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I have more real and strange stories what happened in my life and I really need your opinion about all of this. I can say I am a honest person who don't want to lose the time writing a fake stories, so let's start:

I come from Romania, but now I live in Netherlands with my boyfriend. This is the first time when I share my experiences on this site, but I read many experiences of other people's. When I was small I was with my mother and my stepfather in his village, in vacancy in mountain area, for many times, that time I was between 4-10 years old. One afternoon, I was outside alone and playing in the garden in the front of the house (because other kids was at home if I remember good), and my mother was cooking in the kitchen from backside of the house. A strange thing starts to happen, because suddenly two men appear in the front of the fence, they was looking horribly dressed, like in the rags, broken clothes and dirty, horribly looking at the faces, anyway looking almost like an old sailors or pirates, and with the rising knifes in the hands. And they told me in terrible voices to go there at the fence. So I was very scared and I felt like my heart was pounding my chest breathless break, and I ran back behind the garden, climbed the stairs and went into the kitchen to my mother who asked me what happened, but I said nothing, for fear of being considered crazy, although I know very sure what happened.

After some time I went back and there was no one at the gate.

The second story is about me and my mother, the same when I was child she was going with me at the school, and to get to school were several variants of roads, but that morning we went on the road near an Orthodox church near our house church that is surrounded by a fence of stone and iron, but so that one can sit on the fence of stone. So back to our story, as we were walking (mother hurrying because I was late), I saw on the fence two women, one older and the other was a girl appeared when we passed them. I turned my head only to them, my mother looked ahead on the road as soon as we get preoccupied at school, and when I looked at the two, they smiled, and in that moment, to my great surprise, I saw that both canines were longer than the other teeth. I was scared sick and when I first started to go faster, while my mother and asked her if she saw the same thing as me. She told me that she did not see anything. Just do not know what to think about what I saw, being very sure of what I saw that morning... And neither were other people on the road, being around 7 am, just us and those very strange people.

The third story begins in 2001 when my grandfather died after 7 years laying in bed because of a stroke. He died when I was in my room. Still being a teenager, I had no courage to go in the room where he died, but my grandmother told me, the clock on the wall of his room, a pendulum, stopped when he died. As is customary in Orthodox religion, the body of my grandfather stayed in the house for two days until they arranged preparations to be taken to a chapel. The first night I slept late, and I felt a little uncomfortable, and scared, but I sat in bed. I pulled the blanket over my head, hoping to fall asleep, but I was still awake, with eyes open under the covers, when I heard a sudden knocking on the window three specific, fingernails, which I immediately recognized as my grandfather, as it did every time he come home and he specifically announce me as a child. This thing scared me very much. Knowing that he was dead, I think he gave me a sign from the other side that he is still in the house. The next night, my mother heard a sound like something falling on her bedside nightstand, and the next morning when she woke there was nothing down. And after years, I could hear different noises during the nights spent there in my childhood home. One night I heard heavy steps on the floor by my bed. My mother told me that she still hears strange noises in the night time without explanation. One night she heard steps behind the refrigerator, although there is nothing. My mother still lives in that house, and the stories my grandmother knows in that courtyard where other houses was before, were bombed in the World War II. There was two holes of the bombs, and my grandfather found in the ground bones of human fingers, that was before building the current house, with almost 60 years ago.

And my fourth story takes place very recently. Now I am 30 years old. Three months ago, being here in the Netherlands, my friend was at work. It was a Friday, and I thought to take a shower. The bathroom is upstairs. When I entered the bathroom and turned on the shower suddenly I heard a sharp sound and I knew that the first time when I came out of the bathroom, it was actually a fire alarm that know and will detect smoke. It is situated in front of the bathroom above the stairs. After about a half minute automatically closed, I looked around, I smelled no trace of smoke. I do not know what to say about this story because it never happened so, although until then were also steam coming out of the bathroom. When my boyfriend came home I told him, and he did not know what to say, because it's never happened before or after. Anyway I can say that I have a kind of anxiety when I climbing upstairs and is dark.

If anyone can help me by telling me what is the meaning of all those happenings in my life, is free to comment, I mention again the stories are very real, as experienced by myself. Thank you!

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angelina11 (7 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-30)
there is a saying that a demon MAY choose a person to torture.
Calthrow (10 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-29)
OK I agree about the fire alarm battery check it to make sure the 2 men could be ghost or living just know if your gut feeling is there is something off go with it. I have never questioned mine thank the gods. It has saved my life a few times but that is another story the two girls on the wall they could have longer then normal teeth or they may not blood drinker are in all history every one has a story about them so you know that tells me there is something to them I hope not to meet one but I think they are out there the sounds in the house could be it settling but with the bone it most likely there Echo or they are not at rest and need to be you grandfather was saying good buy I would think these are my guess nothing more but they may help the best to you and Blessed Be
Ladyhawk84 (1 stories) (6 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-26)
Thank you BadJuuJuu, elnoraemily and xlauraloux for sharing your opinion, God Bless you all! 😊
xlauraloux (20 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-25)
Just a thought, the taps from your grandfather may of been his goodbye to you I wouldn't let it scare you as I'm sure he loves you very much and wouldn't of wanted to scare you x

My fire/smoke alarm sometimes goes off when running a shower/bath the steam sets it off so we have to make sure the bathroom windows are wide open if we want the bathroom door open so that maybe why.
elnoraemily (guest)
10 years ago (2014-08-25)
I will also agree that those two men were most likely very human and out to cause harm. Their voices may now sound horrible to you, because of the fear (rightly so) that you connect to that event. You may have perceived it as paranormal because of the frightening appearance and the instinctual knowledge that you were in danger. It is a great thing that you ran to safety.

As for the teeth, I can promise that is fairly normal. I have multiple friends that have naturally pointy and large teeth (this has led to many cosplays as vampires by them). I also have a friend with hypodontia, where too many teeth grow. I think it was really just two nice people smiling at you, and being little, your imagination took over.

That house's history sounds quite amazing.
Keeping the body in the house may have kept his spirit around and he just figured he would say hello (the familiar knocking on the window).

I am definintely going to echo BJJ's thoughts of changing the batteries in the smoke detector. Better safe than sorry. I had one as a child that would beep everyday, no matter what. It ended up having a little short in one of the wires. So, yes, safety first!

Keep in mind, these are just theories based upon what it sounds like to us. You are the only one who knows exactly what you experienced. I hope you are well and best wishes!
BadJuuJuu (guest)
10 years ago (2014-08-25)
As far as the smoke detector goes, I would say change the batteries. Some smoke detectors will go off when the batteries are close to dying, so that could have a perfectly boring explanation. But, for safety's sake, replace the batteries.
The two men you saw as a child, to me, were probably not ghosts but just a pair of degenerates. I'm glad that you ran to your mother, they could have hurt you quite badly. My opinion is that the greatest danger is from the living.
I do believe that departed relatives can sometimes try to say goodbye, and it's possible that your grandfather was saying his farewells.
With the history of the property, it's not terribly surprising that strange sounds are heard in the house you grew up in. WWII was a tragic period, and it's imprint will be felt for a long time to come.

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