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Haunted Attic And Possession?


This happened in the year 2013 when I had completed my bachelor's degree and was in search of a job.

I thought the better job opportunities are when to step out of your boundaries and try your luck in a new place so I went to Delhi with a couple of my friends. We were not planning a vacay there so we needed a place to stay ASAP, the hotels were quite expensive considering our budget so we decided to stay on rent.

It was really tiresome as we were walking around in the scorching sun looking for a room meeting with rejection everywhere we try. Nobody was willing to rent a house or even a single room for 2 months, they required some permanent tenants who would stay for like years or so. Others were charging double or triple the price of the actual rent. There was this one old man I remember said that he don't rent a place to bachelors.

I was seriously annoyed by that still at last we found a place to stay, there was this kind old lady who offered us 3 different rooms on the second floor to stay in quite affordable rate.

To be honest when I first approached this lady there was something off about her, I didn't know what but she gave me a strange vibe. I didn't wanted to sound rude since she was the one who helped us in need so I just dealt with it. The rooms were spacious and neat, so I took the one across the hallway shared by my buddy Manav the other one at the end of the floor was taken by Saswat and his girlfriend Neena, while Raghu wanted his own space so he chose the attic.

All three rooms were very close that on opening the door of one we can peep into the other. Manav had an interview on the following day so I had to sleep alone at night.

At around 3:00 am. I woke up to the sound of someone rushing from the attic to the hallway and finally down the stairs, I didn't think much of it believing it to be Raghu walking around. He actually has a history of sleep deprivation.

But I once again heard the same sound of someone rushing from the attic to the hallway, it was not possible since no one except Raghu was there, I was puzzled as I thought he was headed downstairs, I still went to sleep. The next morning I asked Raghu whether he was running up and down last night to which he shook his head in denial, Neena interrupted saying that she heard the same but also believed it to be Raghu. Weird incidents followed to our stuff being stolen, and Saswat noticing a woman with long hair and pale body standing near Raghu's closet.

Manav being unaware of the situation saw a figure staring down at him from the attic floor every night he returns to his room, I heard a landline phone ringing at night at around the same time however there is no landline in the house at all. The most noticeable trait of all was the denial of Raghu and the owner to these situations. Raghu started to look more sleep deprived than before with bags appearing under his eyes, he refused to see us anymore and never let anyone inside his room. Everytime we saw him the more gloomier he looked.

He had a usually dark vibe surrounding him all the time. He stopped eating much and used to ask Neena for comb and other weird stuffs like baby food, rattle, toys and sometime her clothes. We were worried about him so we decided to check on him. As soon as I touched his door I felt this sickly vibe in me, it was so strong that I wanted to puke. I felt terribly nauseous but still managed to open the door to see him talking to the wall all by himself.

We were really terrified to see him in such a state. When he noticed us he started behaving like a crazy maniac throwing stuffs at us to go away. He was screaming at the top of his lungs to go away. At that point he resembled a living zombie. Manav claimed that he used to see apparition of strange kids near Raghu whenever he tried to talk to him.

The next day we all packed our bags, and left. We somehow managed to tie Raghu up with a rope, placed him on a rickshaw and left. After reaching a few miles from the house Raghu felt the urge to puke and lost consciousness for a while.

After coming back to senses he recalled that he would notice creepy apparitions of people around him whispering in his ear to STAY WITH THEM, rest of all is not known to him. We were so terrified that we immediately rode a train back home.

It's been years now and each one of us is well settled. I've now lost contact with Raghu, but all I know is that he's a real estate agent in DELHI.

I've never gotten back to the area still I always believe that the lady had something to do with it.

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TheTantrik (10 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-04)
Irrespective of what others think here, I believe your story.

Lemme explain. The hindi word for ghost is generally "Bhoot", which also means "Past". This is so as most spirits are trapped in their past, they are miserable, and they have a sphere of influence beyond which they cannot go. The reason your friend got cured is because you had gone beyond the influence of the spirit.
TravisCannabis (70 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-03)
Sorry pal, I have to agree with the part about the rickshaw is kind of sketchy, and the lovebirds not wanting privacy, nah! 😜
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-30)
Just a thought - maybe the young man wasn't possessed by a demon but a spirit. From what I've read, demonic possession seems to be the more complex and difficult to sort of the two while a spirit can seemingly pop in and out of a human host at will. Perhaps when you travelled too far away from the building that was its "home" the spirit no longer had the power it needed to maintain its hold on him and departed back to its base.

