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The Face In The Old Shed Window


My great maternal grandparents owned a 16 acre farmstead that they'd purchased back during the late 1920's to early 1930's. You reached it via old country road and the house and property itself was located smack dab in the center of a forested area.

My great maternal grandmother passed away in '99 and her husband, my great maternal grandfather, in 2011. This story takes place about a year after his passing.

The property consisted of the main house, a huge hay field and garden, tons of trails and a beautiful lake. To get to mentioned lake you had to trek down a sloped rocky trail past an old wooden shed.

The shed sat right next to the built in carport so whenever you were outside in the front yard of the house it was always visible.

I was 17 at the time so I was at the age where the paranormal didn't exactly frighten me, but this experience was definitely enough to give me more than a bit of a spook as I was more of a skeptic back then than I am now. I honestly wouldn't even consider myself one at this point.

It was late in the evening, roughly about 6:30-ish, still enough daylight to see, so I'd been out walking around and debating on whether or not I'd wanted to make the trip all the way down to the lake. Every one else was inside so in the end I decided to go ahead out of boredom.

Now every time I went down to that lake, that old shed had always caught my attention. It was small, just a simple tool shed that had housed more pool floats than tools, but just looking at it, it always seemed to give off a creepy vibe. Old, dirty and tattered sheets made up the drapes that lined the inside of the sheds only two windows, one of which was located on the door. One of the sheets on the side of the shed had been ripped in three places to where it resembled a screaming ghoul face. Definitely never helped with it's oh so "cheery" appearance.

So as I was walking, I, like I did every time, glanced over towards the shed, directly to the door that was padlocked closed. As I mentioned above I was a pretty big skeptic then, but I swear to you that when I looked at that door, I was instantly rooted to the spot and my blood ran cold. It was late January so it was already chilly outside but the air around me had suddenly felt too cold, even with my layers of coats. It had taken everything in me not to yell out.

What I saw in that window, resembled a humanoid face but with black eyes that seemed to pierce directly through me. When I think back on it, it didn't look like my great grandmother or anyone else I'd recognized, but I was close enough to determine that it had in fact had a feminine facial structure. The bottom corner of the sheet covering the window on the door was ripped off so this thing was watching me through the hole.

I don't know how long I stood there, it was only at hearing the sound of a tree branch snapping behind me did I move to turn and make a break back to the house. I never once looked back to see if it was still there I just ran.

I remember staying inside for the rest of the night after that. Not wanting to be anywhere out there near whatever the hell that had been. I'd told my family that night, but, with us being of the Christian religion they didn't believe in ghosts and hauntings so they simply wrote it off as it being too dark out coupled with my wild teenage imagination. There had never been any previous deaths on the property that we knew of up until my great grandmother, but she hadn't even died on the property itself. And like I said it hadn't even looked like her.

I knew what I saw though. And the fact that that door was LOCKED from the outside meant that NO ONE had gotten in to pull a prank on me. This was when my skepticism began to die.

From that day on I'd named it simply "the face in the shed" (super original right?) and I'd been all the more wary whenever I'd passed by that building. But I never saw it again. My family doesn't own the property anymore unfortunately so now I can't ever go back to try and see if whatever I'd seen is still lingering around. And the new owners haven't said anything so either they haven't seen "her" or just prefer not to tell...

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DarkSoul94 (3 stories) (4 posts)
3 years ago (2020-10-25)
[at] Tweed I honestly never thought about that but you're correct. We had a lot, and I mean a LOT of old trees there. All in various stages of life. In fact we had quite a few fall over but it was usually because of some storm that passed through. This time though no tree fell close to where I was standing. Not even during the next few days we were there after that. If it was one then it was further behind me past the edge of the woods and there were scattered tree limbs all over the place so it would have been hard to tell.
Tweed (35 stories) (2494 posts)
4 years ago (2020-10-15)
Ugh, that's one creepy incident. Umm so I don't want to make it worse but I'm going to, I think. The branch snapping behind, could it be something else was there behind you?
Old branches, on some trees, start making cracks around the time they drop, could be days before or even minutes. So I'm also wondering if you were maybe scared away for a good reason.

Thanks for sharing. I love hearing how skeptics have their mind changed. But I'm sorry it was with a creepy experience.

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