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Sleep Paralysis Over The Years


It has been some time since I had stopped having nightmares every night. Like the past few years, I can count on the tip of my fingers about the instances where I had seen such dark dreams that I used to get emotional the whole morning after waking up.

Maybe it has to do with a lot of things I had suffered throughout my childhood. Bullying in fact lots of bullying until 9th grade, getting diagnosed with PCOS patterns at 14 years old, negative body image, obesity, a lot of weight issues, in fact, migraine, and not-so-healthy familial relations. Maybe this post won't get published because this is not exactly a "paranormal story".

I have this vague recollection of being touched and a larger weight pressing upon my shoulder and chest for a longer period and felt someone was lifting me by my waist. I still remember being unable to move even a finger, and that I was awake yet unable to open my eyes. I don't have any recollection of whatsoever that happened after that. My mother told me that I woke up and told her the giant king is trying to take me. Then I went back to sleep.

Please be with me and bear some patience because going down this memory lane is taking a lot from me.

I had this incident again at a very tender age, where I went to this maternal relative's home in Kolkata. I don't remember the man's face or anything. All I remember are the touches. The man touched me in places he shouldn't have.

Now even though I left the city after that, I never had that urge to visit that city anymore. I went to the city every year during my summer break but it used to give me a headache to be around male relatives. I started having sleep issues.

Now coming to the topic of sleep paralysis. I don't know when was the first incident or how it started. But I remember having this nightmare during my 9th grade when I saw or rather felt pressure right against my chest. The pressure kept increasing to a point where it reached behind my neck and I couldn't move to come out of that state. After that night, I firmly told my father that I won't come back to the city anymore. I never told him my reasons for not liking Kolkata. Also somewhere down being the youngest of all paternal cousins, I used to get attention from all male and female cousins. I started hating that attention and being babied where getting touched even on my cheeks annoyed me.

Some of the sleep hag incidences occurred in Canada as well during my stay over there for four years. It always happened somehow whenever I was going through a ton of stress. I remember going through one of the most toxic relationships with a man who was almost 15 years elder than me. I always ignored the red flags in the beginning and ended up having anxiety and nightmares every day where I always was getting chased by dark shadows. Now to think of, somewhere down due to this and poor diet, I ended up having GERD. Nightmares every day, and sleep paralysis just got to another level This time, I started seeing actual forms of demons in my nightmares.

I remember during the time I was staying in Victoria in Canada, despite being a warm night, I was shivering the more I walked down the street of Verdier Avenue in Brentwood Bay. I was going to a resort where I did the night shift. I am sorry if I am not being descriptive right now and unable to tell you what exactly what I was going through. I only remember getting this feeling where I was getting followed on such a dark street. I kid you not, but I was indeed getting followed by something. I still don't know if it was a human or spirit or what. But there was this pit bull that used to always go mental at night and bark at people who walked across a stretch of the street near to the porch of the house where the dog's kennel was made. One cannot avoid that part of the street at all and not get the dog annoyed. He started barking at this shadow form which was walking first behind me and then it went ahead of me to avoid the dog. The dog got even more territorial and started barking. It ran across the road and came towards the shadow figure ahead of me. I thought the person is now going to get it. But no... The form disappeared out of nowhere right in front of me and the dog came to a standstill becoming as if confused. He kept looking in that particular direction and then saw me. I was getting annoyed by this time, but thankfully, a woman came in front of me and shooed away the Pitbull. I was scared by the sudden presence of the dog, and the vanishing act of that figure in front of my eyes.

After this incident, I still remember being so scared that when I was coming back in the morning, for the first time ever from being an insomniac, I became a person who mostly spends her time only sleeping. I slept for straight on 35 hours once on my two days off during this time when I was doing this job in Brentwood Bay. Blame it on the stress or job or whatever, I saw a green slimy demon with two big horns and malice in its eyes once in my dream. I still remember the dream even today as if I just had woken up and seen it. I saw a basement under a large Victorian era house, where one has to go through tons of stairs and then some hidden cellars to get into this underground level. The door was iron padlocked and someone opened it. Then I was pushed inside and saw this green slimy demon with big boils and blisters all over its body and it was covered with scales. I saw its black eyes and it just kept looking at me with such curiosity. I can never forget that gaze. It felt as if he is looking inside my soul, including my thoughts as well. I had this fear for the first time ever I had felt in a dream.