And if it was a demon, perhaps not all demons possess the same strength. Maybe some are weaker and therefore easier to rid oneself of than others.
WontTellYouMyName (3 stories) (9 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-27)
Hi Socracy5,

That was a pretty interesting story. I just have a couple questions and I hope you'd be so kind as to answer them, to help me understand your experience better.

1- "He had a usually dark vibe surrounding him all the time. He stopped eating much and used to ask Neena for comb and other weird stuffs like baby food, rattle, toys and sometime her clothes." Was all this a gradual shift in behaviour or extremely sudden? I bet its strange to ask your friend's girlfriend for her clothes.

2- "I felt terribly nauseous but still managed to open the door to see him talking to the wall all by himself. We were really terrified to see him in such a state. When he noticed us he started behaving like a crazy maniac throwing stuffs at us to go away. He was screaming at the top of his lungs to go away." Just wanted to probe a bit, you mentioned the room had a negative vibe and that you were made to leave immediately the first time you tried to enter, however, what was it like the second time you tried to make your way into the room to get your friend to leave? And what was the room like? What was his behaviour like? I just want to know if there were telltale signs of possesion. Like your talking in tongues, twitching of the body, extreme aggression, aversion to religious paraphernalia, etc.

I know these are a lot of questions but they would help clear thigs out.

And Lady-glow,

I'm from India, and don't even for a second worry about being accused of not believing an "indian" story. I know the story and the comment you were referring to and to be honest it was a bit of a stretch, the story I mean. Cheers!
lady-glow (16 stories) (3159 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-25)

Thanks for replying.

I'm going straight to the point.

Even though the paranormal world isn't written in stone, there are some aspects to it that tend to follow a certain pattern.

Could you be more specific about the time period within which Raghu got possessed? Did it happen almost instantly or was it a gradual process?

What about the stolen stuff? Did you recovered it or was it gone for good? If found, was it amongst Raghu's belongings?

Did Raghu manage to find a job or did he spend all the time locked in the attic?
If the former, did his demeanour change during the time he was out of the house?
If the latter, would it be possible that he was taking the stuff and hiding it?

I find it odd that the possession, if that's what really happened, would end only by physically distancing Raghu from the house and by him throwing up.

Are you sure Raghu wasn't exposed to some harmful factor, like an electromagnetic field or a toxic gas, that could have affected his behaviour and was present only in the attic of the house? That could explain you feeling nauseous when going upstairs.

Furthermore, a possession as severe as the one you have described in your narrative would have required of a much more drastic treatment, something like a full-blown exorcism or, at least, some prayers like reciting the Hanuman Chalisa, or some other religious ritual in order to free the person from whatever negative energy that was controlling them.

As a side note, the movie "The Exorcist" would have been very short and not as scary if Linda Blair had been cured after emptying her stomach of that awful green vomit! (kidding).

I don't know if you see my point, I'm not blaming you if no throughout paranormal investigation mas done before assuming that Raghu was possessed, or if an underlying health factor coupled with one, or more, external element/s made him act so out of character but, in my opinion, there are some aspects on your story that need more details and additional information.

Lastly, did the rickshaw driver take you guys (forcibly) to the police station or did the police come to pick you up?
Were all of you able to find jobs an, if so, did you abandon them just like that, without a proper notice to your bosses? What about your salaries and any chance to use those companies as a reference for any future job?

I have no rift about Indian stories, I'm only curious and ask a lot of questions.
Socracy5 (3 stories) (64 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-25)
"feverish complexion in her toes" by this I meant unusually pale to the extent of being nearly transparent.

"Huh...really". Yes, this story is real. I don't have any particular source to prove it honestly so all I can say take my friend's number to confirm, if you want it that way. I don't think the sole purpose of the very existence of this site is to narrate believable stories but to share real experiences. If the story was to have a believable taste to it with all of the flavours added, then no less it should be a movie. Honestly, it's not even in my any interest to make story believable it depends on reader. Thank you.

