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The Woman Outside


A few years ago in about 2010, I was outside, facing the back door that leads into my house and feeding my rabbits. My house is very close to my neighbour's so I was about as close to his house as I was to mine. Anyway I was done locking the rabbits up for the night and I stood up. I then felt something behind me but there was nothing there. I then felt it walk closer behind me and whisper right in my ear "Go home." It was a woman's voice and for some reason it felt like she was on her tiptoes behind me. My neighbour is an old man and his wife died a very long time ago in a hospital so I thought maybe it could be her but I'm not sure. I'm also not sure if what she said was meant in a bad way or not. I ran inside and never told anyone because I didn't think they would believe me, even though my dad has had a lot of encounters with the paranormal.

In 2012, our house got extended so that on the ground floor there are two more bedrooms and a bathroom. One of the bedrooms is now mine. To go into my new room you have to go through what used to be the back door. This makes me uncomfortable as I know I heard that voice in the place that is now my room, even if it was a good spirit it still scares me. My room is also very cold ALL the time, it's attached to the warmest room in the house and I still have to put another whole layer of clothes every time I go into my room. My parents blame this on the room being badly built, and maybe that is the reason, but the other bedroom that was built is my brother's and his room is as warm as the rest of the house.

I also got locks on both the bedroom and bathroom doors that only open from the inside of the room. However, more than once I have tried to get into my bedroom and found it locked, and once I manage to get in my bedroom I find that the bathroom is locked as well. My family all say it isn't any of them and I don't see how it could be really if I'm honest. I am worried that the woman still doesn't believe that I'm "home" and that she's in here.

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Femaelstrom (1 stories) (56 posts)
9 years ago (2014-06-03)
Who knows what or whom was buried on that land. Could be that the voice was offended you were walking over its 'remains'.

Let's face it... If they can build a parking lot over King Richard's grave, a peasant's grave could have been ANYWHERE.

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