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Life Of A Sensitive


There was a house I lived in right next to my middle school and we moved in at the end of 5th grade. While in that home, I attempted to use a homemade Ouija board to contact the spirits I knew were already there. I would feel a strong presence enter the room every time I was alone. Nightly, I could hear the toilet seat from the bathroom down the hall being slapped around. The door to the bathroom would open and slam shut on its own. I was terrified of the house and I refused to sleep alone most nights.

But the nights that I was forced to sleep in my room, I would wake up at 4 AM every morning, on the dot. But I would wake up to the feeling of somebody standing next to my bed. Oftentimes, I would see a white humanoid figure, and it would be "standing" next to my bed where I felt the presence and if it moved, the feeling of a presence would move with it. The only time it would ever move was to pace next to my bed.

I would have horrible night terrors and wake up in a panic. I remember having a recurring dream about my father murdering me and my mom during one of his drunken rages... It never felt right. As in, inside the dream, not the content of the dream (obviously it was distressing and terrible). It felt OFF and way too real.

Waking up from one of those dreams, this only happened once, but I remember my father's face in the top left hand corner of my doorway with a neutral expression until I blinked and it was suddenly gone. There was another reoccurring theme in my nightmares, fire (as well as other natural disasters).

When I was using the Ouija board, I talked to a spirit that called itself "Ray" and claimed that it had died in a fire. During my dreams, either I would helplessly watch somebody I cared about die in the fire or the roles would be reversed.

But out of all the spirits polluting my home (I can count 3), the only human spirit there was the one that was next to my bed. I don't know how I know that, but I do.

What scared me the most about that house is what my mother told me I was doing at night. I was sleepwalking, and I only did so in that house. There were three separate occasions my mom explained to me.

The first, I came into her room and she awoke to find me staring down at her. When she asked me what I was doing, I grunted in response. She led me to bed that night. Then, I was standing in the hall and looking up toward a corner when my dad found me, led me to bed. The third time is the most interesting. My dad awoke because he heard me shambling around in the middle of the night and he went to see what I was doing. I had apparently gone down the two flights of stairs and I was at the garage door. Reportedly, I was trying to get into the garage.

When we brought a priest in to bless the house after we had enough, he noticed something about the garage. He said that the air felt heavy in there and reported to us that a trauma had occurred. Imagine my face when I connected the dots. (By the way, the blessing did NOT work and only served to make it worse.)

One experience, while still in that house, I was laying down on my bed doing my math homework. It was deadly silent, seeing as I was the only one home and I didn't need any background noise. Then, out of nowhere, a voice I can only describe as demonic... And male said to me, "It's all an enigma." It sounded like it spoke right into my ear.

Another experience similar to that was when I was taking a nap after I got home from school. When I fell asleep, my mom was home and my dad hadn't gotten home from work yet. But I was awoken by my dad's voice, screaming my name in a rage, and it sounded like it was from afar. I jumped up, thinking my dad was at the door waiting to be let in as he'd just gotten home from work, but when I got to the window that looked out at the front door... Nobody was there. I remember looking at the clock and it was FAR too late for my dad to be coming home. So I went searching for him. I looked everywhere in the house, turning up with nothing, and when I went to the garage... I found that nobody was home at all.

But I'm going to move on to the house I moved into after this one. I call this house the "House of Horrors". It was the most active of the houses I've lived in and it, DEFINITELY, had a malevolent spirit. This entity, I'd come to find, taught me the meaning of the word dread. It appeared as a little girl, around my age at the time (which was 13). She had black, shoulder-length hair and she wore a blue dress with white lacing. She was pale, as if she were dead. But the most noticeable aspect about her was her eyes. She didn't have any. I'm not talking like she had black holes for eyes, no. I'm saying that from the middle of the bridge of her nose up, it was transparent. Nothing.

I know that she was there, honestly there, because I described her incorrectly when I told Paul (my mom's boyfriend at the time) about it. I said she "didn't have eyes". He took it as she had black holes for eyes, said that sounded familiar, and began explaining what he saw a few nights before. She woke him up by sitting on his end of the bed and he thought it was me until he rubbed his eyes, looked again, and she was nowhere to be found.

What she did to me, though, it was the worst experience I've ever had. One night, I fell asleep around 1 AM. I had Pirates of the Caribbean 3 playing on my Xbox because that's how I sleep. I always have a movie playing. I remember it was that exact movie because, on the title screen, that lullaby from Davy Jone's music box played. I had been laying on my back when I opened my eyes and I saw the girl. She was sitting on my stomach, staring down at me without any eyes. I thought it was a trick of my own eyes, so I turned over on my right side and I fell back asleep immediately.

That was a mistake. Because she controlled my dreams from that moment on that entire night. But it was what she made me dream that terrified me to no ends. I dreamed that I awoke in my bed and I felt an EVIL presence in the room with me. I don't like using the word evil because it's too intense and it sounds exaggerated, but in this instance, this is the only appropriate word to use. While in the dream, I launched myself out of bed and I ran for the door. I wanted to run to my mom and Paul's room, the only safe haven in the house... But I never made it to the door. Each time, I would get closer, but I would again "wake up" in my bed with that presence engulfing the room. At one point, I remember struggling to wake up and I opened my eyes. I saw her standing in front of my dresser, just standing there. But when I focused on her, she smiled. It was the most menacing thing I've ever seen. Then she forced me back under into her little torture chamber of a dream.

The dream seemed to continue for an eternity and, finally, once my fingers touched my doorknob... I woke up. I burst into tears and tried to tell myself that everything would be okay, knowing that at last I was finally awake. The time was 5:30 AM. (Nowadays, I use the time as a guide. I hate being caught off-guard, especially in my sleep, when there are spirits lurking about the house. So I stay up all night until 5:30 when I finally let myself fall asleep.)

