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The Fog In The Attic


It was the summer of 2010. Me, Travis and Matt, my friends from school, were all excited to be leaving middle school and looking forward to starting high school in the following weeks. We had all decided to get together at Matt's grandma's house and play a little football and watch some TV.

His Grandma (who has since then passed away) was a very spiritual and holy woman. She would sometimes tell us all about mysterious objects, like for instance a toy football helmet, flying across the room with no obvious force behind it. We would all listen in entertainment and soon they would exit our minds as we moved our attention to other things such as girls or other things a typical young teen would focus on.

One night we was all laying there in a queen sized bed that we all slept in when we were there. Matt was sleeping on the far left side next to the window, Travis in the middle and me on the right side next to the tv. We had almost drifted off to sleep when I heard a gentle tapping on the back of the bed. I assumed the laws of physics could explain what I thought to be a natural phenomena. It was just the right pitch that I couldn't sleep due to the noice. Eventually I made everyone put there hands and feet up to make sure the knocking wasn't coming from them but still the knocking got a tad bit louder and louder until it it was easy to rule out anything ordinary being the cause.

A little startled we all walked outside, now fully awake, and decided we get to the bottom of this. Three people had died close by to his house. A baby in the trailer behind the house, a motorcyclist on the road when a tire blew out and an older man in the yard when he drank himself to death. One of us decided that me, since I was the youngest, go stand near the trailer where the baby died. Matt was the oldest so he stood where the man drank himself to death and Travis stood near the road where the motorcyclist died because he was the middle. When I stood there beside the trailer I felt a very uneasy feeling. The ground began to spin before me and turned a yellowish color and I could feel what felt like cobwebs hitting me in the face.

Scared as sh*t I ran back to meet up with Travis and Matt to tell them what had just happened. We all decided that to find out what was happening we all had to go up to the attic. Theres a big window on the other side of the attic that looks out over the yard. Matt stood on the left side of the window facing me, Travis stood at the left side of the window while I stood in the middle and faced the window.

This next part is very hard to explain so please try to bear with me. Everything was pitch black but my eyes was beginning to focus due to the light coming through the window. I could see Matt plainly after a few seconds but the harder I looked at Travis the less of him I could actually see. The longer I stared at the corner Travis was in, the more fuzzy that particular corner became. Eventually the whole corner was replaced with a very white, almost shiny fog. This fog had no definite shape. It had no feet nor hands nor head. It was only a giant almost oval shape with no definite features other than that it could have been described as fog. I could barely even see Travis because of this fog. I looked at it for a few seconds while I could feel the hair starting to stand up on my head. I was standing there stunned, staring at this thing until I heard a hiss come from it like a snake. I ran out of the room and we all ran back into the bedroom. For the rest of the night that uneasy feeling vanished. It was like there was nothing at all to worry about after that. I think this is very strange and still to this day I'm scared to stare into the dark corners of my room because I'm scared my eyes won't adjust and that the longer I stare this will happen again.

This story is 100% true and the reason I posted it is I want to find out what this could have been? Why did it knock on the bed? Why did it appear as "fog? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the read.

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sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-10)
Hi therealdill96, please do explain a few things to me. I am a little confused. You heard a sound when you guys were trying to sleep and it grew louder because of which you were not able to sleep. But how did you know 3 people died near your grandma's house and the exact locations? And what made you to go to those spots for the sound you heard in the bedroom. After what you experienced near where you stood, why you guys decided to go to the attic to find out what was happening? What is the link between the sound in the bedroom, the spots where you guys stood and the attic?

You should clarify, otherwise, I find it difficult to see the connection between them. And did you discuss with your grandma about this and if so, what was her reaction/response? But as lady-glow put it, if she had not woken up because of the sound you guys made, she should have been a very sound sleeper.

Regards and respects to you.

lady-glow (16 stories) (3159 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-09)
I do not understand what you were trying to find out going to the places where those persons died or what made you think that the answer to the "activity" you experienced in the bedroom would be in the attic. 😕
Did Matt's grandmother wake up with the noise you guys surely made while going outside and later going to the attic and run out of it to go back (running again) to the bedroom?
Perhaps the old lady was a heavy sleeper but, -did you talk to her about the mist and the tapping noise? For what you say it seems that she wouldn't try to deny or hide anything similar she had experienced.

Four years have passed since you had this experience, I think you and your friends are safe and are lucky to have a story to tell your children in the future.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
samtillie (5 stories) (242 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-09)
Is this an old house? If so they make many noises at night and because its a calmer, quieter time the noises seem louder than they would during the day. Did anyone else see the fog in the attic? I also think you need better ways of debunking! I am not doubt your experience, just this story sounds abit odd, going outside standing in three positions, ground turning yellow etc.
GhoztGhost (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-08)
First of all why did you even moved yourselves to the places where those people died?
Investigator_Girl (8 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-08)
It's hard to say but in the spot where the baby died there was some activity. Did your friends experience anything like this? The knocking I have no clue but the fog in the corner I have a guess. Something could have happened to the ghost in that specific corner. You should do some research on the knocking.

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