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The House At The Top Of The Hill


This is the story of my childhood home in Western Australia and the unexplained occurrences that went on there. Please excuse me if the story seems to jump around a little, as I am just going to explain the biggest/most significant experiences to me. It may be slightly long!

We moved into what is now my mum and her partner's house on my 3rd birthday. My family consisted of myself, my older sister, age 6, my mum and dad. The house was a big, two story timber-framed house on stilts. It was built at the top of a hill, with few houses around. It was surrounded by bush and our backyard was huge, full of rocks and trees to explore.

I remember before we moved in my dad got a priest in, to bless the house, as the previous occupants got divorced whilst living there.

Paranormal or unexplained things happened all throughout our childhood. My sister and I were both basically used to little things happened all the time that we didn't even notice a lot of the time. I don't remember the first thing that happened for my sister, but she and I were always interested in spirits and, stupidly, Ouija boards and seances. We did so many seances and Ouija boards at such young ages, we didn't really realise what we were messing with. I believe we were very lucky we didn't cause any true damage, as both of us have had no trouble with the paranormal in our lives since moving out of this house.

I'm now 23, and we renovated the house entirely when I was a teenager, but I'll try an explain the old layout of the house to help. Basically you walked into a front entrance, to your right was a study/spare room, straight ahead a doorway to the kitchen, walk left and you'd pass the stairs and find yourself in the living room, and around to the kitchen. Upstairs my sister and I had rooms across from each other, a bathroom in between, and mum and dad had a room with an ensuite. There was also a lounge room and another spare room upstairs.

One of the first things I remember happening was when I was around 5/6 we got a pool table. It was placed in the downstairs living room. Not long after we got this, my sister and I would be laying in bed upstairs at nighttime, and would hear the pool balls clanging around on the table and falling into pockets. One night I remember hearing the pool balls, and chattering and glasses clinging, laughter. I thought my parents must have had friends over after I went to sleep, but when I snuck downstairs, I stood on the bottom step to peer around into the pool table room, nobody was there. The lights were all off downstairs. Everybody was in bed.

One of the most intense and (at the time) scariest things that happened to me in that house was when I was 8. It was my mum's birthday, and we were having a massive party at our house for her. I got bored and cranky because all the adults were doing grown up things, there were no kids my age and my sister was off with the older kids. I decided to go to bed, which proved to be hard anyway as there was a lot of people, loud music, in a timber frame house. Anyways I had been laying in bed for a while trying to doze off, I remember I rolled over to my right, and when I opened my eyes, I saw an abacus (wooden frame, colored beads, math/kids toy) floating in the middle of my room. At first I felt nothing, but the more I stared it just remained there, in mid air. Then I remembered that we didn't own an abacus, and I suddenly felt scared, so I hid under my blankets. After a short while I peered out to see if it was gone, which it was. But right before my eyes, hovering in a different place from the abacus, was a large white-glowing orb, about the size of a tennis ball, with a small orb trailing it, it hovered around in a circle before shooting off and going straight through my bedroom wall, the small one following it. After that I completely freaked out.

I remember hiding under my blankets and screaming my lungs out, crying, for what felt like hours before anyone heard me (because of the party). I remember my sister came in with some other kids and as soon as she saw me she ran to get mum. I actually don't remember what my mum said about it.

That event seemed to be the beginning point for other things to happen. The next year, when I was 9, I was asleep in bed when I suddenly woke up, paralyzed. I couldn't even move my neck or head. I remember I could see the clock out of the corner of my eyes and it was 3.20am. I focused on trying to move myself and, after what seemed like not long, I got the movement in my neck and head back. But when I looked at the clock it was 4.00am. I did the same thing again trying to 'warm up' my body in a way so I could move my muscles. After a bit longer this time I could move my arms and chest, but my waist and legs still wouldn't budge. It was now 5.00am. Time was going very fast. I mustered up as much strength as I could and used my arms to drag myself out of bed, I crashed onto the floor, still couldn't move my legs. I used my arms to drag the rest of my body in an army crawl into my sister's room across from mine. She woke up to find me crying next to her bed on the floor. She dragged my up into bed and I could finally move my legs again but they felt 'dead'. I cried to my sister and explained what had happened before falling asleep, completely drained and exhausted. (I now realise this could possibly have been sleep paralysis.)

The next year, I turned ten and my best friend died on my birthday. My parents broke up that year too, and my dad moved out. It was a messy separation. I always thought it was strange considering how my dad had got the house blessed before we moved in, for this specific purpose.

Anyway, the next year I was 11, my sister 14. I was standing at the bottom of the stairs talking to her, she was upstairs on the computer, which was right next to the balustrade so I could see her. All of a sudden she jumped off her chair and screamed and ran for the stairs, she jumped halfway down the stairs in one leap, and I saw her face and, for some reason, I felt dread and fear and I bolted out the front door to the verandah where my mum was on the phone to her friend. My sister ran behind me quickly. She was blubbering and had a bloody nose. She explained to my mum and I that as she was sitting on the computer talking to me, she saw something out of the corner of her left eye. When she looked it didn't disappear, it was a 'ghost head', she said. She described it as a man's face but translucent, but he didn't have a body, and the head was floating towards her, like it was going to whisper something in her ear. That was when she freaked and I saw her jump out of the chair. That day, I remember telling my mum I didn't want to live in that house anymore.

I have another story I was going to share but this is rather long as it is, and the other would fit more appropriately into the Ouija board category. We had a psychic friend of ours come into the house on many occasions, who always claimed that as soon as she walked upstairs she felt a pressure on her shoulders, and that there was definitely a presence in the house. No bad things ever happened in the house, and since we began knocking down walls and extending, there was no sights of orbs or ghost heads or anything else. My mum and her new partner still live in the newly renovated house, and I did too up until two years ago, and I never felt a presence within the house after it changed.

Any thoughts or comments appreciated:)

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Rachness (guest)
10 years ago (2014-10-19)
Wow, super creepy! WA represent! I'm glad it wasn't anything malevolent. 😉
KlaMichelle (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-09-25)
Thankyou for your thoughts! I definitely believe it was sleep paralysis because I have experienced at other points it time, just never that intensely.

And yes the abacus has never made any sense to me at all, it is very strange. I'm still slightly uncomfortable when I see one!
elnoraemily (guest)
10 years ago (2014-09-24)
I found the floating abacus to be particularly odd! Especially at our age, those are not things people normally see.

I agree that you had sleep paralysis, possibly caused by the mental stress of the situation around you. It is a little abnormal for it to last long enough for you to drag yourself out of a place, unless your sleep had become particularly disturbed (which, in that circumstance, is very understandable!).

It is odd that once the house was renovated that everything seemed to stop. I think there is a theory about how kids can often generate enough energy to cause poltergeist-y experiences in their home and that seems to fit in this case, since you are now grown and the experiences have ceased.

This is a creepy account and I am quite happy that you are out of that stressful situation.

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