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This is my first story, and the first and only time I've encountered a ghost. Although I've never had any other contact with something paranormal, I have had family members who have had experiences, and I have stories to share with all of you. I would appreciate any feedback you have, as I would love some more explanation on the following events.

It was a few years ago, and I was probably about 10 years old at the time. I was at a park with my brother, my stepsister, and her two cousins. At this particular park, there was a big hill with trees running alongside it. On the other side of the forest, was a gold course. Now, I was at the bottom of the hill, hanging out with one of my step cousins while the others were at the top. All of a sudden, they start screaming. So together, we run up to see what the issue is. Coming out from the trees, was a pinkish red, battery run jeep that small kids can drive it. Now, since we were younger. (I can't recall the exact ages, but my brother is a year older than me and my stepsister is two years older. One of the cousins was younger than me, and the other a few months older than my brother.) We didn't consider what could be wrong with it, we were too busy freaking out. I do remember, upon first arriving at the park we found children's clothing. Keep that in mind. We called the parents, and they drove over, quite unimpressed we had called for such a silly reason. They explained to us, that it was probably a battery glitch and that we were over reacting. But I remember feeling so confused because I saw a young boy, pushing the jeep up from the ditch. He was wearing a white shirt and overalls, and he had platinum blonde hair. I remember wondering why everyone was yelling at this boy, and thinking he was probably terrified.

Now, people often think I'm playing games, or they just don't believe me. Since I was younger at the time, it's technically possible my mind was just playing games. But if it was, it was very vivid. Since nobody saw the boy except for me, I like to believe the young boy felt safe around me since I'm interested in spirits.

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johnnycashmuse (guest)
8 years ago (2014-06-01)
Could be that what you saw was a ghost of a boy who had at sometime died on or around the land the park is on now. I get a feeling his family had or worked on a farm that used to be where that park is now. He died young of a sudden illness probably close to the age you were when you saw him.
He was pushing the jeep toy as you saw him because he thought it was a farm cart he used to help his dad and or uncles push. He doesn't know that he is dead and still thinks he has to work the land as his family once did. He appeared to you because I feel you happened to be at the right place at the right time nothing much else. And I feel this little guy dosent appear to many people as he dosent like to see them when they get upset at seeing him and dosent understand why they get so upset. I think you were very lucky to have seen him.

By the way in case you think I'm crazy or something I'm not... I'm a sensitive Psyhcic/Medium and picked this up reading the story and saw what it was you were talking about. Great story by the way. Look forward to any other contributions you have to make in the future.


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