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I start with a hearty "HELLO!" to all the readers and editors and the other team members at this site who have contributed so much to keep alive since so many years and continue to do so for the years to come. Kudos & Godspeed!

Thank you so much. I am a huge fan.

I've been a reader since 2008. It is so delightful to read all the vivid experiences shared by the people from different walks of life, pertaining to ghosts, demons, spirits et al. And you feel, no matter where you belong from, the love for the ghost stories and the feeling of fearing the unknown is unanimous. Kind of a Melting Pot. And especially because of that reason, I am about to share one of my own, which I experienced almost a decade ago.

My FIRST actual real life experience with the Evil entity. (It still gives me goose pimples thinking of that episode.) So, mustering enough courage, let's move further and start with knowing a little background about me and my surroundings.

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the paranormal and/or supernatural phenomenon. They intrigued me, they scared me, they took me to another dimension altogether. But, then these are the same things that happen with everybody. Even so, I can't explain in right words just how much I craved to hear more and more of these ghost stories, be it real or made up. I still do. It always leaves me enchanted, wondering what it must be like if any of these experiences or incidents actually happened with me!

I was not alone who thought like that. We (friends, cousins and myself) use to share so many ghost stories, many of which were supposedly real life experiences, that we would all be left dazed as well as mesmerized by the sinful charm of it. Every time there was a power-cut at home, all of us would gather around and sit in such a way that we created a wide circle and we would light a candle or place a kerosene lamp at the centre of it (I'm sure many of the readers here still do that and believe me - it is amazing). And then we would start sharing ghost stories, one after the other, non-stop. We even welcomed repeats, such was our love for scary stories. Thus, we loved power-cuts.

My apologies. I was lost in the yesteryear's joys. Back to our story.

I used to live in Thane, Maharashtra, in those days. These incidents happened in my home late at night i.e. Past midnight (I said incidents and not incident, significance of which will be explained in the latter part of the story).

Let me first make you aware of the surroundings of the house. My home was at the ground level. It was a quite decently spacious house with big windows on all the outer walls. Which means the main hall had two windows on two adjacent walls, next to it the small bedroom had a window on the wall that faced out, next to that the master bedroom had a bigger windows on that same continuous wall. On the other side, the kitchen and the bathrooms also had windows in a similar fashion. So it was a spacey and airy and bright house with fresh airflow and bright daylight (during the day).

Confused? Picture a rectangle with the windows on all the outer walls. Giving special attention to the longer wall on one side of the house that had windows for three rooms, the hall, the small bedroom and the master bedroom, in a straight line. I hope you've grasped the essence of it.

Opposite the house wall, there is some gap of a few feet after which there is an eight foot wall which has barbed wire lined on the top. What I am trying to explain here is there was no way anyone could climb through there. There was only one way of coming to and going from the house and that was through the front gate, which was shut and padlocked at nights, every night.

All the windows in the house were built in the same fashion. There were two doors (left and right) made of wooden frame with metal mesh at the center recesses. They opened inside. And then there were similar ones that were bolted outside which opened from outside and in between these two sets of doors, on the sill was an iron shutter (which we locally call a grill) that you would slide from one side to the other to open and vice versa to close. It was bolted with the padlock.

Let me at this time also explain to you the layout inside the small bedroom, where we were sitting. It was, first of all, my room. As I mentioned earlier, it was a small bedroom so things in this room were a little cramped together. My bed was lined against the wall that had the window, so I could look out whenever I felt bored looking in. Near the leg of the bed was the study table. And at the head of the bed was a cupboard that housed my things like books, clothes, etc. It was affixed on the wall in such a way that if you are sitting with your back against the bed's head post, you can rest the left side of your head on that cupboard. What I mean to say by explaining all this is that the easiest access in and out of bed was through the center as it was jammed on one side by the cupboard and the other by the study table. And then there were other things in the room which have no real significance to our story, thus, excluded from the grand introduction.

It was past midnight. To be precise, it was 01:15 (yes, I still remember). One of my close cousins and I were sitting and talking. We were in a habit of chatting through the nights because she lived a long distance away from my home and we wouldn't much get a chance to see each other as often as we would like and so whenever one of us would visit another's place, we would have a lot to share with each other. Besides, we were very talkative.