That house had many other spirits as well. People who would stay the night would report to us in the morning that they witnessed shadow people. Our house was their playground, I swear. I'd catch one every once in a while too. People would report the silhouette of an old man in the hallway/kitchen mostly, yet they were all of varying heights and sizes.

There were 3 shadow people that would stay in my room (which was the most active part of the house). There was a tall one that would stay either in my closet or in front of the door to my closet. It was always trying to get my attention by moving erratically, it seemed curious. (I would never let on that I saw it.) The other was next to the side of the bed that I slept on. This shadow person would pace next to my bed as well. It never looked up, always looking at the ground and minding its own business. The last was on my dresser. It was a ball of shadow that would hover over it. It didn't seem sentient. Whenever I would try to bring my dog (Patches) into my room to sleep with me, he wouldn't enter the room. If I brought him in and closed the door, he would lay in the corner right next to it and face the wall. He always used to sleep on my bed with me and when I would invite him up, he wouldn't come to me. He NEVER did that before, even in the house where I would "sleepwalk".

Many small events would happen in that home. Things would disappear and reappear when you weren't looking for it anymore. Things would be manipulated. I used to sleep with my laptop next to me on the bed and, one morning, I awoke to find my laptop sitting perfectly atop its fan on the floor next to the bed (where the shadow person was and where the girl appeared to me as well). In that same spot, I found droplets of crimson in the carpet. I assumed it was blood. By the time I had noticed it, whatever the liquid was had dried and it wouldn't come out. Noises such as the icemaker would be heard without anyone in the kitchen, as well as silverware. My mom reported to me that, once, I was at school and she heard my voice from my room. I had said, loudly, "God d*mn it, Chaos!" (Chaos is my cat) On a few occasions, I would be sleeping in my room and someone would violently shake me awake. When I would look around the room, nobody would be there.

There was this one time where me, Paul, and my mom were all in the dining room. I don't remember if we were sitting there first and we stood up in shock or if we were originally standing. I guess it doesn't matter anyway. But my two cats (Ashi and Chaos) began chasing something through the house. I could feel it pass us by before my cats came tearing around the corner... And it was powerful. Nothing had ever made my cats react that way. As this was happening, the chandelier that hung over the dining table began swinging back and forth, though nobody had touched it. We were in awe as we watched this unfold.

There was another time where we were all sitting at the dining table once again. Paul and my mom were sitting across from me and I felt a presence behind me. Not directly behind me, though, at a distance. My mom had the camera and I told her to start taking pictures. In those pictures, an orange figure is standing next to the TV. There's another photo of Paul, where nobody was smoking, but there is what appears to be "smoke" in front of him. I'm fairly sure that the pictures are still on my mom's camera, maybe I can dig them up some time.

That's all the stories I have to share as of right now... But of course I have many more stories to tell. Stay tuned my friends (:

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Micsoccer14 (1 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-19)
First of all, DO NOT EVER use a ouija board! They open up the doors to very negative spirits. They're dangerous, please don't mess with them. Please be careful around them...
ali99 (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-11)
All the houses I've ever lived in has had constant activity.
ali99 (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-11)
I am also a sensitive so I understand a lot of what you are saying
KibaxChan (3 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-27)
Oh and I forgot to mention that it's all under control and I don't live in either of these houses anymore. I've cleansed my own home twice after another few experiences and I've kept it clean so far. (:
KibaxChan (3 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-27)
I do believe that my dabbling with the Ouija board in the first home made the paranormal activity a lot worse. But I was 10 years old haha. That is the first and last time I will ever mess with a Ouija board.

However I used to think that I was haunted by something I invited using the Ouija. But I've come to find that these experiences are unrelated to each other and I'm just abnormally sensitive I guess?

I did ask about the history of the home with the girl apparition and shadow people. The only thing I remember being told was that all three homes on our side of the street were haunted and mostly (if not) all the previous occupants of those homes had asked about the same thing. Otherwise, no, I don't know the history.

Thank you all for taking the time to comment. ❤
Letum (1 stories) (17 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-22)
I've heard many stories and incidents that have happened over the years to people who have used the Ouiji Board. Very few positive things have come from it. But I've read there are those who do know what they're doing and have good results. Though, again, that is far and few in between. Personally I am drawn to the boards design, it is a beautiful piece of artwork. But to touch one, or actually allow myself to use one entails far more than I really want to delve into. I hope you're able to seek help in your situation. Good Luck, Letum*
pearlangel (1 stories) (16 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-22)
Hope you will have a better time in future and I guess you should clean your house
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-22)
KibaxChan: Interesting accounts, my first impressions are that you were dabbling with the Ouija board, this itself could be the number 1 reason as to why you have experienced everything you have told us. Did you look to see the history of the homes at all? I think when you moved to the second house something obviously followed you there. If this is still occuring I suggest some action may need to be taken, or is everything under control? Thanks for sharing.

sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-22)
hsssh... I have just end up to read your story. Your experience is really creepy. How you are living there?
I think all this spirit might came from your oujja board activity. You must have opened some hell door to come this spirit in your home.

You should not have to use oujja board. Meanwhile cleaning your home can help you. 😊
johnnycashmuse (guest)
10 years ago (2014-05-22)
OUJI boards are never a good thing to 'play' with they are not toys.
Sounds like youve had a rough time of it. And that whatever that this thing is that has attatched itself to you has taken great pleasure in tormenting you and your family.
I had a similar experience at 14 and I had to have a Creole Medicine Man cleanse me and our family home, as we have native blood. I'm not sure what to offer you as you said youve had your house blessed.
Maybe see if you can get a cleansing done. Someone on here may have an easy one for you to follow.
Hope things get better for you soon.

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