in the living room, I was on the floor with mattress on it and my cousin on the couch. He was already sleeping and I am still awake and trying to sleep. I felt someone touch my waist. So I checked if it was my cousin that is messing with me but I found out that he was already sleeping. In the morning, I asked him if it was him who touched my waist as he does that to just mess with me and make fun of me and he said NO.

By the way, before sleeping we were watching TV and he said he saw a man just passed by and was already behind him. That was the time I realized it was one of the entities in the house. This cousin I am talking about can see ghosts too, but one thing he was afraid of was when he saw someone turned into a large dog and was looking straight at him but that happened where he works. He works in one of the Government Hospitals here in the Philippines as a Nurse. He knows he has this gift but does not want to entertain it, as he was saying if he will entertain one of them other souls will come to him too and won't stop until they get what they need.

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