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Unknown Beings In Our House


Good day everyone, I have been reading on and off on YGS for a long time. I have a few experiences myself and I'm no stranger when it comes to the occult and paranormal activities. I believe there are beings around us that we can't see and I also believe that we need protection from the evil ones out there.

My friends call me D, I'm from the Philippines, I won't bother telling you how superstitious Filipinos are but I will cut to the chase. Our house has stood for more than 50 years, yup half a century. My grandmother and my uncle her 1st born son both died in the house. Grandma with a heart attack and my uncle who was gunned down. So to begin with the house has a lot of negativity already. I cannot recall my first encounter but here our my memorable encounters;

The crying woman. As me and my barkada (peers) use to hang on our house all the time, we might have disturbed it because we suddenly heard a woman weeping out of the blue and the sound was as if heart breaking, of course we all run out our gate and I opted to see them off and then realization hit me that I had to go back because that's where I live.

The headless specter. There was a recent construction in our area and the contractors decided to cut down an old tree beside our house. My mom, fiancée and I were supposed to go to the mall, me and my fiancée got out of the room, I was baffled as to why she ran out and started looking and calling out for my mom, she ask me "asan si Mama?" (Where is mama?) I answered she went upstairs to get dress. Then I called out to mom and she answered back, the reply sounded like it came from the bathroom (where she really is) then my fiancée started crying, she said she saw a headless thing go up the stairs as she when out our room. I confirmed to her that mom went upstairs long before we got out, my sister whose a reiki healer told us that the specter was probably passing through and must have come from the tree that was just cut down.

The crying babies. I slept alone one night and woke up at around 3am, at first I thought nothing of it but then as I lay there trying to get back to sleep I heard not one but what sounded like two crying babies at our backyard, my room is actually adjacent to the back yard at first I thought it was a cat but if it were cats my dog would have started barking because he really hates cats but instead he whimpered and hid himself between my legs. That's when I decided that this is no ordinary noise. It got louder and louder and a hugged my dog and pull my sheets over my head and force myself to sleep.

It was often said that our house was regarded as the haunted house of our street. There were a lot of people who I came across with looking at our house seemingly scared. Though I don't seem to see the entities myself but I can feel them and sometimes hear them, and I believe not all of them are bad because my sister told me that even though my guard dog died no one dared to enter our house because some of the entities are protecting the house.

I have a lot more stories to share about shadows, loud thuds, the howl, and the passing ladies. So until next time. Thank you for reading.

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CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-26)

Welcome to YGS. It sounds like your house is a bit active. I'm a bit confused on a few things you mentioned and I'm hoping you can clarify.

You stated that your home is 50 years old (that's not too bad, there are houses that have stood for well over 100 years 😊) and that your grandmother and uncle passed away there. Then you stated:

"So to begin with the house has a lot of negativity already." Negativity in what way? Is there any history associated with the area that would point to negative? Has your family (and ancestors) lived in the house since it was built?

Also, you mentioned that you and your peers were hanging out at your house and "...we might have disturbed it..." Disturbed what? The spirits? Were you doing something that would cause the activity in any way?

And finally: "It was often said that our house was regarded as the haunted house of our street." How were people made aware that your house was haunted? Again, does this have to do with any history regarding the location?

I apologize for all the questions, please know that it's common for members to ask for clarification to better understand your account. 😊

- Dee
Zaruje (15 stories) (182 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-25)
Hi! Just want to ask where your house is located? If it's ok for you to share it. I'm also a Filipino. And yep your story's interesting.

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