All the lights in the house were off and everyone but the two of us had gone to sleep. Oh! And we had light turned on in my room. My cousin was sitting with her back against the bed's head post and I was sitting with my back resting on the windows inner doors. Those weren't shut completely but slightly ajar. So there we were chatting and laughing and joking and then laughing harder and then quickly suppressing the laughter to an inaudible level so that we don't get a scolding from the elders, but continuing nonetheless. Eventually the topic of discussion turned random fun to ghosts and entities of the kind. We began by sharing various vague stories that we had heard from others from here and there.

It was also our habit to always, by one way or the other, convert a horror stories into a hilarious story, sometimes by altering the appearances or whereabouts or mannerisms of the so-called entity in the story. Deforming the whole plot in such a way where we would have a huge laugh riot at the end.

So, we eventually did that. But soon after, slowly and gradually we started feeling like a chill had settled in the room. A cold chill. It was a unique experience that had happened to us before. A kind of quiet spread in the room, where you could hear your own heartbeats.

Both of us had shivers run through our body which made us a little uncomfortable as there was no breeze outside and we did not have the air conditioner.

Some time passed and we felt the warmth returning when, all of a sudden and out of nowhere, my cousin asked me to bolt the window shut as it was very late at night. Naturally, I obliged by getting up and sliding the bolt in place, thus shutting it from the top and sat back down the same way. Not two minutes may have passed after that we experienced on that same window a very loud 'BANG!'.

The iron shutter (grill) that I mentioned earlier was hit with such force (like when you hit a punching bag with all your energy put into that one punch) that I was literally pushed ahead by the jolt from behind.

Who was it hit by? Who was on the other side of the window? Why was this happening? We had no answer to any of these. Not even, how to get away from this? We only knew one thing for sure. Whatever it was, it was not human.

We were absolutely dumbstruck. Too shocked to move or even bat an eye. We just kept gaping at each other like lifeless mannequins, for so long that it felt like a very, very long time. We had never expected this. What was happening?

Again, the cold chill settled in and this time it was even more chilling. I could not hear anything because my ears started ringing and the hands wouldn't stop shivering (I was not having a seizure). We were still sitting in the same position because we could not move, like we are in a trance. I could still recall everything after that happening in slow motion.

My cousin and I were just able to communicate only with eye gestures and through them she said let's run and run, away from all this, and with that she started inching closer to the bed rail to get down. I could not. Like I was stuck there to bear the brunt of whatever was outside. Like it held me by my shoulders.

Finally, after fighting the cold chill in my spine for so large a time span that felt like forever, I summoned will enough to make the first move. In an instant we were off the bed and out of the room. But the episode did not end there. Upon exiting the room, I ran into the hall which was on the right side, but my cousin ran into the master bedroom which was on the left. And so we were separated.

I felt like I had run for miles on length and had been drained of all the energy. My legs suddenly gave way and I dropped right next to my mom who was in deep sleep and had no clue what her son was going through.

Let me tell you then what followed. When I fell, I shut my eyes so tight that they started hurting; however, I did not have the courage to loosen the grip, let alone open them. In that instant, I heard someone beckoning to me. Someone so desperate. Something trying so hard to get my attention that it is making all kinds of weird and unearthly noises. And when I say unearthly noise, believe me, I mean really scary noise. Such that no man would ever hear on this God's Earth. They clearly did not belong. When it did not work, as I did not open my eyes or even move, it started making creaking noise from the windows. Like they were about to shatter to pieces.

From where I lay, I had the view of both the windows in the hall. Even though I did not open my eyes, my mind could follow the sounds or noises and I can almost see it through my mind that it was very rapidly, inhumanly moving across from one window to the other.

Then came another Bang! Then another Bang! I fail to recall just for how long this ruckus went on for. But, then came a time where I could not bear it anymore and I opened my eyes wide. And there it was...

Just outside the window I could see a form. Absolutely pitch black form and where the face lies, I saw two big eyes. Two big yellow eyes with red on their corners. Those eyes were staring straight at me. Unblinking. There was so much hatred and anger in those eyes, which I could not explain in words. My level of being scared was beyond words too. And then the whole thing vanished. Right in front of my eyes. And when it did, I was even more scared to bat my eyes, wondering where it might reappear next. Thanks be to God, it did not reappear. Everything felt like nothing of the sort that happened, had actually happened. All was back to normal. The air felt fresh and the cold chill had evaporated.

