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Shadow In The Dark?


This experience of mine happened last November of 2013, day before my 24th birthday, and just a few days after the Super Typhoon Yolanda hit the Visayan part of the country.

Me and my husband were staying at his brother's house at Talisay City, Cebu so yeah I was at the area where it hit that time. Because of the storm also, the electricity within the vicinity was also affected due to the trees that was damaged because of the heavy wind and rains. We had an almost 3 days' power out.

On to my experience, on the night of November 9, my husband and his older brother were having a little drinking session (anyway, they were having drinking session everyday, every afternoon since they were both seaman and this is the first time they had a same vacation). I and his older brother's wife started to join the session since we had nothing else to do because it's brownout and its really very dark.

We were having a little chit-chat while eating their "pulutan" and after some time, his brother started to tell ghost stories, especially the ghost that is "residing" in their house. Not just one ghost, but a family of ghosts. He also told us that our room where we're staying at is the most haunted part of their house. I didn't freak out when he told it, since I can also sense it as well. I can feel or hear their presence so I know and I am aware but not see them. His brother told me that ghost like to show themselves in people that do not believe. I didn't believe at first, but my encounter changed my beliefs in them.

It has been my routine to sleep a few hours in the afternoon or what we call "siesta time" and my husband knows that he should wake me up before it gets dark (he knows that I am easily afraid especially in the dark). Then on November 10, I told my husband that I am going to do my siesta time and told him to wake me up before it gets dark since it is still brownout, and maybe my husband forgot because I wake up and I felt that someone is with me, or should I say watching me which I thought is my husband. But when I woke up, the room was very dark and I am still alone. Then I started to feel scared but I calm myself first, then I saw a dark figure of a boy more like a 5-6 year old boy standing in the door, holding the doorknob while playing it back and forth. I really saw it moving and it can't be the wind because there was no wind at all. That's the time I started to cry because I know that I am not alone and someone was with me. Then I started shouting to my husband many times but he is not responding and still continuing with their drinking session downstairs.

Five to ten minutes after with no response and the figure was still there, I positioned myself in the corner of my bed hugging my pillow so tight while crying and still shouting. I covered my head with my pillow and the last thing I remember is that my husband was beside me and removing my pillow and when I recognize him, I hugged him very tight and he is dragging my body outside of the room and I was hysterically insisting while saying, "Huwag, andyan siya" (No, he is there"). But my husband is much stronger than I am, so I feel like he is carrying me just to get out of the room and the next thing I remember is that we are already at the doorstep and he is giving me a glass of water to calm me down. When I stopped crying, they were curious about what happened to me. All I know is I am telling them a couple of time, "hindi kasi ako makalabas ng kwarto kasi my tao dun sa pinto" (I couldn't get out of the room because there is someone at the door), then they started to speak in their language which I am having a difficulty in understanding. Also that night my husband decided that we should spent the night at the hotel because there is no way he knows for sure that I won't be spending the night at that house.

The next day, my husband parents went to that house and brought things that what they call "pangontra" for protection. My husband sprinkled salt-like around the house while chanting a prayer I think in their language and also they put a rosaries in all the doors in the house.

After that experience, I never again sleep alone in that room although my afternoon routine still continue but I know now that I am not alone but I don't want to encounter that figure ever again.

Thanks for reading my story and sorry if it is a bit long. I really enjoyed sharing it with you guys.

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Ghostbuscus (guest)
7 years ago (2014-05-22)
Seeing a ghost when it was dark and your alone? Wahh... That will freak me out and I will get mad at everybody in the house that didn't woke me up 😨
iklein (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2014-03-31)
thanks for appreciating:)
They are pure filipino, I don't know if its really a salt, I just said that the thing that they've been scattering in the house is "salt-like", that's just the description that I can give to you guys since I don't know what its called.
ghost242424 (3 posts)
7 years ago (2014-03-28)
good story:) injoyed it was they mexican or spanish because the salt? I have seen lots of ghosts in my time in only 13

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