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The Odd Room In A Rather Sunny House


This is my first attempt to share a story here. I have been reading accounts here since 2013. I have Googled "ghost stories" and this site came up first. But it was only very recently that I decided to make an account and be a real part of the community.

I have always looked for the most logical explanations to everything weird that happens, whether to me or to other people. But some are just too hard to explain. The first story I am sharing happened when I was five. We lived for a time in a duplex in the southern part of Metro Manila. The family who occupied the other door was my parent's friend's. There was an old lady with her two grown up daughters. We barely saw them.

The front yard and the backyard are really spacious, surrounded by a high fence. There are avocado, tamarind, and mango trees. Beyond the fence at the back of the house, there was an open field where cows and their calves roam. This was in the early 90s.

During afternoons, my siblings and I would play in the backyard. Occasionally, if mom isn't busy, she'd give the boys a haircut in that backyard, too. It was one of those times that one of the curious things happened. We were playing, while my mom was busy trimming our eldest brother's locks, who was six at that time. There were only two rooms and the three of us kids occupied the larger room facing the backyard.

Without warning, the television in our room turned itself on. We also heard the dial click. The TV in that room neither have a remote nor buttons. Only dials. The volume started cranking up until it was very loud. Then slowly, the the volume began decreasing until we heard the thing turn itself off.

We were all frozen. My mom looked at us, checking our reaction while wondering herself what just happened. I laughed. I said it must be daddy! But my mom did not answer. He was at work that time. My younger sibling was three so I decided to go into the house and check our room. I ran and came up with nothing. The front door was locked and I checked every corner of the house if our father went home early. None.

Mom took away the TV from that room. Even before that event, I really felt weird in that room. I wasn't a scairdy cat and I did some crazy things as a kid. But everytime I was in that room alone, I feel unwell. The rest of the house is sunny and cheerful. Only that room feels odd for some reason my young mind could not understand.

There were times when my brothers and I are in front of the closet, playing with our toys (because it is easier to clean up and haul them back in after playing) and we could hear some muffled conversation of small voices inside the closet when we're home alone. We would just think it could be the neighbor's but the walls between the units are really thick, we could never hear a thing from the other side. And that part of closet is not really very close to the common wall.

The creepiest thing was one night, I couldn't sleep. The lights are off. It was really dark, save for a bit of moonlight by the window. Something or someone began whistling near the window. Slow and soft whistle. Not a song. But it really shook me. What if there is an intruder by the window? Suddenly, I feel some things crawling on my arm. I thought it was ants but I couldn't catch any. It was like when you are standing on really high grass and they start to brush against your arm.

I closed my eyes and prayed really hard. My siblings were asleep and I prayed for their protection as well. I fell asleep after the dreadful feeling went away.

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Amor (5 stories) (64 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-09)
Hi Tweed,

Thank you for reading my story. When it turned itself on and started blaring, it was airing an advertisement on detergent. Then followed by an afternoon show chitchat. It was rather quick. But still creepy when I remember it.

The whistling was terrifying. I'm not sure about the history of the house but it's been vacant for a long time. When we occupied it, it looked neglected until mom did some magic cleaning, repairing things. Just that room feels really weird. I got night terrors and woke up at wee hours at night while we were there.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-09)
Hi Amor,

Reading your description of the old TV controls really takes me back. Do you recall what was on the TV when it switched on?
The whistling thing sounded very scary. It may have been a nice ghost, one who checked on you sometimes. But I'm glad you said a prayer and were able to sleep soundly. Do you know the history of that home?

Thanks for sharing, and welcome to the site after being a silent reader for some time. 😊

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