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Old House, Odd Occurrances


For back story, I've lived in the house this occurred in for a long time, since I was 5. It was built in 1886 and we've had some contact with previous owners, there were two families that owned it before us, the ones that built it and a family after they moved on that rented it out and completely renovated it before selling to my family. It is close to the railroad depot and the original owner used to work for the railroad (a bit unrelated, but again, just some backstory). I don't know of any deaths that actually occurred in the home unless you count my brother, who died there in 1998 at the age of 19.

When I was much younger, I used to feel very uncomfortable in the house and if I was left home alone it was not uncommon for me to gather the pets and sit out in the yard to wait for someone to come home. I recall a sleep-over when I was in grade school (early 90's) and we slept in the living/front room. The next day a couple of girls claimed to have seen a male figure walk down the stairs and disappear. We used to play 'stiff as a feather light as a board' and other similar games, even went to the park a few blocks down that used to be a cemetery and still has indentations from graves in it and try to communicate with the dead, so it was fairly common for us to 'play' at these ghost games, and I never quite took this particular account seriously.

At one point I recall, maybe a few years after that, we had a black cat that was of calm disposition and he out of the blue parked himself in front of the master bedroom closet, stiffened up with the hair on his spine sticking up and growled at the top left corner of the closet for a good 10 minutes. I just stood there and tried to figure out what he was looking at but there was nothing, I tried to get his attention or move him away but just couldn't get him to budge.

A couple of years ago we remodeled the upstairs. We went from having three bedrooms and 1/2 bath to 2 bedrooms, expanding a closet and a full bath. After the renovations were complete, I was in my room cleaning and putting things away. I saw, not quite out of the corner of my eye because I definitely saw it, a dark figure move up from the stairs into the bathroom. Assuming it was my mom, I set down what I had in my hands and walked over there, only to find no one in there. I went downstairs and found that my mom was at the back of the house and no one else was there.

I vaguely recall hearing that sometimes renovations stir up energies, though I don't know much about that theory. I also happened to work with a lady that used to rent the house in the 80's. She and her family believed the house was haunted and told me her stories as well, so I feel there's genuine energy still trapped there. Any insight would be helpful!

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