I had seen lots of nightmares and had sleep hag incidences as well, but the fear wasn't to this level. I felt a danger to my physical health as well. That fear went to such a level that when I woke up, I was frozen to a state where I was screaming for my brother who was in the other room. But no sound came out of my mouth. I realized after some time, that I am still screaming but it's going inside my mind. I, for the first time, felt tears rolling down my eyes in a dream. It never happened to me before.

Then the last sleep paralysis incident happened last afternoon. I was going through emotional turmoil for the past few weeks, maybe this is the reason I felt this way. I fell asleep in between my assignment. With my glasses still on my eyes, during my small afternoon nap of maybe 20 minutes, I felt someone sitting beside me. It was rather a female form and it was touching me on my chest and then its hand went back to my neck and down my spine. I wasn't able to wake up but I can still remember the touches because they happened just yesterday with me. I remember waking up with a bang sound which I can still hear and my heartbeats were racing.

That's all from my side! For some reason, I feel better. I cannot recount all sleep hag incidences that occurred to me and I know this is more to do with my mental health. I had dropped a lot of unhealthy habits and had paid attention to my diet in the past few years. It has helped a lot and even started doing exercises to make myself calm.

But the nightmares don't stop. They don't occur every night but when they do... Those are cruel. Sleep Paralysis yes, that had stopped. Maybe last evening was just a warning to take care of myself even more but what to do with the bad dreams...? I am tired of it. I seriously don't think this post will get posted but if it does, thanks to the moderators and the YGS readers. Sorry for my grammatical errors if there are still any, despite my editing. I wrote it the moment when I was going upheaval of different emotions, to uplift myself and unburden some of the negative emotions I was going through that time.

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itsdan4u (23 posts)
2 years ago (2022-05-01)
brother, I have suffered from nightmares for a long time. Unknowingly I cured them for good though.
Just relax, have faith in Hanuman and read Sundar Kand daily. Thats it. Not just bad dreams but bad people, bad events of life and bad entities will stay away from you forever.
Whenever in trouble, just remember him.
terranigma (9 stories) (71 posts)
3 years ago (2021-10-17)
I enjoyed listening to your stories and your grammar is good. Thank you for sharing and I hope that you stay safe.

No one who is alive really knows why things happen from the other side but I have had similar things happen to me when I was in great depression and stress.

I think that dark or evil things can use us as like a battery and drain our power. They feed off of bad emotions, sadness, pain hate etc.

I used to be followed by shadow people but now I have not seen one in about 3 years now.

I think they left when I confronted them, I swore at them and told them to go away and that I was not scared of them any more and that they have no power over me and no right to be in my personal space. Once I did that they went away.

Hope you can do the same and find peace. Well wishes 😊

P.S: Evil things hate light. Let as much light into your life as possible and this can help I believe.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (238 posts)
3 years ago (2021-10-10)
Hello TheSweetDevil23, always good to hear from you, an inquiring mind is always a good thing. I will address your inquiries as best as I can and bear in mind there are no such things as idiotic questions, if we don't ask, we don't learn.

1) Regarding shadow entities, they could be a couple of things. Some believe they are observers of another dimension/plane of reality, that don't mean to be caught as it were, many seem to disappear when they are spotted. They could also be 'incomplete' ghosts, not fully materialized as you ask about in another question. Maybe because they couldn't gather the energy they needed to fully materialize or perhaps they don't want to be seen or recognized either.

2) Why do so many experiences happen at night? I've read many great ones that do occur in broad daylight for sure. Many ghosts gather energy from different sources its said, some from our bodies, from the air around us, hence cold spots, electricity, and some seem to feed on fear. Night breeds fear, the darkness feeds our imaginations, and what we cannot see in dark corners we imagine. Our culture reflects this, it's why horror movies mostly take place at night and in secluded locations. People are more vulnerable at night, when we sleep for instance. Watch a horror movie in broad daylight and it has a bit different effect on you than at night. I think that's why more of these stories happen at night.

