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The Unknown So-called Friend


I have an unusual experience... This experience is so long that I had to break it apart in "7 stories". These 7 stories are the 7 experiences in total that I had with my so-called Unknown friend.

These stories happened when I was in High school in Canada. I was 18 years old at that time. Since I'm a shut-in person, I don't really like to go outside the house to have fun like other teenagers. I'm content and happy to just stay in my room watching dramas, anime, or playing video games. I wouldn't go outside unless my friends invited me to go somewhere with them. Sometimes they would offer me to eat my favourite food just to make me go outside.

My parents are always at work during day, so after school I'm by myself at home until 9pm when they get home. Even weekends they have work so I'm all alone the whole day.

STORY 1: November 2014 - 3pm

Just got home from school. No one's home. Removing all the clothes, leaving only underwear, I'm preparing to change clothes, when I heard the front door being open then close, and heard footsteps walking on the wooden floor coming to where my room is. Thinking it was my dad coming home early from work, I immediately close the door of my room which is open by then, and get the bathrobe to cover myself. While getting out, I just shout and said, "Hey dad, you're so early today huh?" But, when I went out of the room, to the living room, and to the entrance door... There's no one there.

STORY 2: November 2014 - 3pm

Just got home from school. After I change my clothes, I have a hobby of cleaning the house as my daily basis like doing dusting, vacuuming, washing dishes, and so on, before I go back to my room. While washing the dishes in the kitchen, alone in the house, I started talking to myself about a bunch of stuff happened to me that day. Like, I would said, "I should have ask (name of a friend) to go with me tomorrow" or "I have a feeling I got a pass score on my test this morning". It was kind of a hobby to talked to myself loudly when I was alone. While washing the dishes, I saw a shadow of a person in my back moving, in front of me. The light in the kitchen is at my back above me. So when I face the sink, I will see a grey shaded of my own shadow in front of me. So when I saw a dark shadow moving in front of me, it immediately click to my mind that there's a person behind me. I hurriedly turned my head back but, there's no one there. I remember that time, I heard the sound of my heart beating fast. I then stop washing, leaving the dishes, there's still soap in my hand, and go to my room, open my laptop, connect it to my bluetooth speaker and play music in max volume then, go back to washing again.

STORY 3: November 2014 - 1pm in school (4th period class).

I was seating near the door. The door was close. We were watching movie, when the door knob suddenly moved (like someone wants to open it). I look at the teacher beside me, whose desk is also near the door, if he is going to open it, but not. The doorknob continue to move in 15-20 sec. But still, no one's standing to open it. I don't feel like opening it because I already know, that there's something wrong. After 5-8 minutes The door starts to move again, but this time, the force was so strong that the whole door was shaking. I look at my teacher again and classmates if they are seeing it but, they're still focusing in watching the movie. When I look back at the door, I heard a loud banging sound. It's like something was thrown to the door behind it. In my shock of hearing the loud banging, I accidentally push myself back from the desk in front of me, making my seat a loud noise from moving back. My classmate beside me call me "hey Glady, you alright, what happened?" I look at the door that stop moving, and then, look all of them, staring at me and said "yeah, I'm alright... I just fell asleep. Thanks"

STORY 4: November 2014

After what happened in school (story 3). I started talking to my friends about it, and they are the ones who gave me the idea that it might be an unknown friend. "We're going to your house today, we will see if your unknown friend is there" they said. 4 of my friends went to my house at 3pm after school. We stayed in my room. "what? Where is it? There's nothing here." my friends keep joking about my so-called unknown friend being not showing up. At 7pm, they went home after being picked up by 1 of my friend's parents. The next morning, when I went to school, they were rushing towards me panicking and said... "Glady, your friend, followed us last night." They said that when they're about to get in the car, when they open the door, my friends parents said, "where did you get Sampaguita?" They said that when they open the car door, the parents immediately smell a strong aroma of Sampaguita. It's winter, no flower will bloom, and we don't have sampaguita flowers at home. In Philippines, Sampaguita symbolizes purity, love, and hope. But in religious, there's a superstition that if you smell sampaguita flower even though you know there's no sampaguita there at all. It represent that there's a spirit following you.

