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Odd Experiences- The Conclusion


Submitting this narrative reenforce the memories of the past weeks, the uncertainty, confusion, dread, distraught probably many such words as definition of this event but neither seems to satisfy the definition of the uncalled mishappenings which took place.

In my previous narrative, I've described about the sudden instance of the weird events taking place for alternate days or weeks, the possible reason still under doubt.

Later the day, after I replied to a few of the comments on my previous encounter, I was distracting myself with all of the world affairs, reading a little of the present scenario of this Covid-19 issue and stuffs. I was not feeling as bright as I generally tend to be. I was pretty exhausted or maybe I was exhausting myself by thinking more and more of the incidents happened.

It was around 8:30 p.m or so when I got up from the bed in order to prepare dinner for my work-enthusiastic husband who has helped me a lot with the chores today. We had our dinner late and I again went back to the bedroom, my husband asked to join later since he had a few of the documents to file. I pretended to lie down but couldn't fall asleep. I was lurking around my bed or moving from side to side but couldn't find myself at ease.

A few hours later the bedroom door slightly opened although I didn't turn around but I could sense it was my husband trying to check on me. Few moments passed once again the door budged open, it happened for about 3-4 times until it stopped. I, initially found it odd since it was out of his habit to check on me. So, I decided to go to his desk to see what he's doing. I went downstairs to his office desk to find him not there, I called his name (Aman) and headed along the lit hallway to see him standing near the living room. I asked him what he's doing here but to my surprise he looked even more surprised than me and asked me

" How did you came from that side?". Initially he refused to talk of this and went on with "never mind" but while heading upstairs he paused and asked "Have you been walking downstairs along the hallway"? In obvious sense my answer was a "no". I asked to specify what he saw and this is what he told me.

" While I was done filing my documents I went outside to have some water while I was heading towards the kitchen I saw someone was walking towards the backyard, I initially couldn't make out the image I saw and believed it to be you. I followed "it" but found nothing there. I was heading back but could visualize the figure running back down the hallway towards the living room and back again a few times."

Now, I was a little scared and could understand why he came to check on me repeatedly. I knew it would be waste to explain his skeptic mind that it is probably something paranormal so I left it to his imagination, but deep down I was scared and knew it is something else.

The next day I woke up rather early at about 5:30a.m (ish). I was experiencing a terrible headache as I'm pretty bad at handling stress. I thought I'll grab a coffee to ease myself a bit but the incident of last night continued to revolve around in my head. My head felt terrible so I had to go down, I assured myself it's already morning and headed down, I was still cautious walking along the hallway not to encounter anything on the way. While I was stirring the coffee still grabbing my head tightly, I suddenly felt this weird feeling. I don't know how to describe but I suddenly felt fearful, afraid of whatever I didn't know. I had this urge to look out the window towards the backyard even though I didn't wanted to. It seemed like whatever this intense feeling was was attracting me towards the window.

I couldn't run, scream or move even an inch. I closed my eyes for a while and was not planning to open it but when I opened it a little my head have already turned towards the window although I don't remember moving it. I looked outside the window but it seemed to be unusually foggy, though it was not rainy outside. I continued to gaze outside not on my will, to see something disturbing. The same white figure emerging out of the well. Initially, stretching it's arm outside then it's entire body little by little.

The thing had no face, no expressions literally nothing. It just emerged and stood there. It wasn't moving or anything but only stood there glancing at something. The entire moment felt like an eternity. This thing no matter what it was, somehow managed to freeze me at my spot. But with little eventuality it faded away. I gained back motion in my body, and saw the sun is already up. No fogs on the window, everything just VANISHED!. I had seen enough for the day and ran upstairs.

I was panicking a lot which woke my husband up. But this was all the beginning...

A lot of weird incidents followed

During the midday while taking a nap I'll hear the creaking of doors. All the doors of the household are fairly new and don't make a sound of "creaking" while they open but it is exactly odd of all this. The creaking would be occasional and follow a weird pattern. When I will feel the creaking sound is close by I'll find the doors of the far off area open. When I'll hear the creaking of doors as faint and far off, the nearest door will be found open.

Working late at night, my husband had been familiar with apparitions creeping down the hallway. Sometimes it is only one but other times it would be two or three.