3) Residual is just that, a left over piece/space in time, something that happened that just keeps replaying itself over and over again. There's not an intelligence or ghost persay behind it, so no there's no way to disturb it or gain the notice of what appears to be entities. It's not clear what causes these 'events' to be imprinted on the fabric of time and space, since some seem to be mundane and nothing significant, like seeing someone make a pot of coffee for instance. Some of these sightings could be like viewing a rip in time/space, like seeing something happening now in the same house but separated from the observer by vibration. By that I mean some scientists have come to believe that time doesn't truly exist, past/present/future all are happening at the same time, just at different vibrations, they occupy the same space but are at a different vibrational frequency. In effect your glimpsing the past or maybe even the future. I think its why some people in the US that report seeing ghostly battles on Civil War battle sights are not seeing a residual haunting but actually seeing the battle playing out in the past. Those events were highly emotional, so it could be bleeding through. When 9/11 occurred satellites were reported to have picked up an energy spike due to the high emotional field of everyone on the planet. If it was that strong perhaps it lends to why people had premonitions of those events days/weeks/years before they happened, the high emotional energy output pierced what we deem space/time. Hopefully that makes sense, I'm always happy to clarify.

4) As to how/why spirits manifest the way do, it seems to depend on whether they passed on into the light as it's put or truly stayed behind on earth when they died. If you notice in the stories where a loved one comes back to visit, it seems if they passed onto the other side without difficulty they appear with no problem, usually in brighter light, they're happy, they don't try to scare you, in fact many seem to go out of their way to not scare you. They usually look younger or in their glory days as it were, so they appear the way they want to, and it's never really reported that cold spots or goose bumps accompany these sightings, suggesting these kinds of spirits don't draw energy from their environment to appear. True ghosts on the other hand have not been back home so to speak, appear in distress, as shadows, usually scare people, appear to repeat the same daily activities they participated in life, and have to draw energy to manifest from their environment. How much energy they succeed in drawing seems to dictate whether they appear as a shadow (or even appear at all) or as a full bodied apparition. The full bodied ones seem to last the least amount of time because of the amount of energy required for such a feat. Maybe they can even draw emotional energy from their former home as it were. When you live someplace for a length of time, it absorbs your energy, your emotions, so maybe they're taking back what they gave, think of it kind of like withdrawing a deposit from a bank you've put your money in. Why they appear, it could be, they are purposely wanting to be seen, in some cases they want/need help. Some refuse to believe they are dead, a form of denial, so they just go one living 'life' as it were. Others that refuse to acknowledge death even seem to be upset with what they consider 'strangers' in their home. Others seem to delight in tormenting people, as they did in life, only now they cannot be jailed for it.

Anyways hopefully that helps answer some of your questions, some questions lead to others. That's the wonderful mystery of life! Good Luck!
TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
3 years ago (2021-10-10)
Thank you for the insights and the valuable suggestions. I know I had been going through a difficult phase of my life but you guys are really helping me, especially you and Lady-Glow. Also I have some curiosity about some different sort of paranormal entities. I hope you can answer them or anyone else as well can reply if they see this comment of mine.
1. I had mentioned about seeing and feeling the presence of shadow entities. So are these shadow entities spirits of our loved ones, or of other human beings or are they kind of manifestations of our own energy and thoughts which starts getting rooted in the place we live, work and sleep? Are they even like proper spirits or something else of other dimensions?
2. Also, I know this is a very very idiotic question but why is it that we mostly see or even get these paranormal experiences at night? I know, I know even couple of my own experiences had happened during daytime but it wasn't that intense.
3. Also I had noticed that in most of the experiences of people,, its usually a residual haunting loop. So if I disturb it, let's say with or without knowing it, will the entities around me notice my presence or will it keep going on as usual with its usual routine?
Lastly I want to know what factors could make/convince a spirit/entity to appear in a proper shape or form? I always thought or rather assumed that a spirit needs energy from its surroundings to take a solid shape or form and if not a solid one,, even an inch of materialising in some clouded or foggy form, needs lots of energy, strong intention and connection with the place it haunts to come out in that manner. I had already asked this question on someone else's post but now I am feeling that I shouldn't have. Its better to get responses on my discussion thread rather than on someone else's. Lack of tactfulness on my part. Sorry for that.

