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A Series Of Strange Events


I have been trying to rid myself of an entity for the past few months, but it keeps coming back. Last month, I smudged the house and it caused the entity to leave until very recently. The activity is starting up once again and I wanted your opinions on what you think it could be and what the best course of action is at this point.

Let me start at the beginning. We bought the house in October and all four of us moved in. Our family consisted of me, my mother, Ben who was my soon-to-be stepfather, and Pops (Ben's father). The moment I walked into the house, something felt strange, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I didn't feel watched or anything of the sort, yet the air had a different feeling to it. It was something that called for my attention constantly and it was impossible to ignore.

Everything was normal for the first week, I believe, I know it hadn't been very long before I felt the presence. I noticed that it will come into the room regardless of whether I'm alone or not. Since I am so in tune with the spiritual world, I feel their presences when nobody else can. Of course, I never said a word to anyone else about how often it actually joins us in the living room and I don't think I ever will. It's at the point where I'm uncomfortable even entering the living room. But especially near the wall that consists of mostly windows, which is behind the loveseat, is where activity is the hottest and where I avoid like I'll catch the plague. There's a story connected to that which will be told in a moment.

First I'd like to describe it's behavior. It seems to have no concept of personal space. When it enters the room, often I will feel the presence come closer to the point where, if it was alive, it would be in my face. Breathing the same air as me. I refuse to be caught alone with the presence. When I'm on my own in the house, I feel it follow me... Everywhere I go. Except one room. That room is where my Ben died in his sleep due to a heart attack and we found him the next morning. It was sudden, but I believe that Ben realized his death and he has moved on. (My reasons for believing so is that Pops and my mom had dreams where Ben said goodbye... Although I've never had one. I guess we weren't close enough?)

Moving on, shortly after Ben's death in December, a few months later... Jojo and her two children (4) and (10) moved in with us. The presence has no interest in the children, but rather focuses on myself and Jojo. Just last night, while watching a movie near 5 AM, Jojo heard the 4 year old's toy Woody speak. (Something like "Haha! Boy, I'm glad to see you!", I don't remember what he says, but the toybox it's kept in is behind the loveseat) Shortly after that, while watching a commercial, she heard the oven's alarm go off on it's own. Ignoring it and sleepy, she continued to watch TV, when she felt someone lightly push her to the side. All this occurred in the living room while she sat on the loveseat until she got up and left to go to her own room.

But the worst experience I've had myself in this house was when I was sitting on the loveseat myself with Jojo and my mom in the room. I was ignoring the presence that appeared from the kitchen and came closer. I could feel it cross the room and get up close to me as it usually does, ignoring personal boundaries. It went behind the couch and it was as if it wanted to whisper something in my ear. I could feel the concentrated energy right near my head, before it went down toward the floor and I could feel it growing stronger. All of this happened while I tried to ignore it, silently hoping that nothing would happen. But it did, of course. Jojo was the first to look at me with a confused expression and ask, "are you crying?" The moment she said those words, I heard it. It originated from the energy behind the couch and the woman's crying is something I'll never forget. It was the sort of crying where you can hear the agony and the sobs make you ache in your soul. I've never flew off a couch faster in my entire life. Strangely, though, my mom heard no such crying.

Another experience I find interesting is when I was asleep in my bed (I sleep on the exact spot where Ben died, by the way) and I was dreaming. I had a dream about myself and a few knights arming ourselves with swords and entering an old abandoned castle. I guess we thought we'd sword fight with the ghosts. But almost as soon as we entered the castle, a presence came into the front room. I watched everybody's face pale with terror before I turned my eyes to a woman who was dressed in a white nightgown. She was floating a few feet from the ground and strands of her hair floated as well. It was something out of a horror movie, terrifying yet generic. With everybody frozen in terror, I suddenly felt the presence undulate in vibrations. It's hard to explain. But I awoke to the vibrations at my back, as if someone was poking through the airbed a few inches away from where my body was... Yet, from within... Violently and rapidly. But it matched the vibrations of the presence in my dream. It was strange and rather interesting. I've had many more dreams like this but they've never crossed into reality as this one did. (Except on rare occasions when I was younger but never recently)

A few other behaviors of this entity is that it is known to knock a picture off the walls. But it's always one picture and I feel it's important to note that it has a scripture on it. The picture has been knocked off the wall three times, all of which I was around to see with my own eyes. It would literally fly off the wall in an unnatural fashion and land too far away from the wall for it to have just... Fallen. I'm talking at least five feet away, in an impossible direction. The curtains behind the loveseat have swayed back and forth (windows closed, no possible way that it could be happening), and weird noises as well. I've heard the scream of a young girl as if playing, twice one night while attempting to play Skyrim. Then I heard a sound as though the silverware drawer was being opened and closed, all the silverware cluttering and making noise. When I peeked my head out of the door, everything was as it should be and the noises stopped instantly.

So I'm asking all you lovely people what you think this entity is! If you have any inkling as to what it wants or what I should do, please leave a comment.

Thank you for your time, my lovelies!