The incident which freaked me out the most was when my husband was staying up late and had decided not to work downstairs anymore due to these "uninvited creepers". There is a subsidiary bedroom at the end of the first floor. We don't bother to clean up the space except the time of the festival where there would be an excess incoming of guests. I didn't experience it first-hand but express the exact words

" I didn't know what I saw exactly Ali (me) , it looked like you. I heard a knock in the room, I thought it was you (me), I asked "What happened" but no response. I again heard the knock, I asked again but no reply. I opened the door but found nothing, but before closing I turned my head sideways to see an apparition with shoulder-length hair, a little pale wearing a similar pattern night-gown (exactly my appearance). I followed it but it went straight up against the wall before disappearing in front of me."

At his description, I could say that the entity resembled much to me or tried to resemble much but whatever it was wasn't certainly pleasing.

Another thing to add:

It was about 7:00p.m when I was headed to the balcony to ease my mind after all these happenings. I was looking around the house's scenery when something suddenly flashed across my eyes. I couldn't make out where the light came from. But the flashing continued for quite a while. I gazed around to see what it was to find a circular red bulb moving around in open air. I later searched it on web to find the description matched to something called "orb". It passed straight through my eyes then disappeared. I didn't bother about it much but believed it to add here.

This previous Friday we performed a cleansing ritual in accordance to the Hindu traditional customs under the guidance of a local priest. He gave us some holy water (Gangajal) and advised to use it if things ever get uncanny again.

I believe the ritual probably worked since for the past few days these incidents have subsided to an extent. I hope things will continue to exist like this.

All of the opinions are heartily appreciated.

And yes, I couldn't figure out the reason why it all started in the first place?

Thanks for reading. Apologies for the lengthy narrative.

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Triskaideka (2 stories) (388 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-08)
Given your odd sleep patterns and hm, I suspect perhaps sleepwalking and/or narcolepsy... I think your husband is seeing you, and you are hearing yourself and/or him but at distorted times. I may just be ahem, projecting here. But it does strike me that he sees you when you're napping. Glad to hear the ritual has helped thus far. Stress can lead to reduced sleep which can lead to sleep disorders which can then lead to weird spiritual stuff at weird hours and even more stress. Dehydration often messes with my sleep, dreams, and stress. I don't know what triggered this all but I hope you are resting well! ❤️
sunlord (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-04)
Well, sometimes even the most difficult problems have a simple solution. I have a seen a miracle happen when a family member of mine faced such problem. It was an advice from a sadguru. He said in difficult times if one gets up early in the morning 5:00am, has a bath and lights a lamp in front of God before sunrise in your home, all such problems will be taken care of, there is no one greater than God. I think you might be able to try it and find peace in your life. If possible do read hanuman chalisa in the morning after lighting the lamp or just meditate in front of God. It is quite simple but powerful. Hope you find it helpful.
Nikachi (2 stories) (8 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-01)
Hi Alina

Vastu point was one of the possibilities that struck me because I feel that we should directly not jump to any serious conclusions. And yes vastu pooja are different and with small changes vastu can be corrected. On your last post I had read that you stay somewhere near rohini and I had suggested that you might connect with someone from rohini kendra of Swami seva marg. As you said that this entity is draining your energy then that is definitely some negative energy as sometimes presence of any supernatural entity doesn't bother us. Is it likely that some one introduced this thing into your lives? I remember when my sister was in college hostel she once saw some one running across the corridor and she thought it was her friend but when she ran behind her there was no one. If cleansing has removed the energy completely then nothing like it but if still it comes back then do look at the solutions provided by me... Take care...
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-31)
Hello Nikachi,

Thank you for your input.

You see, the uncertainty still prevails as to why these events took place on a drastic instance. Even if I conclude this entire thing as "vastu dosh", it doesn't satisfy me. Please do correct me if I'm wrong but vastu dosh issues requires a specially performed puja (ritual) and don't budge from a normal cleansing or shielding which I performed. I respect your faith as well as have absolute belief in your personalised experience.
If I believe the things are being out of order again I'll definitely try your method of placing Swami Samarth Maharaj's picture as protection.

Thank you for your dearly concern

Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-31)
Hello Silverthane61,

Thank you for your thoughtful insight.

I think your words do have a point. These events did used to consume a lot of my energies being a regular occurrence. I was constantly restless filled with anxiety of what will happen next. Probably these entities derive their energy from my emotions to continue their effect in the household.
I also feel cleansing is the best possible thing I have done in such a situation.