So I am waiting eagerly for your response.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (238 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-25)
Hello TheSweetDevil23, I think you're well on your way to getting a handle on things. I'm sorry to hear about you losing your grandmother, but she may have become another guardian/protector as it seems you don't feel the shadow presence anymore. Sometimes when our loved ones pass, including our pets, they become something much more in our lives. I don't believe the experiences of feeling watched are paranoia at all. People get those feelings when a flesh and blood person is spying on them with malicious intent, so a spiritual being would elicit the same response. It's more of an older predator/prey instinct-sense perception designed to warn us of danger. What you saw in the form of a shadow or apparition in your mind is what is called seeing something in the 'mind's eye' You see it on another plane rather than in this plane of existence but it is quite real. Many people see things in this manner if it's too much for them to actually see it physically (as it were) in front of them.

You are your own best expert on your experiences. I noticed your comment on teachers, we meet them every day. A person we say hi to in a grocery store can be a teacher, if only briefly. Some like our parents can teach us much over a lifetime. Even nature teaches. It's just how open we are to it, and you are experiencing this now. Honor your feelings, you're not crazy at all. You've gleaned a lot of great help from being on this site. I wouldn't worry about finding a teacher specific to your situation, when you stop looking, that's when the resource makes itself available.

Keep reading the experiences on here, it will provide you with a lot of insight, continue to interact. One great place for answers is reading, find books on subjects like grounding and spirit communication etc, there's a lot there. Also you may check on Kundalini energy and its effects. For some reason that keeps popping up while I'm writing to you, perhaps there's something there related to your experience. Often that kind of energy can wreak havoc if awakened but unharnessed. Hopefully this helps, good luck!
TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-25)
ladydarke sorry my earlier comment got published by me before I was about to continue in the same section. So as I was saying, I will read about the grounding and shielding techniques and I had seen some really articles on their techniques. Lets hope they work for me.
Also for a teacher, I don't know whom to approach or even where to ask. So for the time being, I will first try to use these techniques and focus more upon my mental health. Thank you so much for making me understand the concept of how the third eye works. This was something new for me to understand that one needs to practice or work on it as well. As much as I had studied about the chakras, I never went into details about it. So I will read upon them and I really appreciate your help. Thank you so much...:)
Even though some of your comments got too personal, its perfectly alright, since it was me who came out first and shared my own personal experiences. So I am open to all discussions even if some of it sometimes makes me uncomfortable... If it is written with tactfulness and understanding... I will surely pay attention and you did that perfectly.:)
TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-25)
Hi ladydarke I don't know where to start or how to reply to your such insighftul and detailed comment.
I know this is not right forum to discuss this. But to cut this long story short, I had tried to reach people around me multiple times in different ways. But all I got is the same response."It's in your mind. You overthink. You only need to go on a break. You just need to stay away from all the negativity." But thanks for your understanding and not being judgemental and rather presuming any wrong notions just like others, You gave me some solutions.

Do I need counselling? Yes I do for some issues, but am I ready to speak about it in detailed version? Not yet there. The fact that it was related to my childhood following that, I am not ready yet to talk about it. Thanks for your understanding. At least one person in this world understands it even if she is on the other corner of the world.

Now coming back to the paranormal note, there had been times I had realised that I can sense a presence or entity. Even saw some shadows at a younger age but because of lack of knowledge and due to my skepticism, I ignored them. 😨 It made me uncomfortable more than being scared most of the times. I always can sense emotions of a place rather of a person. I don't know how to explain it. But I can always feel the vibrations and energy. So I will try the shielding and grounding techniques you mentioned about in your comment. The Chakras activation in our body is important especially the one at my forehead. I am from India so I had read about these since childhood, so I understand what you were telling me about.
ladydarke (113 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-25)

I've read all your stories along with the extra information you added in comments, and I've been thinking about you for several days now. I had some trouble following the chronology as your timeline seemed to skip around between the stories, but I don't think that matters. What I wanted to address was an overall pattern as well as primarily this post. I'm still not sure it's appropriate to comment as I'm afraid this might get deeply personal. I apologize if I make you feel uncomfortable.

