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I've only told a few people in my life about my experiences. But having to share it with other people who also had these experiences comforts me I'm not alone.

In 2001, it all started when my family and I moved into a new home at the time I was eight. The house was a nice blue colour, a two-story larger and five rooms better than the little pink trailer we lived in. A newly built history with no history to it. One of the things I've loved about the house was that the house was big enough for my brothers and I to play hide and seek all day. But then the first incident happened. My dad at the time went off to work at a dam for a few weeks after we moved in two months later. It was just my mom, three younger brothers and myself.

I went to the basement to play some video games. As I was playing in the play room, I heard some creaking and a bang coming from the laundry room. I thought it was the wind maybe? But all the windows were closed in the basement and I looked out the hallway to check. Seeing the laundry door closed shut, I thought I was just hearing things. I went back to the play room and went back to playing games. But then I heard footsteps and a door opening upstairs. I have never been scared so scared in my childhood then. Thankfully my mom came home. I told her everything and she got my great grandfather who was a minister to bless the house again. This would not be last.

Weird things would happen around the house when I'm alone and sometimes with other people over fourteen years. The laundry door incident would happen again, twice when I was 13 and 19. I would do dishes and cups would be moved to another place when turn around. Doors would close on their own. Footsteps would be heard from the basement and on the stairways. Things would go missing then show up days later in the same spot we've looked over so many times. One time my brother Caleb and I was watching TV, there was a big BANG right underneath us like someone punched the ceiling from the basement. Last year, the smoke detector just went off when there was no smoke whatsoever. We believed it was faulty but my dad checks it every three months.

From the time between I was fifteen and seventeen, I was terrified of this thing I was living with in the basement. There were times when I felt something kick my bed violently and even shake it. Or I would wake up in the middle of the night terrified there was something heavy on the bed beside me. I'd go a few weeks without barely sleep until it stopped and left me alone for a while, for which I was so damn thankful for. On the summer of 2009, I was reading in my room on the bed when I felt this tugging on my blanket and then my entire leg was yanked off the bed. I was screaming so loud I woke up my six year old sister Hazel up from her nap. I was just crawling out my room to get far away from this thing. It would take a couple days for me to come back home. My aunt said I should go home and not allow this 'Thing' control my life. I took her advice and went home. But then this one incident really terrified me. Everyone was gone off to camp for the weekend leaving me home alone because I had work. None of my friends could sit with me for the night so I was completely, utterly alone. I ended up passing out in the living room when something crashed to the floor-it was a (editor's note: word missing) I stacked on the table. The next part was so alarming, as if the incident in my room was not the most startling thing, all the lights in the house were on. Even in the laundry room. I checked the doors and windows if anyone broke in to play a prank but nothing. Shaken up, I ended up going across to smoke with an second cousin. It would be last year in late May 2014 I had last ever encounter any of these incidents. I woke in the morning with my door wide open when I had it closed the night before and seen an man in black adidas clothes partially standing next to my door. I froze for a while, believing I was still sleeping until I found the courage to slam the door. I did not go back to sleep, instead blared music in my ears to block out what I had seen.

These 'incidents' did not only happen to me. My father would hear whispering when he was alone in the house and sometimes hear footsteps going up and down the stairs. Caleb would hear scratching at his door or hear someone walking around in the basement. I think out of all the people who had the worst experience was my other brother, Nate. He was just going downstairs to play some games before going to bed when we didn't hear him at all for the next five minutes. Then he came upstairs crying, telling mom he saw a woman dressed in grey with black hair and her back to him. He never slept downstairs or went down there by himself for a long time

We come to live with these 'incidents'. My father believes they are signs or omens as a warning there is something going to happen. If we have any of these incidents we are told to open a bible and never speak of it. For myself, I just ignore all of it. Even when I'm home alone I have people over to ignore these things. I write every noise off with a logical explanation. Pretending is bliss against my fears.

Our last recorded incident happened in September 2014 to my mother. She was sleeping alone in her bed but she thought my sister Hazel was sleeping with her on the bed but no one was there. It freaked her out because she really believes someone was sleeping right next her.

