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Unknown Maid's Room


This story I am about to share happened 6 months ago. We live in Pasig, Philippines now. The encounter happened in Gapan, Nueva Ecija.

We rented a house in Gapan for almost 2 years, it was a 4 story house. If I may add, it was only me, my mum and my youngest brother who's always at home since my dad was a Seaman during that time but he's retired now. The house was amazing, I got my own room at the 2nd floor also my mum and my youngest brother is at 4th (for some reason he's a loner). I have to say, 2 weeks before we move, for some reason things began to happen such as lights in the living room started to turned on by itself when nobody's around. Sometimes during at night, the television started to turned on by itself and what's weird about it, it's not even plugged. Everything that we have in the house is completely old. This television I am telling you, this was television that has it's sliding door and 9 channels I guess and it's not ours though.

One day, I came home from school my mum was shouting at my brother because of him being soooo lazy. She was like 'Wala kang katulong, kumilos ka!' (Get yo a$$ up in here and start working on what you need) and me being the eldest just ignored them as we barely see each other as he is always in his room and playing with his video game. I went inside my room and on my way to my room I have to go by our spiral steps and I can see whatever underneath it and I saw an old lady coming out from the room which I have no idea that we have rooms downstairs. I COMPLETELY just ignored it, I thought my mum asked some assistance from her friends and maybe what I saw was just a helper.

It was a weekend, I got all my stuff ready. I was looking for my Marshall Mode 3 earbuds and sometimes my brother keeps on just borrowing it without even asking me if he can. So I went to his room but before reaching his room, I saw the same old lady holding a dust pan and a broom and she was about to go downstairs and I just nodded and say hello to her and she didn't even look or nod when she saw me. (I was like, ooookkkaaaay?) and then just followed her as to where she is heading to. I saw her go inside a room that's underneath our stairs.

So, I just shrug it off and went to my brother's room and to my surprise, the door was not locked and the room is 101% clean, just want to share, not only because he's lazy and sometimes I really hate him, he never cleans, keeps his door locked and he doesn't want me in his room (so I was thinking that's maybe a 'MAID' I saw going to her room) I finally got my earbuds and went down because I have to get some snacks from the fridge and me being curious, I didn't know we have an extra room for maids/kasambahay.

3 days before we leave, I invited some of my friends to hang out and have a little bit of fun, 2 of my friends arrived early, and 4 of them arrived late and that was around 2:15AM. I can remember it because this is where things got creepy. I was looking for our bottle opener and I am sure it is there where I left them but it wasn't. Alright, just didn't mind about it. It was 4am and everyone of us was a little bit loud and we were at the living room almost near from the Maid's room and I was telling my friend to keep light as our maid's room was just beside us.

Mica said, "I didn't know you guys have maid", and I was like "me either. I just saw her like 2 days ago, maybe my mum hired her as a helper since we're moving." So, it was a wrap, we bid our goodbyes and me being drunk and tired, to my knowledge I just left EVERYTHING we used during that party and left it for our 'Maid' do it. This is me thinking we have maid. Next morning after our get together my mum was shouting and was cursing too as I left our living room completely a mess.

So, I hurried down, my brother too and get to see the mess we just made from the party and I gotta say it was double the mess I can remember we did. I was telling my mum I thought the helper will do it, she lives in this house too right, did you fire her or something? And my mom was 'What the hell are you talking about?' 'What maid you are referring to?' And I was shock that she was completely blank on saying that.

To be honest with you guys, I never attempted to check the maid's room but I am positive that I saw her go into a room underneath our stairs. So, I showed my mum as to where she is and to my surprise there's no room nor a door under our stairs and to be honest with you I felt like my feet is about to melt.

So, I cleaned all the mess that is in there to the point where I can't even move, but my mum was just there and my brother who is completely mocking me while I am cleaning.

This part right here is where I got alarmed. So, my mum asked us to come with her to get all her personal stuff like phones, money, and car key. She stopped me from cleaning, she said let's go and let's stay with your grandparents for the mean time. I really thought I am the only one who noticed it, but so did my mum.