May I first address the psychological aspects you reference in this story? You mention unremembered CSA that occurred in Kolkata. Things that happen to us when we're very young form templates rather than memories. These templates deeply influence our development, remaining unseen even as they form the basis on which all our perspectives are built. When abuse happens that we're too young to remember, it too creates a template for how we relate to touch, to our bodies, to our boundaries, to other people, to our core self. Even in therapy, even under hypnosis, it's possible these memories will never be fully recovered; yet the template exists. It's a difficult thing to deal with, this body knowledge, something we know in our senses but to the rational mind seems like nonsense. Many if not all of the life problems you're describing in this post seem to stem from this developmental trauma. I strongly urge you to seek therapy from a counselor that specializes in early childhood abuse. Sometimes physical ailments can even resolve when the trauma is addressed, because it has manifested in the body.

You mention also a relationship with an abusive older man. There's good odds that he fit into that childhood template and was very like the man from Kolkata in his appearance, behavior, or his grooming tactics. I'm really sorry that any of this happened to you. You didn't deserve it. The stress, sleep paralysis, and especially nightmares that you recount from around the time of the relationship seem also to refer back to that template. This isn't a site for dream interpretation so I can't give details: I'll just say that basements represent the subconscious, so a deep locked-away sub-cellar directly represents those buried childhood memories. Being pushed inside the door = being forced to face the memories as the relationship dredges it up. The demon = your revulsion and fear at facing your personal demons. I don't think those dreams and your other responses like sleep paralysis, sleeping for long stretches, and anxiety are paranormal at all, but rather symptoms of unprocessed trauma.

(From this one post though, as the dog also detected the shadow on the street, then you have a witness verifying that something was there.)

To get back to the paranormal, it has been my observation - one I've discussed before on this website - that there perhaps exists a triumvirate of correlated traits 1: childhood abuse. 2: neurodivergence. 3: psychic sensitivity. Your post allows factor 1. It doesn't specifically address factor 2 and I wouldn't expect you to do so publicly. You may never have been diagnosed, but there is an established link between childhood trauma and mental illness. It's my hypothesis that ESP is a third correlation.

I'd like to address psychic sensitivity in more detail.

I mentioned a pattern occurring throughout your narratives. That's the headache. I guess you have a diagnosis of migraine, and I wouldn't want to give you any advice counter to your doctor's. What I'm mostly referring to is the timing of these head pains. You've repeatedly recounted a sharp pain in the center of your forehead when anything paranormal is happening around you. That's where the third eye chakra is located. I would suggest that you are energy sensitive as the outcome of your childhood. It seems you've never worked with this gift, so it's like having wobbly noodle arms because you never lift weights: the third eye is weak. So when it gets a big workout - you sense a tremendous amount of energy as something paranormal occurs - it hurts from overextension, same as trying to carry heavy grocery bags and your noodle arms getting sore.

You referenced also getting a headache around male relatives. It could have been trauma manifesting in the body from what happened in Kolkata, but maybe it was the earliest beginnings of your psychic awareness. A symptom of abuse is hypervigilance: one is startled easily and excessively. This happens because we learned to be always on guard, always expecting attack. It seems plausible to suggest that part of that hypervigilance is psychic sensitivity or empathy, being able to tune into the emotions of an abuser because their mood directly affects your wellbeing. It seems possible that even as a child, you had learned men were a threat, so you were hypervigilant with every sense, including your third eye. Little you was giving your third eye chakra a massive workout trying to determine if the male relatives were safe, especially as you couldn't identify which one had hurt you.

My advice to you going forward would be to learn what shielding and grounding are, and how to implement these techniques. You can google all kinds of material on these topics and find methods that work for you. You would be well-served to have these skills in your pocket whether you believe in them or not, just so you have something to fall back on if needed.

