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Does It Come From The Attic?


Before I get on with the story, I will tell that now I am in high school and these have been happening ever since we moved to our new house. This is a fairly old house with two floors, basement and an attic next to my room. The door is in my sister's room. My sister and I live in the upstairs and rest of the family sleeps downstairs. There have been more events, but I have decided to ignore them. I have a lot to say here, so bare with me. We've lived here for 10 years now and the events started when we first moved and are still occurring.

Nothing truly alarming has ever happened, but there have been few occasions that are just really creepy.

I gotta say that I do believe in the paranormal and stuff, but I shiat you not, these have happened. Well... That is the reason I am posting this so...

One occasion was when I was about 9 or so and my younger brother was 5 years old while my sister was 7. One evening when I had already gone to bed and was asleep, my sister felt an odd presence in upstairs where she and I both live. There's no door between our room, so she saw in my room just by turning her head. The clock was about 3/3.30 am and my sister said that a scary presence had woken her up. She looked at my door way and apparently she saw a white figure just standing there in the door way. It was completely white and about two meters (6"6/6"5) tall and the figure was of a man. He did not have any facial features and he was just standing there, watching me sleep. My sister looked at it for few moments in terror and then hid under the covers.

I know that it might have been just a young child's imagination but during that time period also my brother who slept downstairs (in a room which in my opinion is the creepiest in the whole house) would often wake up crying for my mom and then he would tell her that there had been an old lady in the room. Apparently she had quite long hair and dark eyes and she was dressed in a beige old dress. I think she looked scary, but I haven't seen her myself, so I cannot say for sure. I can't remember what the lady had said to him, but it had been something really creepy and alarming. It must've been something like 'I know who you are' or "I'm watching all of you" or something like that. My brother was really scared of the lady in the room and whenever I'm in that room, or my room, I feel as if someone is watching me. There's often this shadowy figure behind me and others can feel it too.

Once my brother slept in my sister's room. I don't know if he was telling me the truth or not, but he said that suddenly he woke up one night without any rational reason. He was tightly tucked in the bed. He was practically sleeping on the blanket, but still somehow something pulled it away from him. It was pulled under the bed. My brother slept with our cat and the cat started hissing and soon ran downstairs. His tail was all puffy and because my brother was just a kid, he followed the cat to our parents' bedroom and slept there.

Not too long after that my mom decided to seal the attic because it let's cold air into upstairs. It was sealed just with duct tape, which isn't the best method, but it helped. In my room hasn't been more weird stuff until the tape was removed because we had to put more stuff in the attic. Then I decided to do the same thing my mom did in the master bedroom few weeks earlier.

She had been alone in the house and she too believes in the supernatural and she too had this feeling that here's someone or something else too. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and just asked

"If here's someone else besides me, please give me a sign."

The lights in that room, only in that room, switched off and after three seconds they flicked back on. She decided not to continue talking to the entity.

Anyway, I was in my room and decided to ask if there was someone with me. First I heard tapping on my wall, it was like someone was drumming the wall with all their fingers very violently. The voice was loud and it started from behind me, came next to me and stayed there for a while, I looked at the spot I heard it from and there was nothing to be seen, just the tapping. Then it circled my and my sister's room twice. I too decided to stop talking to entity. I had watched OUIJA movies and (I was like 12, don't judge me) I thought that I needed to say goodbye to it, so I placed a bottle on the floor and told that I was going to stop now and if it didn't approve of it, it should tip the bottle over within 10 seconds. It didn't fall and and I told it goodbye.

The attic was sealed again and nothing happened in 6 years, but the the attic was opened again...

Here was something creepy that caused me to stiffen in horror was on August 2016, not that long ago. It was a night and I was going to bed around 2.30am. (My bed is situated next to a wall and the ceiling is weird. Next to the wall it starts 10 cm above my bed and then rises to its normal height, 2 meters. I suck at explaining it. There's no room under my bed, at least not for anything larger than a kitten) Anyways I was just about to fall asleep when I felt someone crawling next to me from the side of the wall. It was quite heavy and moved slowly. I have a big dog, but if it had been her, she would've been way more energetic and licked me before laying on my other side.