She told me there was this one time, she was about to cook food for our breakfast she heard someone was washing the dishes she thought it was me but when she got into our kitchen no one was there, there was also this one time some of our kitchen stuff such as plates, cups, spoon and forks were missing and my mum found it somewhere inside the house. She also heard someone crying on the 4th floor during the afternoon and that was after us like bidding goodbye to the some of our friends and packing all of our stuff.

Lastly, on the 3rd floor she saw shadows from our stockroom like walking left and right and hear someone taking a bath during the early morning. We never knew what the history of the house all we know that it was only me, mum and my brother are in the house. That's it.

Can someone tell me what is that thing?

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valkricry (49 stories) (3268 posts) mod
2 years ago (2022-07-19)
Hi Chumamesha,
The word you are looking for is enthusiast. I think that counts for something. Just be careful. And no matter what anyone else says, if things get too intense or you start getting really bad vibes, it's ok to just nope yourself right on out of there.
chumamesha777 (1 stories) (3 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-19)
Hello The_Lost_Voyage_11,

Good observation. Thank you for reading my story.

There's a lot of questions we weren't able to ask the care taker, even the care taker wasn't aware about the happenings. I honestly forgot to ask the question if there were really a room on that spot but good question though.

We will definitely give update here regarding the investigation. We are not professionals but I am not sure if this is the right term to place it 'enthursiast'

Thank you.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (238 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-16)
Hello Chumamesha777, thanks for sharing! It sounds like an interesting series of encounters for sure, and has me wondering about who she is.

To answer your question, I am also in agreement that this sounds like a residual haunting, especially since she didn't seem to acknowledge you in any way. However the nature of the encounters may suggest something more than a residual haunting.

If you saw her going into some sort of room beneath the stairs, then there must have one time been a room or a closet in that location. When you spoke with the landlord you stated they were confused about the happenings, but did you ask specifically if there was ever a room or any kind beneath the stairs?

The key to all this and what tickles my mind is the so called room beneath the stairs, both times you saw her she was either coming or going from this location. If it's not residual then it's almost like she was revealing the previous existence of this room? Why?

To me I wonder also why this room no longer exists, if it was torn out or walled over, again why? Was it to cover something up? After all it makes no logical sense to just cover up a room that could be used unless it was to hide something or the room had been damaged badly or some such reason?

The history would be helpful, but may not be easy to find if something's being covered up here. If you could get your hands on the original blueprints/floorplans of the place depending in the age, that may reveal more if you can actually locate this room.

The only other questions I have for you, is was she dressed like maid, or did you assume because she was cleaning that she was a maid? What she was wearing, did you notice if the clothes were modern, or more dated? That may also reveal a time period for you to look into.

Anyways great story, I'll be curious as to what you turn up! Good Luck!
chumamesha777 (1 stories) (3 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-14)
Hello Rajine,

Thank you for reading my story. Honestly, I just had a conversation with our landlord about the house. They have no idea as to why there's an incident or happenings such as like that.

We will get to find that out. We'll have youtube videos for that.

Stay safe.
Rajine (14 stories) (771 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-13)
Hi Chumamesha777

It could be a resident spirit of a past owner/maid or a residual entity but from what you say it doesn't seem dangerous, it's just going about doing what it was doing when it was alive.
chumamesha777 (1 stories) (3 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-12)
Hi BaiAnina,

Thank you for reading my story, but hey, that would be a good idea. We are about to create a youtube channel regarding paranormal activity and we'll definitely visit the house again.

God bless ❤
BaiAnina (3 stories) (41 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-12)
Hello Chumamesha777, thank you for sharing your story.

That was creepy indeed...
Seeing as it was a rental house, it must've had some sort of history to it. Sounds like one of your classic residual hauntings to me. Did you ever ask your landlord about the history of the house? You might want to look into that. For fun, perhaps, since you don't live there anymore anyway 😆

That said, it seems like the old maid still dutifully looks after the house long after she passed. Maybe she wasn't even a maid, but someone who lived in that house way before you did and loved a clean and orderly home. It doesn't sound like a malevolent entity to me.

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