Secondly, you say you are a skeptic, yet you keep having experiences. This is likely to continue if you're open, yet you're not acknowledging it. You have no defenses, you can't help receiving anything that comes at you, and when it does you have no frame for how to respond or how to process it. I think, given this quandary, you might be best served by seeking proof through validation. Try to teach yourself to exercise your third eye, figure out in what direction your gifts lie. Then do things you can get feedback on. If you have a gift for empathy, try having a friend sit down with you being open for you to read, and you tell them what you pick up. Get feedback. If you have a gift for psychometry - object reading - try reading items a friend has and get them to give you feedback. Keep doing things like that where you can get validation for your impressions. If you say walk into a room and feel anxious, try to find out if someone had an argument in there recently. If your mood suddenly changes and you can't figure out why, notice if you picked up on someone else's mood or energy around you and absorbed that. Stuff like that. Bear in mind that if you're starting with a noodly third eye and the purpose is to exercise it, then you would expect to see low beginning results with an upward curve. Once you've put in enough practice to develop a 'body of evidence' as best as can be had with the paranormal field, re-evaluate your skepticism in light of your hits-and-misses, and whether a predicted model of improving results has occurred.

You might consider trying to find a teacher, especially if you start leaning more toward belief in your gift. I have no advice on that; they say a teacher will come when the student is ready, but I've never found one. Maybe I'm always late, forget my pencil, have the wrong book, and am yet to be ready! Back when I bothered with anything more than lightwork, I did once ask someone running a magic shop a question about what if you combined certain spells in a certain way, wouldn't that increase output... Buuut they took notes. All I learned from that was just because someone styles themselves as a teacher doesn't mean they know anything more than you do. There are no experts, just students. The problem is that looking for feedback is the best we can do. When we think we understand something metaphysical, there's no way to check our answers. Everything we think we know could be constructed on flawed premises. The only thing we can be sure of is that we can be sure of nothing at all. Of course that applies to me, so anything I say is only my own best conglomeration of subjective experiences and surmises. Even so, I hope there is something in all my blather that helps you a little bit. If you put credence in any one thing, please let it be to seek out a therapist. Its terrible that you have suffered and are suffering. My heart goes out to you. I think you were tremendously brave to share this story.

With third eye practice, should you encounter another entity you'll not only know how to defend yourself, but you may be able to read it: pick up its nature and its intentions, and so be able to better decide how to respond. Once you've learned a repertoire of responses - self-defense, banishment, how to help it move on - you won't be helpless and you won't be afraid.

I'm sorry if I have overstepped and been too personal, or made you feel uncomfortable. I wish you all the best.
TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-24)
The_Lost_Voyage_11 Wow thank you so much for such a detailed response. I am seriously getting to learn so much on this site from more well informed people like you and others. Yes I always felt safe even within the close premises of facing such paranormal activities around me during those time between 2009-2012. I believe now thanks to you that it could have been a guardian angel.

Also since now you asked me about how I felt when this entity was around me. So after completing post graduation in London in Ontario...that's in 2017... I moved to Kananaskis in Alberta. During that time, I lived in a staff residence provided to us hotel staff. The resort is still there... Its a famous one... Known as Delta by Marriott... Now during that time... One of the buildings named as Manor Kidd was also operated by this hotel... Now it operates on its own... Anyways coming back to the main point... The Manor Kidd had rumours of being haunted and people seeing or feeling certain paranormal activities... Now I am not going to confirm them because firstly I was rather new to know anything of that sort during that time and I haven't seen anything over there. But, yes there is big but. I had some weird experiences over there.