Thank you~
Nikachi (2 stories) (8 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-31)
Hi Alina

I went through your last post as well and commented there too. Good that you got cleansing done. As I had written in my comment on your last post that sometimes vastu of the house is also to blame. I would again suggest that if you have a temple in your house then place a picture of Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj. As it's my first hand experience where all measures to drive away a negative force away from my sister failed to give any permanent result it was only Swami Maharaj who gave a permanent solution. Rest all upto your faith.
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-31)
This is a very detailed account of the events that have been happening in your home. I believe the entity was singling you out as a reservoir for extracting energy as your husband did not seem to be experience any emotion-draining events like you. I think that you did exactly the right thing by having your home cleansed. I support your actions and applaud the manner in which you and your husband supported each other during this entire affair.
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-31)
Hello Jubelee,

Yes, the back wall is a few feets away from the well, and I believe being unused for a long time had probably turned it into a creepy thing.

About the cleansing, it was a session of the entire day, consisting of 4 rituals in total along with the chanting of Hanuman chalisa as the basic and a few mantras of Goddess Durga (who is an embodiment of life energy). The chanting of Hanuman chalisa is supposedly done to drive these entities away and the mantras of Goddess Durga serves as a protective shield. Then we have to blow "shankh" which is an instrument used at religious chores to produce enough vibration in the entire house, which is supposed to disturb the energy levels of the entities feeding in the household.
A sentence of the priest stood out the most to me "Hanuman chalisa is effective only because we have the faith in it to be effective". Faith often gives us the courage that's the motive of Hanuman chalisa. It deepens my faith in God's ways and spirituality a lot.

Thank you for your dearly concern.

Jubeele (26 stories) (898 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-31)
Hi Alina

I've read both your accounts and thought about them. When you first saw "the white apparition crawling on the outer back wall", did that the part of the wall lead to the backyard? I'm wondering about the well in your backyard, where you saw the "same white figure emerging out of the well". Did you get the well cleansed and blessed? If you still have the holy water from the priest, maybe you can sprinkle a few drops over the bench and the well once in a while.

A few years ago, a Hindu friend, who also lives in Delhi, prayed over us when we were having troubles and recommended a recording of the Hanuman Chalisa mantra to be played several times a day at our place, for at least a week. He said the devotional hymn was to cleanse, strengthen and protect us. Maybe it was my friend's prayers and the power of belief from the person who was chanting, but I felt comforted when I listened to the mantra.

My husband is a skeptic by nature. But with all the things we have experienced over the years, he now admits that certain things defy logic and seem to have no rational explanation. Perhaps it is best to let your husband arrive at his own level of understanding and acceptance. But hopefully, he won't be laughing at you anymore.

I'm glad things have settled down at your house. Just as the physical aspect of housecleaning is necessary, regular cleansing is good for keeping things calm on the spiritual side. Best wishes to you and your loved ones. Be safe and take care.
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-30)
Hello Maria,

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Honestly in this matter I can't comprehend my husband's behaviour. He himself visualised the events and took a keen participation in the ritual but still seems to be confused on this matter. But rather than persuading him anything it's better to leave it at his understanding.

Another thing to add, the readers must be curious regarding my friend as she seemed to be the concerning topic of the previous discussion. I'll say she's doing fine without anything intervening in her normal routine, which is why she refused to participate in the discussion. We decided to move the bench away to place it with the old furnitures, as we thought it might have a roleplay in instigating these events.

I am very satisfied with the cleansing since the activities have subsided a lot. Thank you once again for your thoughtful post.

Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-30)
Hello Alina,

I am glad that your skeptical husband is starting to see things. He may not believe NOW, but, if he keeps seeing unexplainable phenomena for long enough, he may eventually come to the point where he will stop giving you a hard time.

I remember in your last story he said something to you and your friend:

"He laughed at us hysterically saying how us women are gullible to believe in paranormal in this era and educated women are least expected to do it. It hurt my pride and I let it go."

It would be nice if he would take back that statement; but maybe you'll just have to accept his silence on the subject.

I am glad that the cleansing seems to be working to make things peaceful. I hope it stays that way.

It seems to me that you had a mixture of residual and semi-intelligent energies. The ones that were directly interacting with you and your husband seemed unfocused. And undetermined people (living or otherwise) are not difficult to persuade. I think that a cleansing now and then will keep the peace.

Thank you for updating your experiences.

- Maria

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