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Another Shadow Figure Story


When I was a little girl I remember waking up in the middle of the night and seeing what looked to be a human entity, it was more of a shadow, but it was there off the wall and standing in the middle of my bedroom. If it was fully manifested I would say that it was staring at me. I was one of those tough little girls, not afraid of anything. I didn't scream, I can't remember if I even wanted to.

My sister was on the top bunk that night and a few years later our house was torn down, it was no longer suitable to live in, and another one was built in it's place. One night my sister and I stayed awake watching scary movies on SIFI. I laughed at my sister for covering her eyes the whole time. That's when she told me, "Chelsie, when we lived in our old house I used to see a man stand in our bedroom..." I immediately told her of my experience and she described the shadow just the way I saw it.

To this day my sister still admits to seeing the "man" but refuses to believe it was anything paranormal. My mother is the same way and she claims that her closet door flew open one night when her husband was away at work and said it scared her but she won't declare it to be paranormal.

The first time I ever had a friend over, it was a big deal! I was in the fifth grade and my classmate came over and we ate pizza and watched chick flicks. We went to sleep and she woke me up and asked me stay awake with her because she saw something. She was scared and was afraid to look around the room.

Years later when we were in Jr High, I went to her house and we were playing a computer game and had two chairs at the desk, one for me and one for her. It was late and the only light in the living room came from the computer. I went to the bathroom and when I came back I saw it again. Sitting in my chair beside of my best friend and she didn't even notice. I half screamed for her to get up and I told her what I saw. We stayed up the whole night with covers over our faces and all the lights on.

I've seen it a couple times since, always in my room. Others have heard and seen mysterious things while with me. I can feel its presence sometimes and I've even seen it in the car with a bunch of my friends. I swear it. I almost caused my friend to wreck with my scream and it took them forever to get me to calm down.

Another night at my other close friend's house her dad came home from night fishing with his buddies. Her and I were sitting in the living room in the back of the house where the front door was visible. Her dad used the key and came in. We said hey to him as he made his way to the back of the house to us. I've stayed there a lot and it's normal for him to bring home a friend or two. That's what I thought I saw coming in behind him. I asked who was with him, by then I knew all his friends by name, and he said no one. It was dark but I saw it. It went down the hall. I thought he was joking so I got up and looked. There was no one.

What is this thing? What does it want?

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MissSkeptical (3 stories) (17 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-09)
It sounds like it's attached to you? Have you had anyone close to you pass away, or attempted to make contract with spirits in the past? Because it does sound like it's attached to you and not the house. However, it sounds quite harmless, try your best to ignore it and maybe it'll leave you be.
Swimsinfire (11 stories) (556 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-08)
That's interesting. Really it sounds like a lot of different things going on in different places. Like a number of different stories all at once. The one in your house sounds like kind of a prankster, kind of cute as long as he stays positive. Don't know about the other guys.

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