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I have many occurrences that happened while growing up, so I'll try to get them all on one story.

The first thing I ever remember happening to me of the supernatural type happened when I was about 3, almost 4. We lived in the house my parents still occupy to this day, on a farm that has been in the family for 100+ years.

I vaguely remember (I am 18 now so it was quite a while ago) waking up in the early morning hours in my crib. I shared a room with my sister who was about 10 at the time and she was sleeping peacefully across the room. I got up and climbed out of my crib for no real reason, and I remember hearing a voice behind me saying, "Give me back my house." It was an old lady's voice and as I turned around I saw what 3-year old me described as the Diamond Faced woman. She was just a floating head that was diamond shaped. She also glowed blue. I screamed and ran back to my crib and covered my face with covers, still screaming. My sister, being a sister, rolled over and told me to shut up while my mom came running in. I slept in my parents' bed that night.

I didn't experience anything else really memorable aside from footsteps and shadows in that house. My brothers shared a room and would complain about seeing people in their room at night, one in particular was a man with a knife stuck in his head.

Fast-forward to when we moved into another house owned by the family. This house was lived in by my great-grandmother then my grandfather. He passed in February and the house really needed cleaning up. We didn't officially move in until December of that same year.

Well, while we were cleaning and painting, all of us (Dad, Mom, and one of my brothers) experienced different things. One day while dad was up working on painting the hallway, he was also doing laundry and left the basket in the laundry room that was located at the back of the house. He went into the back bedroom to get something and when he opened the door into the hallway the basket was blocking the door. Just something small really.

I was up there alone one day and had just gotten done riding my horse that was up there for more pasture. I always would walk in, turn on the radio perched on top of the piano in the living room and go to the sink in the kitchen to get a drink. It was set up so that one of the doorways to the kitchen was right beside the living room. As I turned to go to the kitchen, the radio snapped off. This radio is one that fades in once it's turned on, it doesn't just come on immediately. I turned thinking something had been unplugged or something like that and as I got right to it, it snapped back on louder than it was before. I instantly turned it off and went outside to wait for my dad to pick me up.

Once we moved in, I could never get settled. I didn't sleep very well at all and my brother was constantly getting pinched or bothered in his room at night. One day, I was all alone in my room listening to music and all of the sudden I had this pain on my knee. Not unbearable, just a pain and I couldn't find the source. We had a dog and she had started growling and looking above me. It was then that I remembered my grandfather would always squeeze my knee to pick on me. I said, "Please stop, Pa" and the pain lifted and our dog stopped growling.

The most recent occurrence I experienced was after we had moved back into our original house (family wanted to rent out the other house). I was going to bed one night, nothing was out of the ordinary. My sister and two brothers had moved out so I had my own room. My mom's job made her get up at 3:30 every morning (necessary for this story). I was having a terrible dream, all I remember from it was it involved my horse and him being injured without me being able to stop it. I woke up with a start and right in front of my face were two green eyes. Clear, and just eyes. I closed my eyes tight and started trying to scream. I could feel the fabric in my mouth moving, but no sound would come out. Something was holding me down by my neck and it felt like a numb sensation where it was holding me. I remember being scared for my life and feeling dread like it was about to do something terrible to me. Then I heard the bathroom door (right beside my room) creak open where mom had gotten up and it lifted and went away. I sat up and just stayed for a second, scared to move at all.

Eventually, I got up and went to sit on the couch and when mom came into the room, she gasped and asked what happened to me because I was so pale and gaunt looking. I broke down in tears, telling her that I tried to scream for her but it wouldn't let me. My mom is experienced in crystals and cleansing rooms with salt and the next day while I was at school, she cleansed my room and put protective crystals all around. It took a while before I would go in there alone, but I started taking our dog to bed with me, and she growled at something once, but since she started sleeping with me, nothing ever dared to touch me again.

Sorry it was so long, I do have more but they are more like little things and stuff I've learned to ignore.

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UTKNOX18 (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-24)
I agree that it might have been sleep paralysis, except that I could see two eyes right in front of mine.
Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-24)
You said the house had been in the family for 100+ years, well "the diamond faced women" must be an old family member, though I don't key why she would say "give me back my house" if it is a relative (unless she is the original owner).
Like your brother I have experienced not only pinches but pokes and rubs, and they are annoying, though, it hasn't happened in a While.
I think that when you had that numb sensation and could move or talk, that it was sleep paralysis.
Well thanks for shrine your experiance with us, post more if you his any. 😁
chat234 (4 stories) (16 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-20)
I know how it feels to be held down by an unknown entity. It happened to me for many years. Sometime my girlfriend would sleep over and it would happen and I would try to call out for her but no sounds would come out and I couldn't move. I finally had my grandpa bless my room (he a buddist) and it stop. Thanks for sharing your story. Plz read my story if it helps at all

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