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My Great-grandmother Watching Over Us?


I have been reading the stories on this site for some time now and I finally decided to share my own experiences. No one in my family believes what I have seen except for my brother who is the only one apart from me who's seen/heard them too.

The house itself was built somewhere around the early 1900's, so it would be a bit over a 100 years now. I don't know much about the original owners of the house, but after that it was owned by my great-grandfather and great-grandmother.

To the point, ever since we moved into this house I've been suffering from a bad case of insomnia. In my teens I would sometimes lie awake until about 6am when the sun came up until I was able to sleep.

My first experience happened a few nights after we first moved in. I was then 7. I was lying awake when I suddenly heard a noise from the kitchen. It sounded like someone was moving the plates around in the cupboard. Now, from my room you have a clear view straight into the kitchen. At first I thought it was just my mother who had gotten up but as I looked, the kitchen was completely empty. This really frightened me as I've always been a believer, even back then.

I remember asking my mother about it in the morning but, like most parents, she just thought it was my imagination; however, I knew what heard and I know it was real. After this I seldom slept in my own room. I'd often sleep in my brother's room where I'd feel more comfortable not being alone.

On to my second experience, and this one is the one I'll always remember the best. I still remember it like it was last night. I could have been around 14 or 15 at this point. I got up somewhere between 12AM and 1AM feeling thirsty, so I went into the kitchen for a glass of water. The kitchen is sort of connected to the living room and from the living room you can see into the hallway, from where you can get into my parents' bedroom and the bathroom. So, I went up to get my drink, facing the living room. What I saw shocked me. It didn't really frighten me as much as it surprised me. Right by the hallway I saw a white shadow reflect itself in the living room floor. It appeared to be soaring in the air and it was moving towards my parents' bedroom. There was no way the reflection could have been anything normal like a car or anything passing by. The blinds were all shut and the floor doesn't even normally reflect things like that.

My third experience was a few years ago. I'd gotten home from college early that day and I was all alone in the house. Soon enough though I started to feel uncomfortable like there was something else there with me so I decided I might as well go visit my nan until someone else got back. I was just about to head towards the door in the hallway when I felt like I'd come face to face with something, or someone. It was a very strange but uncomfortable feeling, kind of like time had stopped for a while. I couldn't have left out the door even if I wanted to, it was like what was there in front of me was blocking me. I didn't get much out of it other than being certain it was female. It only lasted for a few seconds, although it felt like minutes. This was by far the scariest one out of all the times.

My last, and most recent, experience goes a few months back. By now I'd already moved out of the house but I was staying with my family over the holidays. I was watching TV with my little brother, the only one except for me in the family who believes in the stuff going on around the house. Soon there was a creaking noise as the cupboard doors were slowly being pulled open. I looked at my brother and he looked at me with the same surprised look. We'd both heard it and we were the only ones in the house at the time. My brother went to check it out and told me both doors were pulled open all the way.

From what I've experienced it does appear to be female. It could be my great-grandmother who died in the house from cancer. The white shadow I saw also looked much more like the shape of a woman than a man. However, she only seems to make herself seen/heard to me and my brother.

Other than these experience there has been the usual sounds of footsteps walking across the floor, having a strong feeling of someone standing behind you only to find out there's no one there etc. Being a part of the family I do think she's harmless, maybe more like she's watching over us? Still, it sure is uncomfortable. I do have more to share but I'll leave that for another story. Thanks for reading!

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