Weird as in while going to the Manor Kidd, we used to go through out one of the exit of the main Delta Resort and go across towards the exit /entry door of the Manor Kidd... And after getting through to the first floor... I sometimes used to get this strong sensation of dizziness followed by a headache sometimes. The weirdest part is it always happened at a particular spot on that first floor and after a couple of weeks it happened on the 2nd floor. I actually had felt a cold spot once there. Even I once felt couple of cold spots and an approaching migraine in mid of summer during June-July in that mountaineous area. Now, now before you or anyone reading my comments tells me that it could be a problem due to being at higher elevations. I should tell you that I had that sensation randomly not always... But whenever it happened... I felt something coming close to me... It felt the same way it did in the terrace of the rented house years before in Agra.
Plus there were certain times during my afternoon shift while coming back at 9pm or even around 10:30pm, I had felt the gaze of someone at my back like a strong penetrating one... When I looked back, there was no one... Whenever it happened, I always felt a coldness around me and an ache approaching in the centre of my forehead... It always gave me this weird and creepy image of an apparition or shadow in my mind... It made me go back to those memories of the Agra experiences especially. Let me know what u think. Do you think its my paranoia or something which just lingered in my mind? I would like to know
Also few months ago, I lost my grannie in June. Its weird but ever since that happened, I haven't felt this shadow's presence around me anymore. Or am I overthinking? Because prior to this, I had felt this shadow looming upon me during certain times whenever I am perfectly alright and not at all stressed out and feeling calm...
I remember once listening to music at night and pacing around in my home's balcony. This happened last year and even at the beginning of this year as well... I was again listening to music on my mobile and I again had a sudden shoot of pain in centre of my forehead and at the back of my neck. Then I felt a coldness at the neck and someone breathing down my neck... It was not a good sensation at all... So yeah I had faced this multiple times after 2011 down the years multiple times and all of them happened sporadically without any pattern. I don't even watch paranormal stuff the way I used to do when I was very young. So I don't understand where all this is coming from even now...

Oh yeah also I once went inside this really old vintage hotel in London in Ontario with my batchmates as a part of familirization cum study trip from sponsored by the college only. It wasn't that far from our college. I never knew the history of the rooms we went into. When we students entered into this nice small cosy guestroom, I felt again this pain along my neck and this time I again felt a very cold spot in that room. I thought it was only me but after leaving the property premises, my friend turned to me and said I felt a drip of temperature near the foot of the bed. I was so so shocked and surprised because I felt the same as well... It was alright in the entire room but it was just at the at the foot of the bed... Some of us got uncomfortable.
PS: That hotel turned out to have some strong paranormal incidences. I and my friend did some google search on it and it's name is right there as one of the hot spots for paranormal activity. I don't remember the name now but then the London city in Ontario is quite famous for such spots. I will try to remember or ask my batchmates about the name and let u know about it.
Hima (1 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-15)
Hi TheSweetDevil23. I have suffered from sleep paralysis myself many times during my 12th standard to graduation. It's really scary. Hope you are doing well now.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (238 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-05)
Hello TheSweetDevil23, good to hear from you again. The answer to your first question about a guardian lies in a post I made on your other story, the one, where you experienced the entity pacing outside your room and the one that appeared inside your room near you and you felt its anger. To try and give the short response here, if I understood your experience right, it seemed as if the one that appeared in your room was the more harmful entity, and the one you left behind that was also unable to follow you to the room you moved to after your experience. The one pacing in the hall and living room seemed more docile and when you mentioned it came to the entrance of your room and stood there when the other entity inside the room interacted with you, sparked my interest. The pacing kind of reminds me of someone on guard duty. I believe its presence also kept the more malicious entity from following you to the new room.

You mentioned that you felt the presence that had been pacing when it came inside the second room and touched your mattress, had a soothing effect on you, it was more peaceful than the encounter you had inside the other room and the other entity couldn't enter this new space. This is where I get the impression of a guardian or protector. You can go back and reread the initial post I made and it may be more clear.

I think this entity was a kind of protector, whether a previous resident, a deceased relative, or a guardian angel, it knew of the more malicious entities presence and seemed to be watching out for you. I believe it kept it at bay in the first room you were in and shielded you from its presence when you moved to the other room. I just get the image of the restless pacing as being akin to a security guard on patrol and in its response which was very quick to the other entity when it invaded your space in the first room and tried to hug you. Hopefully that makes sense but I will be glad to elaborate if you need me to.

