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Haunted Fire Station


what I am going to share with you is not only unsettling or perplexing to me but also very personal. I have worked in EMS all of my life and have seen and experienced a lot as you can imagine. There were two main stations that I was assigned to and one station housed fire trucks also. I don't want to be too specific due to possible ridicule and fear of being labeled as crazy. The one station that housed all the fire trucks and equipment was by far the worst of the two. I do believe 100 percent in the after life and spirit world. And I also believe people who have died prematurely to some type of trauma also have some ways of letting their presence be known.

I can recall many occasions where I would be downstairs restocking the truck and hearing noises that were not natural for the situation. Most of the time I would hear footsteps and doors shutting but I know for a fact I would be alone in all the bays. And as always, I had just that feeling that there was a presence.

I remembered sitting in the lounge upstairs late at night and everyone was in bed and I always felt fear and the presence of someone watching me from the stairway door that led to downstairs. One night I decided to go to bed because we can sleep and as I started falling asleep, I was instantly floating and looking at the ceiling, which was only six inches in front of my face.

As I was experiencing this type of stuff almost every shift for four weeks straight, something odd happened. An older gentleman came to the station to talk and hang out for one evening. When he left, I asked who it was and they said it was the father of a firefighter that was killed in the line of duty only one year ago. I knew instantly that it was this brave soul that was trying to get my attention. Come to find out I was sleeping in the room shared by him. I don't think he was giving off a sense of fear towards me, but I never understood my abilities of having this awareness until this all happened. I heard low muffled voices and saw shadows from underneath the door when nobody was up.

I will never forget the feelings that I experienced while at that station. Thanks for letting me get this story out without being labeled as crazy.

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otteer (8 stories) (398 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-17)
Thanks for telling your story, I'm glad you can tell it in a "safe" place. Things you describe happening around the stations are common occurrences in a haunting situation, some may be "debunked" but, having them happen multiple times over a long period gives credence to them actually occurring. The out of body thing was certainly disconcerting... You may have caught yourself leaving your body... Have you ever had astral dreams, or dreams you are flying? Maybe other who are practiced at this can help you out on this one. I'm an empath so I pick up on emotions of others when they are strong, not so much any more, it seems to be fading, but I digress... I know the feeling of being watched, my cat will usually confirm something is around by responding in kind. Sounds like this happened in the past, if not, I would recommend trying to do an evp session. Thanks again for the story, and welcome!

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