That's when I thought about my cousin. What happened with her? Why did she run away from me? I was worried for her; however, I was still too shaken to have the courage to roam about the house alone at that hour, and thinking and praying for her well being, I dozed off.

In the morning I woke up later than the usual and felt immensely tired. I could not remember whether all that had actually gone down was for real or was just too vivid a dream. My doubts were cleared by my cousin. Let me tell you what happened with her, when she ran inside to the master bedroom.

Like me, she was scared beyond words could explain. My other family members were sleeping inside so there was hardly any space left for her to squeeze in. When she ran in, she tripped and fell on one the members who was sleeping near the door. To her shock, rather than waking with a start and checking what had happened, the relative just brushed her aside without so much as opening the eyes, like nothing had happened at all. She felt weird for a few seconds by this display of ignorance to such a huge and painful fall. She had hurt her ankle but it was not the pain that captured her mind, but the sight of what was standing on the other side of the window.

She said, the sight was so horrific that she felt she will lose consciousness and never wake up again. But she mustered the courage to remain awake and kept her eyes peeled on it. She was able to see the dark entity to its full glory. The way she described also confirmed my suspicions. Any qualms I had about last night, had disappeared.

It was as dark as coal with fiery yellow eyes with blood dripping from their sides, a long crooked nose and very narrow chin which came to an end sharply at a point. She could not see the rest of the body as it very dark both inside and outside. It did not move or take its eyes off of her at all and just kept staring at her with eyes full of greed and lust. It was as if his glare was burning into her soul. She was still defiant (I don't know what gave her the courage), and I think that is what forced the entity to withdraw and leave us in peace.

Now, while she was playing the staring game with the dark entity, she was able to simultaneously hear the ruckus in the hall. All those creaking noises and banging and thuds were heard by her, but surprisingly enough, I never heard her falling or actually any other sound from the master bedroom. Strange.

Call it women's intuition. After all, she did save me by asking me to bolt that window before the hell broke loose on us.

What bothered us after we had shared notes was that my cousin said she never left the sight of him and still at the same time she could hear the noises from the hall. And I told her that this entity never left my side and was constantly at the hall window trying to drive me crazy. Which means plainly that it (the dark entity) was at two places at once. Scary!

Another baffler was that, none of the family members knew what we were talking about. They heard no noises. Even the relative on whom my cousin had fallen couldn't recollect that ever happening, even though my cousin complained of the swelling on her ankle and excruciating pain afterwards. They only made fun of us, not believing a single word we said. Now, let me tell you the kind of noises that entity was making and the banging could have woken up the whole building up. But no, nobody heard anything. So, I guess the horror show was meant only for the audience of two that night.

Epilogue: A month and a half later. Everything's back to normal. Everyone is going about their respective schedule. The family members plan a get together i.e. A party and a dinner to follow. The party gets over by midnight and most of the family members have said their goodbyes and the rest have retired to bed. However, six people are still awake, talking their hearts out, sharing old family memoirs. My cousin and I are part of the six awake. The wall clock strikes 03:00. Then out of nowhere, there's a 'BANG!'...

P.S.: That is how they became 'incidents'. Also the account of happenings showcased above is the whole truth; however, you are free to believe what you may prefer is best or right. I do not intend to alter your opinion. However, this is what I had to go through along with my cousin.

I have many other interesting, and some very scary, stories to share which have happened not with me but with people I personally know. It means I can vouch for whether they are true or just pure balderdash. However, I'll only write those if you would want to read those. So, please leave your comments.

Thank you again for the taking time to read through whole text. Please share your ideas or views upon the topic or my experience in specific. Your suggestions and feedback are welcome.

'Til next time, Ciao.

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WiniPu4 (207 posts)
8 years ago (2015-02-07)
I really enjoyed your clown and your ability to tell it well.
I especially enjoy experiences from your homeland and learning of the culture through them. I have observed so many commonalities within each culture with respect to paranormal events, and can not help but wonder if our collective consciousness actually creates realities in other dimensions. I would very much like to visit, but must admit that clowns like this one frighten me a bit.
I look forward to anything else you might wish to share.
Kind Regards,
Dip1904 (115 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-16)
[at] roguedawg - honestly buddy - out of all here, I appreciate your professional approach the most... Hope you have all the information you need for your endeavours to rid of malevolent entities... clown bless!
Dip1904 (115 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-16)
[at] badjuju - certainly... I agree that examples are quite relevant which is what I presume that lack of it allowed my opinion to be judged. Nonetheless, I would not prolong such approach and provide my opinions with examples as it would be more effective.