To your second question, the presence you feel. When you sense it what do you feel? You're sensitive to the supernatural, that much is clear, so you could be coming across spirits any time any place they are, that is a gift that will be with you always. It's also possible depending on what you feel when you sense this presence or presences that it could be the protector/guardian I mentioned, letting you know now and again that its still there. It is also possible it could be the entity/entities you've experienced before, waiting for a moment when you may relapse so it can feed from that negative energy again. It is possible it could have attached to you. However if this is the case, I believe if you continue taking care of yourself it will lose interest on its own. I'd have to know more about the circumstances of when you encounter this presence, is it familiar to you, how does it make you feel? That would be a better indicator of what it could be. More importantly what does your intuition tell you it could be? It's always good to look for the logical solution for sure, to reason it out, but I find my intuition/gut instinct is always correct and that usually defies any logic. The more you trust your gifts, the more you can work with them and much of what you encounter will make more sense. Take care and good luck!
TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-04)
Hi Rajine and The_Lost_Voyage 11. To address first query from Rajine, yes I know where n when n why this problem of mine started. I had already pointed out various things in my post. Some are already mentioned as also again pointed out by Lost Voyage as well in the above comment. Spiritually I believe it lies somewhere down to my being agnostic as well... Till now I tend to question a lot about my beliefs and the experiences I had years ago... Some of it baffles me to date even now. It was already tough for me to believe in spirits and energies but as I mentioned before in a reply to one of the previous post that it creeped and bugged me that whatever I had felt, experienced and gone through during my early 20s had been validated through other people's experiences. It's different to expereince paranormal but its even more difficult to have sleep paralysis and study about it years down the lane and learn that it has something to do with my own paranormal experiences... 😨
Now coming to Last Voyage... Something about your comment intrigued me.
Your comment about me being protected by the presence of a guardian or guardians made me curious. Can u let me know how you came to that thought or deduced something like that? 🤔
Also yes... You are right... When I became more positive about my health... I realised those entities had loosen their grip on me. Also I have a question... After I had those experiences in Agra in 2011, I had felt a presence sometimes randomly n rare like once or twice a year in some random places... Is it just my imagination or can it be possible that something is attached to me or maybe I can feel a vibe here and there once a while? See I am asking this because despite facing so many things in my life, paranormal, abnormal or even normal stuff, I had realised it's better to question rather than just believe in something randomly... It had helped me a lot this way and made my life easier... Waiting eagerly for your responses...
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (238 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-28)
Hi TheSweetDevil23, good to hear from you again. Thanks for sharing your experience, I know it cannot be easy for everything you are going through, but you are a brave one. I know you mentioned you had dropped some of your bad habits, watched your diet, exercise, etc, and you also mentioned some mental health issues, I assume from some of the experiences you had as a child and your overall self esteem/self view. Have you done anything to address this, it sounds like trauma for sure, from different experiences. I'm not a medical professional and will not proclaim this as medical advice but from what you've said, it sounds like these entities are drawn to your suffering and seem to be feeding from it.

The demon you saw, whatever it was that seemed to be looking into your soul, reading your thoughts is a good example of this. This also dovetails with the story of the entity that scared you and your friend that night, scratching on the walls, banging on the door etc. It was purposely trying to elicit fear in you to feed from.

From what I've gathered and read, 'sleep paralysis' always accompanies the sightings of entities. This is dismissed as part of the experience, from the body not waking up as fast as the mind. I believe the paralysis is caused due to these 'entities' interference in your body's electrical field as they draw energy from you. It inspires the nightmares as your mind/body tries to alert you to the problem. When a person awakes, paralyzed as it were and seeing these entities around them, they actually are catching them in the act of drawing a persons energy, their emotions from them. After some effort the person usually regains control of their body and the entities usually vanish at the same time.

I would venture that these entities that are drawn to you and attach are after your pain and suffering, they feed off it and do what they can to inspire more of it in you.

Your solution if that is the case, would be to address the trauma, and the other issues, to heal them. If you are no longer in suffering, no longer plagued by emotional distress, you cut off their food supply so to speak. They will lose interest in you. Cleansing and clearing will only go so far, as long as you have these unresolved issues, they will keep coming back.

As a side note, it sounds as if you also have some kind of guardian or guardians who are also trying to look out for you as well.

You are strong and seem to be quite resilient, I am confident you will overcome this. Hopefully this helps, good luck!
Rajine (14 stories) (772 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-25)
Hi TheSweetDevil23

Have you ever tried finding out the reason for your sleep paralysis? Either spiritual or medical?

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