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Darkangel73 (4 stories) (123 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-11)
KilbaxChan- I have to go with what Griff84 said this "entity" seems like a poltergeist, I am far from an expert but from what I have read most of these activities are a result of telekinetic pinned up energy. Which is mostly directed around teens. I know you had a previous death after moving in this house, but did you encounter anything before moving into this house?
Bio_Logic (11 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-10)
[at] ladydarke I need your help to interpret my dreams as well. Because I have this repetitive haunting dreams for years now. Pls provide your email or any other way we can discuss or talk? I need to contact you since I believe you are familiar of dream interpretations. Thanks
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4998 posts) mod
8 years ago (2014-05-10)
ladydarke - I've tried several different ways to phrase this, and no matter how I put it, it's coming out rude and I sound like a jerk but here it is anyway.

We don't do dream interpretation on this site, and as a rule we don't accept dream stories unless, of course, there is something else to the story. If you would like to offer your assistance, would you please refer the o/p your email address and continue it off site?

Thank you for understanding 😊
ladydarke (113 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-08)

I sometimes do dream interpretations and I wanted to comment on the dream segment of your story.

Firstly, allow me to provide the symbology for a castle in the event that it has relevance for you that I am not seeing. The definition is taken from

"To see a castle in your dream signifies reward, honor, recognition, and praise for your achievements. You are destined to a position of power, wealth, and prestige. Alternatively, the dream indicates your desire to escape from life's daily problems.

To dream that you live in a castle represents your extreme need for security and protection to the point where you may be isolating yourself from others. Perhaps the dream parallels a waking situation where it has put you on the defensive.

To see a castle door in your dream indicates that you have missed a huge and/or profitable opportunity, especially if you are standing outside the castle door. If you are standing inside the castle door, then it means that you have let your success and ego distance you from others."

However, what I get from this dream in the surrounding context is a little different. Any house or structure represents the self and the psyche in the language of dreams. Various structures and the rooms within symbolize individualized parts of the psyche. For instance, action taking place in the front room or lobby such as you entered in the castle represents an attempt to make something known. I feel the castle appears in that aspect: it stands for your psyche. A castle is literally a fort, so this dream seems to indicated a need to defend the self.

It is old and abandoned. Typically, an abandoned house represents your readiness to move on in life, to a new you. A disrepaired old house means an older version, old beliefs and things you have left behind, which are being dredged up in the waking world or alternatively that you have reached a realization that you need to change the way you think. Again, to me your dream of the castle doesn't quite feel textbook, though I feel the need to relate the dictionary symbology before deviating from it.

To me, the state of the castle feels like this view of your psyche is something you have been neglecting for some time: have you not been defensive when you should have been, leaving yourself open to invasion? Do you not have psychic/spiritual shields or defenses habitually in place, or if you have, has it been some time since you have enforced them? If this entity is constantly in your face, it would seem you have not enforced those boundaries, hence the dilapidated state of the castle.

Characters in a dream represent aspects of the self, so the knights with you all taking up swords seem to also indicate arming for battle. It seems that the banshee-esque woman you found inside was your representation for whatever force or entity was poking you when you awoke. The vibrating along with the poke kind of sounds like it was messing with your aura or energy.

My point is that I feel the dream represented your defenses while asleep against the invasion you woke in the middle of.

Speaking from a background in dream interpretation, the subconscious mind often recognizes and solves problems through dreams. It seems that your subconscious indeed knows how to stand against your entity. Perhaps it would be recommendable to take the solution offered in your dream and apply it more actively in your waking life. Psychic defense begins with visualization. Perhaps spend some time meditating, envisioning your psyche and energy within a castle or fort, yourself armored with a sword, and the knights as your spirit guides or guardians ever-vigilant on the walls even while you are not paying attention. Try enforcing this barrier by meditating on the imagery for several minutes before awakening and falling asleep, or as often as you feel necessary. It should get the entity out of your face.

As for the rest of what your entity does, would you let a visible living person determine where in your own house you could go? Take your space back. Spend more time in the areas that you are being pushed out of, claim them as yours and try to make the time spent there as positive and happy as possible, such that the energy imprint on the area because yours rather than its.

You seem very focused and attentive on the entity, which as Griff84 mentioned seems fairly equivalent to giving it access to your energy. Its a strange neat thing and how cool to be aware of it, so of course you're curious. But its crossing lines, literally as it's all over your boundaries, so consider that it's time to take control of the situation. Ignore it and block it out. If you want it out of your house, you can use guided imagery to focus energy in order to push it out and defend the entire house in the same way as your personal boundaries.

Hope there was something useful in all that. Cheers.
maria1 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-08)
from my personal experience I must say what griff said the spirit does feed off you also another thing as far as advice goes try to contact more with the spirit or spirits they trying to send you a message maybe you could help them see the light I can tell you this because iam sensitive to spirit activity. Please keep us dated ty:]
Griff84 (5 stories) (289 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-08)
Hi KibaxChan, to me, this entity sounds like it is feeding off of you. When you first moved in the house, it was just an off feeling you had, and now more recently it has become much more poltergeist like, with being audible and being able to move and affect things. Obviously when someone close dies, its a highly emotional time, could this entity be feeding off this energy.

As for advise, I am not qualified or experienced enough to give any, I feel I could give bad advise which could make things worse, and I wouldn't want that. Someone will have some though.

Please keep us updated & thanks😊

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