I'm sorry this was long, I just needed to get this out. All what I told you was true. Sometimes I fear the incidents would worsen as it did in my teen years. Sometimes I dare them to come back to wreck havoc so I could prove to my friends they're true.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. My siblings' names were changed to protect their identity.

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Eyyyx3 (2 posts)
8 years ago (2015-02-08)
Hello, I don't think your house is haunted I think it's just the land many houses are built on where another was tooken down or something I suggest having a Pentecostal pastor come pray for your house with oil to get all the evil spirits out. Your very lucky that the ghosts that haunt your house don't try and paralyze you at night or stuff like that.
buthaya (8 stories) (41 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-22)
TeilyBrianne, same stuff happened to me in my own house. It was also newly built just for me. Sounds,voices, feeling someone touching me, seeing ghosts (shadow man, woman in white, big black cat, or some men standing and watching that only I can see) I became a stranger in my own house. If I get a chance to stay away from it, I always took it.

But one day I thought this is my house and dead should stay dead than live in my house freely. So I went around looking for experts in supernatural. I met many, tried many things and lastly a cleansing (I do that two times for a year now) after that I don't have any trouble at my house.

So don't give up your place to guy who passed away long time ago. They feed on fear. Take control. Keep your house and land clean. Let the sun light in every room if possible. Don't keep any room closed and dark every day, use them for something. I got rid of them. So you can too.

Others also made good points in their comments. Consider them too. Hope you get rid of whatever that is.

TeilyBrianne (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-21)
My parents are very meticulous when it comes to security in the house. All the windows were locked and doors. Besides my dad would have heard someone come in because he was sleeping in the living room. Which was just crazy when I always think about it.
elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-21)
My worry with modern clothes like that would be someone actually messing around with the house or breaking in. Maybe invest in a security system, just in case?

Not to say that ghosts have to be dressed in older clothing, because that is silly, but something about the clothing (dark, easy to move in), just made me think of a very human source for that one.

Or I am just being paranoid today.
notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-21)
Many times it's not to do with the house, but the land, just like ElnoraEmily suggested. And sometimes even if you can't find anything on the land, there's many other possibilities. Example, someone got murdered and got buried there without anyone knowing ever, so their spirits are vengeful because they never got a proper burial or conclusion. Adidas clothing sounds very recent. I suggest a cleansing in this situation because it doesn't sound very friendly. Also gather all the courage and bravery that exists within yourself the next time anything happens. Demand it to leave. Everything feeds off fear, including people. I wish you luck.
pumpchick15 (2 stories) (13 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-20)
Hmm... Weird story but interesting! I think it might be a few things:

1. A house or shack of some sort was built there before that new house was made. Were I Live, many old houses are taken apart and the land is left alone for years until someone buys the land or someone builds on it. It could be a previous person from a previous home that it haunting you and your family.

2. But because the ghosts seem to me as recent deaths instead of super old ones, it could be souls that are looking for help from you. Have you ever had any physic or medium experiences before? If you have, look at the physic and medium site they might be able to help. That's if the ghosts need or want help.

3. Ghosts that died and lived in a house nearby or died nearby. They could be haunting the house because maybe that was a hangout area in the past or a play area for them. Or they just don't like your family and that house there.

What I suggest is that keep doing whatever makes you and your family safe and calm. Mediate a lot and instead of ignoring it, embrace it so then you will have peace. The more you ignore the stronger the force gets it. When you accept it then you will see minor or major progress. Ask physics or mediums or any other experts you wish to contact so they can help you identify if these things are good or bad, what they want, ect.

Hopefully this helped and also keep me posted!

elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-20)
First things first, get an electrician out to your house to check your electric fields. Even in new builds, if the wiring is off, it can cause your mind to literally see and experience things, have panicked feelings, fear, ect.

Also, check the history of the land. That may lend a helpful clue or two.
TeilyBrianne (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-20)
That's what makes this whole thing bizarre is that it was recently made when we moved in. We are the only family who has lived in it.
ifihadyoux (6 stories) (607 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-20)
How old is the house? The current house I stay in isn't too old but makes a lot of weird noises that sound like bangs, people or animals tapping, someone walking,etc. And it just is because it's an olderish home. It could also be the type of house.

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