Moving on,

Yes, Neena was comfortable, we've been friends since childhood. Her parents are pretty open-minded and believe us to be trust-worthy of having their daughter's companionship. Nevertheless, she is an adult capable of taking her own decisions. Not a stereotypical situation, Sorry. For instance, she is now happily married but still loves to hang out with us. It's only a matter of faith and true feeling of friendship.

I didn't included the story of the rickshaw driver as I felt it was nowhere connected to my original tale.

Further, I didn't felt the exact location of the house was necessary.

Not trying to start an argument but by highlighting your rift about Indian stories is somehow grabbing more attention than you want it to be. Sorry not sorry.

Thanks for not believing in my story it's somehow motivates me to improve myself. English is not my first language and I'm trying to convey my words as precisely and simply as possible.

Postive criticism accepted.

lady-glow (16 stories) (3159 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-25)
Huh... Really?!?

"Nobody was willing to rent a house or even a single room for 2 months"

Was Neena okay with the idea of sharing a room with her boyfriend AND with three other young men?!?

I know it didn't come to that but, in my opinion, hardly any woman would agree to such an inconvenient arrangement.


Even knowing that I'm risking to be accused of not believing your story only because it is from India, I would suggest for you to read several times your narrative before submitting it for publication.

The way I see it, and please note that this is only my opinion and may differ from the opinion of other people, it looks as if your current narrative is a rushed product of procrastination, and as if you were improvising any new ainformation only to cover up the things that make no sense in your original tale.

As an example, why not to mention the incident about the rickshaw driver and the police station in the original story instead of suggesting that all of you got into the vehicle and then to the train?

Think about the importance of first impressions; the lack of details on your original story, even if real, can make it look like a work of fiction.

I mean this as positive criticism, my apologies for being so blunt.

And since I'm asking questions, would you mind to clarify what you mean by "feverish complexion in her toes" from the Goddess in your previous tale?

I'll appreciate your feedback.
Socracy5 (3 stories) (64 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-25)
I just want to correct that I by mistakenly wrote "second floor in my story but it was first floor actually. The house had only one floor.

Thank you ❤
Socracy5 (3 stories) (64 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-25)
Hello gypsyking410,

Kindly read my above post to sds for the answer of your first question and

Secondly, the rickshaw driver was totally convinced that we are some kind of kidnappers trying to take Raghu away hence, refused to start his vehicle.

He at first threatened to contact the police and we had to explain to him the whole scenario but still we ended up in the police station but luckily Raghu had came back to his senses by that time and we could talk to the officer and had to pay a 300 rs to prove we are innocent. It a mess in all.

Thanks for reading by the way:)
Socracy5 (3 stories) (64 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-25)
Hi sds,

The place as far as I recall was in Begum vihar rohini sector 33, New delhi, well we have talked to that old lady (house owner) on the ground floor, she alloted the first floor to us, the house was quite spacious although it had only one floor.

No matter how much we talked about this to her she would never believe a single word saying that we're only pulling a prank to scare her and she'll throw us out if we continue this any longer.
And I somehow doubt her that she was lying and knew what was happening. It was 2013 so the neighborhood houses were quite separated so it was less likely they would know or were even interested in other people's affairs especially since that old woman lived there alone.

Just to say, I didn't felt like the entire house was haunted but only the attic area, don't know.

I kind of had this theory on the back of my mind that the old lady maybe murdered her family but guess I watch too much of horror stuffs.

Anyways, thanks for reading:)
sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-24)
Hi Socracy5, I have some questions to ask. What area it was in Delhi that you guys stayed, if possible, you can tell us the location? And you said that some of your friends have seen a woman with a long hair and pale body, the other seeing a figure staring down at him etc. I feel that these must have happened for quite a few days atleast. When all these things happened, did you discuss among yourselves and enquired in the neighbourhood about your experiences.

Generally, when a house is haunted, as you have narrated, the neighbours will know about it. Even after you have moved in, someone might have cautioned you guys about it.

And what was the reaction of the landlady when you mentioned about the sound of someone going down the stairs. Did it happen only on one day or it was a regular feature.

Kindly respond.

Regards and respects to you.

gypsyking410 (13 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-24)
Hi Socary5, did any one of you speak to the old woman about these incidents that you all faced? Usually that's the first thing any tenant would do, speak to the person who rented the house to them.

Was the rickshaw driver not surprised as to why your friend Raghu is tied up with rope? What did the he have to say?

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