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The Little Girls' Shadow


We bought our house from a lady who was moving into a home to be taken care of 24/7. She was 95 years old and her family had all moved away. Upon leaving she was resistant because she didn't want to leave her "friends" with strangers. Though it was 10 years ago I still have the conversation with my mother about what the old woman had said. She had mentioned that they wouldn't like someone else living in their house. We were all confused by this remark and my mother at the time didn't think much of it.

The house had three bedrooms, all of them upstairs. One bedroom was located at the left side of the hall, one in the middle, and another on the right side of the hall. At the time there were 7 of us living in this house. My younger brother and sister slept in the room to the right with my parents. My older sister slept in the room to the left alone, and my sister and myself slept in the middle room directly across from the stairs.

As a family we all went to bed around the same time. My younger siblings would usually go earlier since they were still pretty little. We all slept with our doors shut around this time because we liked to keep the cold air in the rooms. However, this night my sister and I decided to leave the door open a crack to allow the light from the lamp in the hallway to filter in. The night this occurrence took place wasn't out of the ordinary in any way otherwise.

At about 2 o'clock in the morning (roughly speaking as I wasn't sure what time exactly) I woke up sort of abruptly. Unsure as to why I woke up I did a quick survey in the dark of the room to see if maybe I was awoken by something. Upon seeing nothing I tried to close my eyes and go back to sleep. Minutes later I heard a soft creak outside my door. I sat up quickly, anticipating nothing more than, well nothing. I stared for a little at the door, when something caught my attention.

Through the crack in the door, and the small line across the bottom I could see a shadow. Just standing at first. Through the bottom it looked like someone was standing outside the door, but on the side that shadow went up about half way and stopped. I figured my youngest sister was just standing outside of it. However, after a while the shadow began to move. First very slowly, from one side to the other, but as time progressed it began to move faster. Back and forth, back and forth. Then it stopped where it had originally started

Without being too loud I whispered my sisters name. Her response; "You saw it too?"

We were both so freaked out she came over to my bed and we stayed up the rest of the night waiting to see if it returned. That morning my mother came into our room before work and found us wide awake. We told her what happened and she said that she thought she was going crazy because she had seen it too. I told her it had to have been my youngest sister. She then told us that she had seen the shadow and thought the same thing, but my sister was laying right beside her. Now when I go home for break I shut the door the whole way and my bed faces away from the door. I don't want any more encounters with the little girl in the house.

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Rachel806 (1 stories) (14 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-16)
Honey, Just ask the spirit nicely to stop scaring you and your siblings and if that doesn't work see if the old owner (the women) is still alive and ask her what to do. If she is not alive try getting a voice recorder or video camera and see what the spirit wants. You can also help her cross into the light but you need about 4 people to do it are you ready cause I am about to explain how.
Step 1
Join hands and say the lords prayer

Step 2 once you have finished imagine a white light in the center of the room once you see it tell your friends to widen the circle then tell the spirit it is OK and that your only there to help.

Step 3. Once the spirit has crossed over close the light immediately to make sure nothing accidentally gets trapped.

If you have any questions just email me at allbright.rachel [at]
Mejiko (20 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-07)
The trouble with todays world is... We fear that which we do not understand. For now it's not threatening... But as we are all beings of energy with or without flesh that energy we produce is more then capable of lingering. Other worldly beings do not eat or drink physical sustainance. They feed on energy... So continuing to feed it your fear and negativity will then make the spirits that linger in your home become malicious. Try to stay positive. You do not have to interact with them to much. Just leave your fears at the door step. Use incense or aromatherapy to help brighten everyones mood or whatever it takes... Otherwise you might have to find a medium to help her move on if that is a more preferable route. Just sounds like she's curious is all and maybe just as scared as you. Or it could be something wicked waiting to build it's strength from your fear.

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