Nonetheless, on its continuation I would like to add as valid examples, sept 19, 1999, kharagpur, WB,... I don't know whether it will be on a news... Similar paranormal activities as described here took place... Obviously I won't be a person who has the first hand experience in that incident - but prior to their demise, the 7 members of the family - especially the clowns did report of very malevolent clown were ruining their lives slowly and steadily -

Anyways my point on this example and on my opinion is that... Malevolent entities of such degrees (as mentioned in this share), have their own set of approach (whether we understand it or not) which is in an orderly fashion... They just don't happen randomly and leave without affecting much - they result into traumatized affairs which takes years to recover... Reasons are there... Its not at all random - especially to paranormal investigators it shouldn't appear random. It has its pattern - we get swayed by the emotional energy entities provide, either its depressing, sad, horrifying, (that is... Extreme edges of emotional energies) ... Believe me or not... I found 7-8 articles where the narrative mentioned a really disciplined and orderly approach of proper channelisation through techniques (eg. Meditation, or intellect on occult studies) ... Hope this is a good start on an opinion with expressive reasoning background.
BadJuuJuu (guest)
8 years ago (2014-11-16)
If you feel something is untrue, it's only polite to give specific examples of why. Just calling something a lie and leaving it at that is pretty rude.
Dip1904 (115 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-16)
[at] elnoraemily - my dear friend, I am not declaring anything as an aim of demoralising someone's hypothesis, I am merely stating an opinion. Maybe my rephrasing would have been is that certain facts have been a little less convincing... That would have sounded better... But just because I don't agree with someone's opinion doesn't necessarily means I am rude... Neither I showed vulgarity nor I misbehaved with someone's postulate. Anyways, its your opinion and it has to be highly respected without any major confrontation

[at] roguedawg - first of all, my respect because of cordially having been conversing unlike certain individuals who has even no direct reference to the case. First of all my apologies if my approach seemed a bit crude... But my friend... There are some powers that has to abide by some rules (whether those rules are beyond are normal plane or reach or not, is entirely different issue)
Nonetheless, I have my own interactions of actual clown hunters who has their own study of occult, paranormal activities throughout their life and let's just say certain individuals who deal with fragile patients who have had unfortunate experiences with really violent clowns - I can only say that if a clown is really malevolent, it will be years before some recovery of traumatized personnels are viewed...again, please do not feel offended as I have requested earlier... Its nothing personal... As I said, I have my own observations and experiences that compel me to express my opinions. Nonetheless, I really believe that if you do face such entities, it is best to take in professional help rather than keeping it unattended
elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-16)
Dip, it's not up to you to declare clowns untrue without pointing out reasons or sources. While you have a right to your opinion, you often seem to come off as very rude. It is better to ask questions, politely, to the poster to get a better grasp of the experience. There is no reason to read a clown and declare it untrue like that on the basis that your experiences are different.

Please consider asking questions and seeking out more information before belittling someone's experience and reputation.
RogueDawg (2 stories) (13 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-16)
[at] Dip1904 - First of all, thank you for your assertive feedback. I appreciate the straight approach. You definitely are entitled to hold your opinion and express it the way you seem apt. I am not trying to make you believe in anything. Believe what you feel is right. I only shared what my cousin and I had experienced. clown bless you too.
Dip1904 (115 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-16)
As cordially you have mentioned, as I am entitled to my opinion I did have some doubts but anyways, since you have witnessed certain issues of entities... You will know better... But since holding my opinion still counts, I might as well be very well sure that this is not a true clown... Maybe its hours of clown clowns discussion that brought you to experience of the thrill to be in one... Even when it is a fabricated one... But one thing I know for sure... This is not real... Please I request not to be offended... I have my reasons after years of experience (on awful and sometimes traumatized ones) that I am able to form this opinion... clown bless you always nonetheless... Take care. Peace
RogueDawg (2 stories) (13 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-16)
[at] Femaelstrom - Thanks for the insightful feedback. clown bless you too.
valkricry (47 stories) (3219 posts) mod
8 years ago (2014-11-16)
I'm sorry if I gave you the impression that I would rather something bad happened, than just a good scare. That was not my intention at all. Obviously what you went through could have been much worse and I am quite thankful that it wasn't! I only wished to point out that perhaps this was more of a 'paranormal lesson' than a traditional haunting. Still scary though.
RogueDawg (2 stories) (13 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-16)
[at] Shady4u - Thank you very much. I am thoroughly amazed that you connected so well with my clown. I am honoured.