She never sleeps next to the wall. Never. I felt a breath on my neck and just tried to ignore the shifting of weight near my back. It moved back and forth for few minutes and then stopped when its hands or whatevers were next to my head. I didn't hear a thing so it didn't breathe. My own breathing was irregular and fast.

I was really annoyed by it and then I swung at it and my hand didn't touch anything, but I felt sudden coldness. It may have been just a coincidence, but almost immediately after that my sister spoke in her sleep. All I heard was my name, but she said something else too which I didn't hear, because I always sleep with my music on and Avenged Sevenfold blocked the rest of her words. Soon the presence disappeared and I was able to sleep for the rest of the night.

Few years ago when my godmother was visiting us after her mom had died, me, my mom and she had a really weird conversation around our kitchen table.

My mom had been walking at a city my godmother's mom used to live in and then a woman came towards my mom. She smiled at her and my mom smiled back, as a reflex and then she felt confused. My mom was dumbfounded, she had seen the lady somewhere else before. It took about ten seconds or so for it to strike her. It was my godmother's mother, who had already been buried. My mom looked behind her, the pavement didn't have many people walking on it, and the lady my mom had seen, had vanished. There were no alleys she could've turned to.

After telling this story our kitchen lights started fading and fading and fading until they were almost off and then they grew super bright super fast then regaining their normal lightness. Oh, and our lights have only the on/off mode, so the volume of light cannot be changed...

We found this fairly creepy...

Then again on June 2016, mom and dad were in the kitchen and suddenly the cooker hood, or whatever it is called, started humming. There're 4 stages of power on it and first it took the 1st stage and the light went on and off. My dad stepped away from it and it turned down. He just looked at it like what the f*c k was that, but soon he went back to making salad or something. After ten seconds or so it turned on again this time louder, then it stopped and went back on again. He tried to turn it off, but it wouldn't respond.

But the creepiest thing so far happened the same day as the previous one.

It was around noon and my younger brother, age five, let's call him Ed, was eating spaghetti and watching tv. Suddenly he froze completely and dropped his fork down with a loud clank. He slowly turned to look at my dad and watched him with wide eyes. My dad was like 'what's going on?' and then Ed said:

"Do you remember when you were at our place and cried a lot because of that bear movie?" My dad was baffled by Ed's words. Ed looked back at the tv and continued eating as if nothing happened. Soon after that dad went to smoke and then he remembered that when he was a kid, he had been at his grandparents' house and watched a documentary about bears. The documentary caused him to see a nightmare and he cried multiple times throughout the night. He slept with his grandparents that night. Okay well the grandparents are dead, so this really caused chills to run down our spines. My dad later asked Ed, did he remember what had happened. He said that he remembered what he ate and what he was watching, but when asked whether he remembered the words he had said, he looked at us as if we had gone mad. "No... I didn't say anything. I just ate", was his reply.

Note to self: re-seal the damn attic

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InTheNight (2 stories) (34 posts)
2 years ago (2022-02-23)
But i'd say it's pretty obvious it comes from the attic. You should always seal it immediately after accessing it. This may sound like a reach, but maybe try to make a salt circle in the attic around the hatch. Salt works on almost everything in the myths, at least keeping them from going over the salt. Maybe you should also have the attic examined, just in case you'll find something significant or disturbing that could be connected to it.
InTheNight (2 stories) (34 posts)
2 years ago (2022-02-23)
The first partition scared the shiat out of me, because I thought it was about our house, the description was very similiar except for the fact that our attic hatch isn't in anybody's room, but at the end of the stairs next to our doors.