STORY 5: November 2014 - 9pm

I was in my room, calling my grandmother in the Philippines who lives in Aklan. I was telling her the story about what was happening to me recently, about my so-called unknown friend. Then she advice me to burn a white paper in the fire with salt, and smoke the house while keep praying. We were still talking on the phone when,

"is there a child beside you?" asked my grandmother.

"There's no one here why?" I replied.

"I hear a child laughing. See? Right there. It's so loud"

"oh... I'm going to call again later granny.".

"ok. But don't forget what I told you."

Then the call ended. I sat on my bed, facing my laptop, thinking about what my grandmother said when I suddenly felt someone's breath, blowing my hair in the left ear. I felt chill and when out of my room. The same night, I told my parents all the story happened to me, and before going to sleep, my mother put up 3 rosaries blessed with holy water in my room.

STORY 6: November 2014 - 3pm

Just got home from school, alone in the house. I was lying in bed, looking at the ceiling and thinking back the things happened to me. When I started whispering, "I'm not talking to you anymore". I got up and then go to the washroom, looking myself in the mirror when I started saying again, "I don't like you whatever you are." Thinking back, I think I said that because so many things unusual have happened, I'm not comfortable anymore and I know, that something is in there. I got out from the wash room and was going to the kitchen to start washing the dishes when a tissue box fell in front of me. The tissue box is from the top of the cabinet in the kitchen. I need to walk across the cabinet to reach the sink to wash the dishes. I then pick the tissue box up and put it back to its place. When it happens, I decide to play some music to break the silence around the house. But when I was going back to my room to play a music, it falls again.

STORY 7 LAST: November 2014 - 3am

The night after story 6. I was sleeping in my bed, having a nice dream, when I suddenly woke up and saw 2 persons standing on my bed, beneath my feet. Because there's no light in the room, I can't see their faces, but I know that it was 2 guys. I was just going to scream when in just a mere second they're above me (it's like they teleported), holding both of my hands and mouth close to my face. I saw them clearly, there is no face, its all grey. And I don't know why but even though they're not holding my leg, feet, and body, I can't move. Then I started to feel I was pulling down in my bed, it's like there's a hole where I was lying. I keep calling my mom, whose in the next room but there's no sound. I keep resisting, it goes in 8-10 seconds, but when I started crying, I was so shock that they're just suddenly gone. It's like, I woke up in my dream then, woke up again. I then, slowly get up on the bed, turn the lights on, I don't dare to look back at my bed because I feel heat around my back. It's the feeling that someone is standing to your back to block out the air and just feel the body heat. My neck feels hot, even my ear feels hot. I got goosebumps all over my neck. I open the door of my room, got out, go to my parents room, and start crying. I spend the rest of the night sleeping with them.

Since then, my so-called unknown friend didn't show up. Nothing happens too. Back to normal.

In the last 7 story, I know that what happened to me is sleep paralysis. I often have that, but not to this extent that i'll cry running to my parents. I'm 18 years old that time.

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silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-07)
I am very much in agreement with Lealeigh on this one. I have my own thoughts on sleep paralysis. As for me, I always sleep with 3 large dogs in my room. This does wonders for my piece of mind. I am happy that you have stopped having these encounters. They do not have the earmarks of a bad or lucid dream but of a genuine preternatural event.
Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-06)
Hi FNoblesse,

I would like to preface my comment by saying that I believe you when you say that there are shapes in your house.

In my late twenties and early thirties, I never wanted to leave my house. All that I would ever do was go to work and come back and play video games.

I kept an immaculate house. In retrospect, I believe that I did that to make up for my other faults.

I am not an expert, but I think that the negativity that grows upon a person when they are a shut-in is a very fertile environment for paranormal activity.

It is good that you haven't seen your friend since your sleep paralysis episode. I wonder if you will ever find out if it is the little girl.

Sleep paralysis used to make me afraid. I have bern trying to train myself to dream lucidly for many years and these days, sleep paralysis does not scare me any more. I welcome it as I am aware that it is one of the necessary stages.

Thank you for sharing your story and best wishes, Maria ❤

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