To tell you the truth, the second time it happened, I wasn't really paying any particular attention to what the others were talking about specifically. However, just for the sake of this discussion, let us suppose we were talking of the supernatural beings, I would love to know what conclusion you have drawn. I request you to share it with us.

Also, I would try to the best of my abilities to share the other 'incidents' as soon as I could spare myself some quality time. Thanks a bunch for you valuable feedback.
RogueDawg (2 stories) (13 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-16)
[at] valkricry - I like the observation that you made (Never actually thought of that). And it did really JUST gave a very bad scare. However, to tell you the truth, I am thankful that it was all it did to us and nothing more.

Just frankly think about it. Wouldn't you too agree with that? Or would you prefer something terrible to happen with you so that the others could later read and enjoy it? Thanks for your feedback.
RogueDawg (2 stories) (13 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-16)
Thanks guys for your useful comments and feedback. I am happy that my clown was appreciated the way it was. clown bless you all.

[at] sheetal - I thank you again for the special compliment that you paid me. Much appreciated. However, much as I would love to write something, I have never written anything substantial in my life before which may be called remarkable. This is the first time.

Also, to answer your question, I have lived there for quite a long time and I am aware of the past of the place and the places around it. It was shockingly brutal and insanely scary.
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-16)
Hi, RogueDawg I lives in Thane district. Did you try to find out the hiclown of your place? I mean from how long you used to live there? I also think that it could be clown.

Your clown is very good I liked the way you describe it. I am sure you are either writer or you love writing.

Like you said we also gathered to listen clown clown when there was power cut.

Warm regards, 😁
BadJuuJuu (guest)
8 years ago (2014-11-14)
Thanks elnora. 😊
Chookie, there is a link to the guidelines at the bottom of the page. You might want to have a refresher course.
valkricry (47 stories) (3219 posts) mod
8 years ago (2014-11-14)
Interesting, the being you described sounds a lot like our witches in fairy tales; hooked nose, pointy chin, yellow eyes. An image well known, mostly due to Disney.
You said, you were pretty much making fun of entities - twisting aspects of scary clowns to be funny. I can't help but wonder if one passing by didn't decide to teach you a lesson by giving you a good scare. I mean, really think about it, except for scaring you two, did it actually DO anything?
Interesting though... Very interesting.
elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-14)
Chookie, rude and immature comments are frowned upon here. There is no reason to act like that.

This comment from Chookie is hidden due to low rating. Show comment

Shady4u (2 stories) (188 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-13)
I really liked your clown. It's around 2 AM and I read this all alone in my room with the lights off. Lol. Just one question, after the reunion, when the 6 of you were awake, was the topic any close to the paranormal? If yes, I think I have a conclusion. Must've been a hell of an experience for your cousin and you. I can't wait to read more about these 'incidents'. Thank you for the amazing clown.
Femaelstrom (1 stories) (56 posts)
8 years ago (2014-11-13)
Sounds as if it was an encounter with clowns. Well, what WE as humans would call the clown. Which brings me to my next observation. Did it occur to you that there may have been MORE than one?

My theory for when others who are closeby, and should have heard noises, but didn't, is that whatever entities that were encountered were able to keep them unconscious. Remember--it was after your fear... The energy that exudes from you when you become terrified. And the reason it seemed to leave your cousins clown MAY have been due to her 'defiance'. If you show it no fear, or less fear, it is not able to feed off your energy. It's a parasite. A psychological louse that gets stronger from your fear, anger, rage, etc.

Sage your space, and get religious leaders/assistants involved to keep the negativity away from your structure. Should you encounter it again, say prayers, and concentrate on giving it no fear or anxiety to feed off. It will soon begin to lose power & go somewhere else for its energy source.

Good luck, and Blessings!

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