Afterwards I also realized this couldn't have been written by my brother because he was seven in 2016, and we only start learning basic english at age seven in school.
Erieri98 (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-24)
[at] Bibliothecarius
This house wasn't owned by any relatives. We moved to a neighboring town to the countryside so that us kids could go out without folks having to panic about busy roads and stuff and that makes it even more odd.
As of the fan I don't think that they did anything that should've triggered it to go on, but I wasn't there myself, so I can't be 100% sure. It has now had more malfunctioning. It doesn't always turn off when the button is pushed so you often need to try again. Still it never has turned on or off without any buttons being pushed after that incident.

In the attic we have all kinds of stuff. Old toys, clothes, decorative pieces and mattresses. It is very small for an attic and the ceiling is diagonal there too so there really isn't room for any furniture. I am not sure do we have anything that was left from my dad's grandparents, but I talked about this incident of my brother's with my mom few weeks ago.

She said that it was especially creepy because the first 3 siblings my mom had with my stepdad (I called him dad) and the 1st and 2nd were born so that the other was born the same day my dad's granddad had been born and the other the day that he had died and "Ed's" name is the granddad's name. It may not mean much but you got to admit that it is fairly odd.

I was only 8yo when we moved in here but I remember that in upstairs here lived a pair of Siblings, a girl and a boy. They were in high school by that time and they left us with two desks and chairs to keep in the house. I highly doubt that the attic has been used as a bedroom, because the floor there is made of fairly old wood that has splinters. It also is very cold.

(The house in itself is in the Southern part of Finland)

I gratefully accept the tea. I'm quite relieved that here hasn't been happening anything weird after the latest phenomenon but one cannot assume that every day there's something odd going on:)

I'm actually very happy that you found the time to red this and I'm sorry if the explanations were a bit hard to understand at some points. English isn't my first language, as you see.

Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
7 years ago (2016-10-24)
Greetings Erieri98, and welcome to YGS.

There is a lot of information and description in your account, but the first -and possibly most relevant- detail is not included: from whom did your family buy/inherit the house?

I'm asking because it is not uncommon to inherit a property upon the death of an elderly relative, nor is it unreasonable to purchase a home from an elderly relative so that individual can afford to move into -for example- an assisted care facility. If some of the phenomena are related to your father's grandparents, did they live there?

In the following paragraphs, I'm trying to rule out ordinary explanations for some of the events, so that you are left with clearly-identifiable paranormal phenomena which cannot be explained through ordinary means.

What does your family keep in the attic? I can't imagine it is anything particularly important, as you state " mom decided to seal the attic because it let's cold air into upstairs. It was sealed just with duct tape... In my room hasn't been more weird stuff until the tape was removed because we had to put more stuff in the attic." Then you mention opening up the sealed space, "nothing happened in 6 years, but the the attic was opened again." Does your family store objects you've inherited from your dad's grandparents in the attic? Is there any evidence of the attic being used for anything except for storage (e.g.: another bedroom) before your family moved into the home?

Sealing off the space certainly would reduce the number of cold drafts, etc, but the temperature differential would cause any wooden beams or planks to creak more easily if they extend from inside the attic to better-insulated rooms outside the attic. If I recall correctly, about 1/4 of Finland's landmass reaches into the arctic circle, but doesn't make it to the Barents Sea because of Stalin's "Winter War." Depending upon where you are in Finland, that temperature differential could be responsible for some of the creaking/tapping noises, but certainly not for all of the phenomena you've listed.

As for the stove, I recently bought a house, and discovered -much to my surprise- the extractor fan in the stove hood can turn itself on if there's enough steam to trip a sensor. As I was boiling water for tea, this was startling, but easily explained. I have trouble imagining a scenario in which chopping cold vegetables for a summer salad would do this, unless your father was also boiling eggs to eat with the salad. If it was the first time in 10 years that the fan has behaved this way, I'd recommend just trying to boil water in a tea kettle to see if the fan turns itself on to rule out a mundane explanation. If nothing else happens, the fan's behavior is still unexplained, but you've got a nice hot cup of tea to comfort you. 😊

Thanks for sharing all of these details with us;


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